Spell construction is key to its success. Proper planning and foresight will also allow you to gather all the resources necessary and time the spell perfectly.

So why not just use one of the ready-made spells? Spells are all about personal energy and intention. No one knows that intention better than YOU. Tailoring the spell to your exact wants and needs is key to its success. It’s also the reason why you should always do your own spellwork.

Here is a step by step guide on constructing your own spells.

Clearly define your goal.

Write down why you’re doing this spell and what would be the possible positive and negative outcomes. You should only have one goal per spell, so that you can concentrate on that specific need.

Be sure of the impact.

If you have more negative outcomes of your spell, you might want to reconsider. Remember the rule of three here. Perform some divination to ensure your spell does not have any hidden negative ramifications.

Collect the right items for your spell.

Cross reference with your correspondence table and make sure you’re using the right tools for the job. This includes crystals, candles, herbs, incense, altar items, etc.

Time your spell right.

Check the day of the week, the moon phase and even the astrological alignments as these can add additional energy to your spell. Once you have cross referenced all of these, mark off your day and time when you wish to perform the spell.

If want to invoke a deity or mythic being, decide on which one/s, and how you will invoke and honor them. It’s recommended that you write a special blessing for this and memorize it.

Write your spell.

Be sure to write the entire spell, from casting the circle to closing it. It will help in case you get nervous or forget and skip a step. When writing your incantation, which is the core chant you will use to petition your needs, be sure to use words of power that are relevant to your need. Write what comes naturally and what you’re most comfortable with as this is your spell. You do not have to make it rhyme either. You should finish your spell with words such as the traditional ‘So Mote It Be’ to close your spell.

Now it’s time to work the spell!

  1. Gather your spell ingredients, items and the spell you wrote at the time you decided to cast the spell.
  2. Ground and centre yourself.
  3. Clear the room or area.
  4. Cast your circle and call the quarters.
  5. Invite whatever deities, spirits, beings you wish to have present during your spell. If you didn’t want to use any, you don’t have to.
  6. Clear your mind. and begin visualizing your goal.
  7. Raise energy within yourself and start your incantation.
  8. Do whatever else your spell requires (ex. walk around the circle thrice about).
  9. When you feel like you have raised enough energy for your spell, cast it to the universe to be done.
  10. Meditate briefly and visualize your goal again. See it happen and know that the spell is already working for you.
  11. Thank and dismiss all the entities you invited to your spell rite.
  12. Dismiss the quarters and close the circle.
  13. Ground and center yourself.
  14. Record your spell in your Spell Journal. Make note of anything that stood out to you during the working.
  15. Now it’s time to get to work!

The spell will only work if you do your part and get moving on the physical plane. The spell is already working for you.

Until you achieve your goal, you should solidify it every day by spending some time visualizing and focusing on your goal. By doing this regularly, you’re strengthening your spell work and adding more energy to it. This can be a simple meditation session or a simple candle spell every day, but the daily repetition adds up in the long run.

Good luck witchlings!

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