Spell for When You Feel Hurt by Someone


Chant as many times as you feel necessary:

Oh angels of near, far and wide, I ask thee to help, support and guide.
Oh angelic messenger, Gabriel, please make note of what I wish to tell.
Once this spell is done, your power may you lend
The message I need (name) to know, I pray that you may send.

I call upon you Ongkanon – may communications flow,
May any barriers between me and (name) go.
I call upon you Muriel – let him/her become emotionally aware,
That his/her actions invoke pain and hurt, and seem really unfair.

I call upon you Rhamiel- please help us understand one another,
Let us both feel empathy and learn to love each other.
I call upon you Gavreel – let us both make peace,
Let any negativity between me and (name) cease.
Now I call upon Gazardiel, the angel of fresh starts,
I pray that we can start anew, and find harmony in our hearts.

Angels, Ongkanon, Muriel, Rhamiel, Gavreel, and Gazardiel, angels so divine,
May the wishes that I asked of you, into one message, intertwine.

Now please take this message Gabriel, please send it on its way.
On me and (name) may it’s lesson never fade.



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