Every time you see a coin on the floor you are to stomp on it and go ‘Money on the floor, money on the door!’ Then pick it up and put it in your wallet.

Always keep a bowl of small change, (foreign or odd coins are best) in a bowl by your front door. Antique or old keys also bring money too.

Buy a jade plant. This is that small dwarf like plant with the big fleshy leaves. Put it by the front door, or in the northeast corner of your home… it also is helpful in the office. Keep the leaves clean and free from dust.

Write a cheque to yourself for the total amount of money you need and the date you need it by …It helps if you use gold pen and make the cheque look as official as possible. It is also good to anoint the cheque with Money Drawing Oil, which can be bought commercially, or if you don’t have that — bergamot, vetivert, cinnamon or orange oil. Then fold the check eight times and put it in a dark place. (This one once worked for me. I needed to make $120.0000 in one year. I made $80,000 and someone lent me another $20.000. So the Universe let me have one hundred thousand of it …I figure my lack of faith accounted for the shortfall.) This is an especially good one to do at New Year’s, on special holidays or your birthday.

Make a money tree. This is done usually at Christmas … but you could do it any time of the year. You find an old tree branch, which looks relatively like the body of a small tree and you actually attach money to it with clothespins. The idea is that whatever you attach is worth ten times as much. For instance if you attach a five dollar bill, it actually represents five hundred dollars. Don’t have any money? You can use monopoly money or even attach green slips of paper with the amounts written on it. I know it sounds nuts, but I have had surprising results with this one.

Short on cash? A quick fix is to buy a head of iceberg lettuce, sprinkle it with olive oil and salt, and eat the whole thing raw. Each time you take a mouthful, you think about all the green you need coming to you. All three ingredients represent security, money and stability.

Keep little pots of rosemary, sage, parsley, thyme and basil at your front door or on windowsill. These herbs are thought to draw money to you… as long as they are kept healthy and alive.

Make a God Box. Find a beautiful box, any size will do…but just make sure you really like the box. Decorate it with images that you really like, and that will represent how serene you will feel once you are out of debt. I made a little gold one and put stars on it. (Actually this is a great project for you if you have kids because the God Box can be used for other requests besides money.) Make a little slit in the top, so it becomes like a suggestion box. If you find yourself in need, you write your request on a piece of paper and drop it in the box. I once did this, and after the end of a year, as I looked at my requests I was amazed at how many of my wishes were taken care of… about ninety percent. I think this works because once you write it on the piece of paper, it causes you to detach from anxiety about the matter or its outcome because you are giving your problem to a higher power to take care of.

Fill your pockets with all the shiny spare change you have …then, at night, preferably when the Moon is going from its New to Full phase, you sneak out to the playground and hide the coins at the bottom of the slide, under the swing set, in the sandbox…in the wading pool…anywhere where a delighted child might possibly find the coin. Don’t let anyone see you do this. It is supposed to be a secret. This practice plays with the laws of circulating prosperity and somehow, I find, that the child’s surprise and delight somehow becomes your own, in your own life, thanks to the benevolent cosmic law that says that what you put out comes back to you tenfold…a found coin is such a treasure to a small child, maybe the Universe will bring you a treasure as well.

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