This is just a simple banishing spell. It’s for when you continue to let the past run your future and the like.

You will need:

  • a white piece of paper, no lines, any size is fine
  • A writing utensil
  • a heat proof container
  • lighter

Write the name of the person who is constantly in your thoughts three times on the sheet of paper followed by an affirmation, such as “I will no longer allow you to have control over my life.”

Read the affirmation out loud to yourself. While continuing the affirmation, burn the piece of paper.

This spell is really quite easy. You can use computer paper, a pen, and even a match if you don’t have a lighter.


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  1. Natalie 8 years ago

    the simple banishing spell how long will it take affect?

    • Author
      lunasgrimoire 8 years ago

      Hello Natalie, It depends on the spell, and the intention. Sometimes it takes a matter of hours, sometimes years. With many spells, you can’t always put a definite timeframe on them. You just have to do it, release the energy and trust the Goddess.

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