A birth totem is similar to an astrological sign of the zodiac. Your birth totem can tell you many things about your personality, your attitudes, your abilities and your short comings. These totems are often referred to as Solar totems because they encompass many aspects of the “solar” system. From seasonal relationships to moon phases.

But a birth totem is not the same thing as a spiritual totem or having a particular animal as a spirit guide. Those relationships are purely spiritual in nature. The animal acts as a teacher along your path specifically for spiritual understanding and growth.

As a birth totem, these aspects of the “birthing sign” are much more than just spiritual symbolism set along the road to help us understand a certain situation in our life. These aspects tell us about who we are, why we probably look at things in a certain way and react to situations or people using particular responses.

We are more in tune with the characteristics of these aspects, almost as if we mirror of those traits and qualities. We can therefore use their strengths to help us over come our weaknesses.

Spiritual energy relates to a persons dominate energy pattern. Having feminine energy does not mean being female, it means one possesses the gifts or talents of the feminine vibration.

In the simplest of terms, feminine energy is the thinking side of nature, masculine energy is the “do” or physical side of nature. Example: Psychic gifts are predominately a feminine energy, but spiritual healing gifts are predominately masculine.

The following is a brief listing of the Solar Birth Totems.

March 21 – April 19: Falcon

  • Earth influence: The Awakening Time.
  • Influencing wind: The East Winds.
  • Totem: Eagle.
  • Direction: North-east.
  • Predominant element: Fire.
  • Elemental clan: Hawk (Fire) Clan.
  • Function: to initiate.
  • Birth and animal totem: Falcon.
  • Plant totem: Dandelion.
  • Mineral totem: Opal.
  • Polarity totem: Crow.
  • Affinity colour: Yellow/green.
  • Musical vibration: C sharp.
  • Personality: Active. Forceful. Impetuous.
  • Feelings: Quickly aroused.
  • Intention: Activity – new beginnings.
  • Nature: Impulsive.
  • Positive traits: Enterprising. Pioneering. Adventurous. Affable.
  • Negative traits: Selfish. Egotistical. Impatient. Ostentatious.
  • Sex-drive: Easily aroused. Quick, fiery and passionate.
  • Compatibilities: Salmon and Owls.
  • Conscious aim: To initiate and lead.
  • Subconscious desire: Knowledge through personal experience.
  • Life-path: Establishment of individuality through discernment.
  • I Ching trigram: Ch’ien. Heaven. Success through effort.
  • Spiritual alchemy: Yang predominates.
  • Must cultivate: Patience. Persistence. Compassion.
  • Must avoid: Vanity. Conceit. Intolerance.
  • Starting totems: Falcon. Eagle. Hawk. Dandelion. Opal. Crow.

April 20 – May 20: Beaver

  • Earth influence: The Growing Time.
  • Influencing wind: The East Winds.
  • Totem: Eagle. Direction: East.
  • Predominant element: Earth with Fire.
  • Elemental clan: Turtle (Earth) Clan.
  • Function: to consolidate.
  • Birth and animal totem: Beaver.
  • Plant totem: Wild Clover
  • Mineral totem: Jasper bloodstone.
  • Polarity totem: Snake.
  • Affinity colour: Yellow.
  • Musical vibration: D sharp.
  • Personality: Determined. Resourceful. Opinionated. Methodical.
  • Feelings: Highly strung.
  • Nature: Industrious.
  • Intention: Possession.
  • Positive traits: Strong-willed. Businesslike. Persistent.
  • Negative traits: Possessive. Self Indulgent. Inflexible.
  • Sex-drive: Demanding.
  • Compatibilities: Woodpeckers, Brown Bears and Geese.
  • Conscious aim: Security through possession.
  • Subconscious desire: Freedom from attachments.
  • Life-path: To discover and possess that which has lasting value.
  • I Ching trigram: Li. Clinging Fire. Success through persistence.
  • Spiritual alchemy: Yin predominates.
  • Must cultivate: Adaptability. Enterprise. Compassion.
  • Must avoid: Possessiveness. Inflexibility. Stubbornness.
  • Starting totems: Beaver. Eagle. Turtle. Wild clover. Jasper bloodstone. Snake.

May 21 – June 20: Deer

  • Earth influence: The Flowering Time.
  • Influencing wind: The East Winds.
  • Totem: Eagle.
  • Direction: South-east.
  • Predominant elements: Air with Fire.
  • Elemental clan: Butterfly (Air) Clan.
  • Birth and animal totem: Deer.
  • Plant totem: Mullein.
  • Mineral totem: Agate.
  • Polarity totem: Owl.
  • Affinity colour: Orange.
  • Musical vibration: E natural.
  • Personality: Quick. Alert. Talkative. Congenial. Moody.
  • Feelings: Sensitive but superficial.
  • Intention: Versatility
  • Nature: Lively.
  • Positive traits: Friendly. Witty. Intellectual.
  • Negative traits: Inconsistent. Restless. Lazy. Despondent.
  • Sex-drive: Titillating.
  • Compatibilities: Crows and Otters.
  • Conscious aim: To bring together.
  • Subconscious desire: Mastery of the mind.
  • Life-path: Co-ordination.
  • I Ching trigram: Tui. The Joyful Lake. Success comes through endurance.
  • Spiritual alchemy: Yang predominates.
  • Must cultivate: Concentration. Persistence. Sympathy.
  • Must avoid: Moodiness. Inconsistency. Superficiality.
  • Starting totems: Deer. Eagle. Butterfly. Mullein. Agate. Owl.

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