Protection Blessing

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Protect yourself, your kids, or a loved one from negative energy and forces. This protection blessing is suitable for anyone of any age. This bracelet will be solid black. 

How it works: when you wear a Luna’s Grimoire blessed bracelet, you’re attracting that energy to you, like a magnet. So if you’re wearing a health bracelet, it won’t cure you of an incurable disease, but it will attract positive healing energy to you. The bracelet only works when you do, so if you are not putting the right foot forward, the energy won’t have anywhere to work.

When your order is received, I will contact you with a date when your blessing will be done and your bracelet made. It’s made from high quality hypoallergenic embroidery thread and is about half-inch wide. All blessings are prepared in a cleansed and balanced environment, and the bracelet is infused with your blessing. You should keep this on your person, preferably on your wrist or ankle; they are made to work on any part of the body. The blessing will last as long as the bracelet is intact and not broken or cut. 

Please indicate the following in the notes section of the order: 

  • State the person or pet’s name 
  • State the length of the bracelet needed, in inches or centimeters 
  • State the colour you would prefer or require
  • State the exact purpose if necessary; against bad dreams, etc. 

We ship worldwide via local post. The bracelet should reach to you between 7-14 days after the blessing is completed.

Please ensure that your shipping address is correct. We will not ship another if your address is incorrect.

There are no returns or refunds on this item. 

The bracelet is made from a fabric material and with time, it will deteriorate. When it does, either place it in a fire or in a river. You can to purchase another blessing when this happens. 

Point to note: sometimes, when the blessing has served its purpose, the bracelet will mysteriously burst, fall off, break, or somehow remove itself from your person. This is normal and has happened to me on multiple occasions with materials of all sorts. It will return to the earth and the energy, recycled. 

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 4 x 0.5 in


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