You will need:

  • a fire safe bowl
  • a half cup of wine or apple juice
  • a stick of incense
  • a white candle
  • a photo of the person, if possible.

If you can, do this ritual outdoors. If not, inside is fine.

Sit on the ground/floor. Light the candle and the stick of incense that reminds you of your friend. (i.e. if he was an outdoorsman, select a woodsy scent like evergreen or sandalwood; if she was a homebody, use cinnamon, etc.)

If you have a photo of the deceased, set it in front of you. If not, hold the image of your friend firmly in your mind.

Take a small fire-safe bowl filled with the wine. Warm the wine over the candle flame.

Visualizing your friend surrounded by a soft white glow, wish the friend well on his or her journey and assure your friend that you will see him or her again in your next life.

Drink the wine and let yourself remember all the wonderful things you and your friend shared.

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