Telepathy in other Life Forms: The Plant & Animal Kingdoms

Mental Telepathy in other Life Forms

Before we continue into exploring telepathy in the other kingdoms, one point I would like to repeat from the introduction is: everyone has the ability to communicateusing their mental telepathic powers. Since we are not taught about this power, then naturally we are not aware of it. Therefore, many people are reduced to the level of just “wondering” if it exists or not.

Mental telepathy, like any other language or form of communication, is easiest to learn when one is young. Most of the “accidental” occurrences of telepathy that have been recorded happened with young people (and as mentioned last time, most often with twins). Even so, those older can practice certain exercises to develop their mental telepathic skills. Before we explain these, let us look at mental telepathy in the other kingdoms, so we may have an idea of how it evolved.

Telepathy in the Plant Kingdom

We are all aware that plants are living things, they take in nourishment (light), exhume waste (oxygen), and reproduce. But as you walk on grass, snap off branches while walking in the forest, or cut down your Christmas tree – did you ever stop to wonder that plants may have an intelligence, feelings, or even mental telepathic powers?

Some studies done at a southern California university show plants seem to indeed be able to communicate, by the first method we described last week: global telepathy. The following is one of a series GSR experiments done with plants. GSR stands for “Galvanized Skin Response” and is a small device usually used on humans in ‘lie detector’ tests. It is a tiny flat metal that when placed on and individual’s body, measures the opening and closing of the pores in the skin.

This is wired to a machine that draws lines of the pores activity, which resembles the lines drawn of machines that detect earthquakes, or brain activity. The theory behind the GSR is that when a person lies, several responses happen inside the body, such as high pore activity, or a faster heart beat. Since plants also have pores, these series of tests were to see what kind of pore activity occurred when different things were done to the plant.

At first a multitude of simple things were done; such as what happens when the plant is watered, covered with earth, and even sung or played music to. Something curious was found early in the experiment. When ever one thing happened to a plant in the control room, many of the other plants showed activity as well (even though to a lesser degree). Was this some form of communication? The experiments were expanded to see if this was so. Half of the plants were then taken to another control room which was several buildings away, and a series of more complicated conditions were added.

In one of the more evolved experiments, 5 five people came into the first room of plants, each performing a different task (for example, one watered the plants, the other played a guitar one shined a high powered light, and so on). The plants in the first room showed their usual responses, while the plants in the second room showed none. Then, a 6th person entered, who had a pair of scissors and began cutting up the plants – more than a simple pruning to say the least. At this moment, all the lines drawn by the GSR machines showed violent reactions by ALL the plants in the first AND second rooms.

Later in the day, each of the individuals entered the second room one by one, but without their accompanying “tool” they used in the first room. As the first five students entered the room, there was no significant reaction by the plants (although there were a few slight reactions when the girl who played music can in, drawing lines patterns similar to the ones made when she was playing to the first group). However, when the 6th person entered, the lines drawn by the machine went crazy! Even though he entered the room without his scissors, it was as if they KNEW he was the one who “cut up” the first group of plants! Keep in mind the two groups of plants were in completely different buildings….

We often think of plants as belonging to a “lower kingdom” in the evolution of life, but forget these creatures have been on the earth long before the dinosaur. If they are one of the first forms of life on earth, then they have had to longest time to evolve. All life forms communicate in some way, and plants then have been communicating long before any other life form that exists today. The WAY a plant communicates (global telepathy), is then probably one of the most evolved processes.

Telepathy in the Animal Kingdom

During World War 2, a watchmaker near Hamburg had his German Shepherd confiscated for the war effort (to work as a watchdog). A year and a half later, the man was put into a concentration camp when it was learned he was 1/4 Jewish. One night he and three others escaped, which was discovered 30 minutes later by the guards, who immediately released the dogs. In one of those strange occurrences of life, the dog that reached the escaped prisoners first was the watchmaker’s dog that had been forcibly taken away. After all the training to attack prisoners, what would the dog do? Would it even recognize his old master, who was physically depleted and looked like a totally different person?

Later, after crossing the allied lines, the man describes what had happened. He said his eyes meet those of his dog, and that he felt a warmth in the back off his eyeballs. The dog suddenly turned around and began attacking the other dogs which were behind him starting to approach. The men made their escape during the dogfight, the result of which no one knows. The watchmaker never saw, or heard from his German Shepherd again.

As said last week, there is usually a warm feeling in the eyes when the process of sight telepathy occurs. While the previous example shows that between an animal and human, this feeling also happens when this form of telepathy happens between humans. (Also, this sensation has been often described by those who reported having telepathy when abducted by aliens).

It is the ganglion cells in the back of the eyes that take an image and convert it into electronic impulses which are then sent to the brain. It is this part of the body then, that is the first “processor” in function of mental telepathy. When trying to develop your mental telepathic talents, it is important to know what part of your body ‘regulates’ it, so you can then develop this physical part as well. It is the same logic why runners develop their legs, or a swimmer would want to develop their breathing.

Global Telepathy

While humans and plants have very little in common, as seen in the previous articles, both have shown the ability for global telepathy. This would indicate the process of global telepathy can be found in the elements plants and humans DO share in common.

One thing plants and humans have in common is that each are surrounded by a magnetic energy field. These fields are similar to the kind that surrounds a magnet, except the energy fields that surround living things do not attract metals, but rather the electronic impulses from other living things. Thoughts and mental pictures are electronic impulses, be they in, or outside the brain.

In the same way magnetic force “pull” metals and magnets together, “life energy” forces attract elements of many kinds between human beings. This happens between physical bodies (sexual attraction, for example), mental bodies (between those who share the same beliefs or attitudes), and between spiritual bodies (for example, an attraction you may feel with one who you have shared a past life with).

Those who have surrounding energy fields of similar vibrations are the ones most likely to experience global telepathy. This is why identical twins, and brother/sisters within 5 years of each other are ones with higher telepathy experiences. However, it is possible to have a global telepathic communication with anyone.

Most global telepathy occurrences recorded happened WITHOUT either party consciously trying to communicate with the other. It was usually a tragic event one was going through, that the other “picked up” (by ‘seeing’ or ‘feeling’ the experience that the first party was going though). This indicates two attributes of global telepathy: (1). it is not fully based on conscious thought, and (2). a strong focus of emotion is involved (resulting from a tragic or exciting event).

Since one need not be conscious of “sending” or “receiving” global telepathic impulses, the sub-conscious or spiritual body (which is also electronic in nature) plays a part in telepathy as well. For one to develop their global telepathic powers, strong concentration and meditation to link the spiritual, mental and emotional levels are needed.

One meditation to bring your spirit, mind, and emotions into harmony (or similar vibration) can be done so:

Find a quiet time and space where you can be undisturbed for about 20 minutes each day. Close your eyes, and with your imagination, try to “see” the energy field that surrounds you. After having an image appear, create different emotions (joy, fear, love, anger, etc.) and image these emotions flowing into the energy field you created around you. When completed, do the reverse (send the emotions which are flowing in the energy field BACK into your physical body.

Most of the time, an impulse will enter one’s spiritual energy field (which acts as a giant “life force radar”), then travels to the emotions where the individual senses a “strange impression” – usually unexplainable. The mind does not have any explanation for this feeling, usually because the mind is not involved in the process – or does not believe in this process (which is about the same thing).

This meditation will help the mind become involved in this process, so that when you train later with a partner, you will be able to send and receive at will, rather than having the impression come by “accident”.

The Medium

Besides a sender and receiver in global telepathy, there is also the medium to consider – or, on what these telepathic impulses TRAVEL UPON. A common vibration most are familiar with is sound, which travels fairly fast and far on air, at 1,100 feet per second, (but even father, since whales can distinguish sounds from hundreds of miles away.

Sound, be it through air or water, would be too slow of a vibration, for telepathic communication, since nearly all occurrences of global telepathy happened INSTANTANEOUSLY. The only energy that could travel this quickly would be light – which is also an energy vibration (as light rays) which is electronic in nature.

Telepathic impulses then, would be similar to light rays. Since these are sent and received by the magnetic fields that surround us, the telepathic medium is probably the magnetic field that surrounds the earth. This would have all three: sender, medium, and receiver, sharing a common physical property: a magnetic field with a North South polarity.

The only way to develop the cells in the back of your eyes is by concentrating on this tissue with your mind. Remember, thoughts themselves have a power. When a student constantly concentrates on a certain pieces of difficult information, they strengthen the pathways in their brain to get this information, therefore not forgetting it during a test. When you concentrate on these cells everyday, you send them attention (which is a form of ENERGY) from the mind. This process will then strengthen these cells, for all cells are strengthen when you send them energy.

Next, focus your concentration so that this attention is directed in developing your mental telepathic powers. Simply concentrating on these cells without purpose might develop some other area not wished by you, such as better color recognition, or seeing better in the dark. To focus while concentrating on these cells, see yourself in your imagination being able to “pick up” and send thought to others. Subconsciously you will then be telling this part of your body you wish to use the power.


Telepathic Sensitivity

It is this aura which is in reality the reservoir of thought substance upon which he can spiritually rely. His point of focus is upon the mental plane.

He is no longer controlled by the astral nature;he is successfully constructing the antahkarana along which the higher impressions can flow; he learns not to dissipate this inflow but to accumulate within the aura (with which he has surrounded himself) the knowledge and the wisdom which he realizes his service to his fellowmen requires.

A disciple is a magnetic center of light and knowledge just in so far as the magnetic aura is held by him in a state of receptivity. It is then constantly invocative of the higher range of impressions; it can be evoked and set into “distributing activity” by that which is lower and which is demanding aid.

The disciple therefore, in due time, becomes a tiny or minute correspondence of the Hierarchy – invocative as it is to Shamballa and easily evoked by human demand. These are points warranting careful consideration. They involve a primary recognition of points of tension and their consequent expansion into magnetic auras or areas, capable of invocation and evocation.

These areas of sensitivity pass through three stages, upon which it is not my intention to enlarge:

Sensitivity to impression from other human beings. This sensitivity becomes of use in service when the needed magnetic aura has been engendered and is brought under scientific control.

Sensitivity to group impression – the passage of ideas from group to group. The disciple can become a receptive agent within any group of which he is a part, and this ability indicates progress in his part.


Sensitivity to hierarchical impressions, reaching the disciple via the antahkarana and – later – from the Hierarchy as a whole, when he has attained some of the higher initiations. This indicates ability to register impression from Shamballa. It would be of value if we now considered three points which are concerned with sensitivity to impression, with the construction of the resultant reservoir of thought, and with responsiveness to subsequent invocative appeals. These three points are:

  • Processes of Registration.
  • Processes of Recording Interpretations.
  • Processes of Resultant Invocative Response.

I would recall to your minds the knowledge that the aura which each of you has created around the central nucleus of your incarnated self or soul is a fragment of the over-shadowing soul which brought you into manifestation. This aura is (as you well know) composed of the emanations of the etheric body, and this in its turn embodies three types of energy for which you are individually responsible.

These three types are (when added to the energy of prana which composes the etheric vehicles):

The health aura. This is essentially physical. The astral aura, which is usually by far the most dominant factor, extensive and controlling.

The mental aura, which is in most cases relatively small but which develops rapidly once the disciple takes his own development consciously in hand, or once the polarization of the personality is upon the mental plane. The time will eventually come when the mental aura will obliterate (if I may use such an inadequate term) the emotional or astral aura, and then the soul quality of love will create a substitute, so that the needed sensitivity does not entirely disappear but is of a higher and far more acute nature.

In this threefold aura (or more correctly, fourfold, if you count the etheric vehicle) every individual lives and moves and has his being; it is this living, vital aura which is the recording agent of all impressions, both objective and subjective. It is this “agent of sensitive response” which the indwelling self has to control and use in order to register impression or to direct etheric or mental impression out into the world of men.

Astral impression is purely selfish and individual and, though it may affect a man’s surroundings, is not directed as are the other energies registered. It is the aura which predominantly creates the effects which a person has upon his associates; it is not primarily his words which produce reactions even though they are supposed to embody his reactions and his thinking but which are, in reality, usually expressions of his emotional desires.

Telepathy is the ability to communicate via our mind with another person via their mind. And this exercise is design to help you get started. The exercise is called the telepathic opening exercise and it is the start in our telepathic journey.

Mental Telepathy

We all have heard about – or even experienced – the process of sending or receiving thoughts from one person to another. In the past, and even in today’s science fiction, a “telepathy” is seen as a rare breed of their species, called upon for special tasks which require their ability to constantly “pick up” the thoughts of other individuals or forces. However, ALL human beings actually have the ability to communicate by the process which has come to be known as mental telepathy.

As with any other ability – such as swimming, playing tennis, memory, and so on – some individuals are born with more natural talent than others. Yet even those born today with a high degree of natural telepathic ability will rarely show any consistent ability. The reason for this is due to the fact that most cultures do not accept telepathy as a common ability – so rather than creating programs to develop telepathic ability – society still debates amongst itself whether this talent exists or not.

Therefore, most known recorded cases of telepathic ability did not occur by one’s will, but rather surfaced by “accident”, or was forced out due to “special circumstances”. In analyzing a collection of documented cases of telepathic ability, several common factors were found which not only illustrate the energy behind mental telepathy, but also how this ability works.

The Third Eye

The main reason our mental telepathic powers of communication are not known to us (or used) basically lies in the fact thatwe are not taught about them. There has been many accounts describing the occurrence of mental telepathy throughout history, and it was originally described as the power of the “third eye” – which humanity later altered to describe seeing elements in the spiritual world. Modern studies and tests have verified that telepathy exists not only in the human, but also in the animal, and plant kingdoms!. These examples of telepathy in other kingdoms we will look at later in the series, but first let us cover the historical data and evidence concerning telepathy.

As far back as 4,000 BC in Egypt and in Mesopotamia there have been descriptions of mental telepathy -some real, and many faked. The questionable accounts are easy to disregard, since these appeared as many of the “mind reading” acts one can see at a circus or carnival today. The “reader” did not actually see the thought of an individual at a particular moment, but usually claimed to “read” something ABOUT the individual by “looking” into their mind (which of course, only revealed a fact about the individual that could be easily found out by earlier questioning)

Many of the legitimate historical accounts sound like the one you hear about today. One case, a hysterical Greek woman around 340 BC, claims she “saw” the death of her brother in a “daydream”. Months later the town find out he did indeed die on that day – in battle in a far off land. Many of these accounts had witnesses, or we can see from the technology of the time that these individuals had no other means to learn such news so quickly, so therefore would be difficult to fake.

Nearly all documented accounts of mental telepathy involved relatives, and communication between those of similar ages seem significant. Telepathy happened most often among identical twins (68%), followed by brothers/sisters less than 5 years apart (13%), then with brothers/sisters more than 5 years apart (9%), then other relatives (mother/daughter, grandfather/grandchild, etc.) (6%), then finally married couples and close friends (and with higher occurrence of friends the same age) (3%). Less than 1% of experiences were with distant friends, strangers, and – yes – even aliens.

Global Telepathy

Mental telepathy seems to occur in two distinct patterns, depending on whether the sender and receiver are within sight of each other. The first type of mental telepathy, and that which seems to occur most often, is called ‘global telepathy’. In this pattern, the subjects are not within sight of each other, and usually a picture, impression, or feeling is received by one party. The distance in this pattern does not seem to be a factor. Data shows global telepathy has occurred from those who were several streets apart, to those who were half way around the world.

Global telepathy appears to transfer thoughts on the spiritual plane, for the feelings one had while picking up the thoughts were often described as being similar to a ‘religious experience’. Since the communication appears to travel the speed of light, we can assume light is the medium on which these impulses travel. Also, since these experiences were also accompanied by an accurate “pictures” of the circumstance the sender was going through, light then would be a necessary factor to transfer and see, these “visual images”.

Besides the image of the circumstance being “seen”, many of the “messages” received also gave one strong impressions, or feelings. Quite often these were described as a ‘religious experience’, or of having a “dream” while being awake. This would indicate the spiritual body uses the same processes to deliver telepathic experience as it does to communicate the dreams we have at night.

One interesting example of this “spiritual” type message in global telepathy was that of two brothers who were merchant ship captains in the Pacific ocean just prior to World War 1. One brother described he was overcome by a strange, unexplained feeling to go into his cabin. He arrived just in time to see a ghost like hand write the name of his brother’s ship in the air, just above his bed. So moved by the experience, he took his map and calculated where his brother’s ship should be on it’s route, and changed course to that location. Two days later he found his brother, in a life boat with what crew remained. The ship had been carrying munitions, and a small fire ignited the cargo, the resulting explosion sinking his ship in minutes.

Sight Telepathy

In sight telepathy, both subjects can actually see each other, and communicate sensible, logical thoughts and instructions, without verbal words. This also seems to be a pattern using light, since the eyes play a big function in sight telepathy (in these cases, the subjects report a strange “warmth” in their eyes when this occurs). While this is the rarest type of telepathy, oddly enough this form is the most common perception by the general public as to what telepathy is all about.

The diagram, by Rene Descartes (1596 – 1650), shows how the eyes were thought to work with the brain several centuries ago. (While this diagram is not fully correct compared to today’s knowledge, I personally like it since suggests more than any other picture, that the eyes are an EXTENSION of the brain). Descartes learned an image entered the eyes and was inverted (which is correct). Then he believed the image was sent along the optic nerve to the brain (partially correct), where inside the brain, the soul viewed the image from the optic nerve endings (while I believe one’s soul views all images, it probably does not happen as pictured here, a tiny man viewing the optic nerve as one would a television set!).

In reality, when an image enters the eye (which is actually LIGHT that has been reflected off of the image), it is converted to electrical impulses BEFORE it is sent to the brain. This is done by the ganglion cells that link the eye with the optic nerve. It is in these cells that we will later focus our attention for obtaining descriptions concerning mental telepathy, and an how this form of communication actually works.


Sight Telepathy

Your eyes – More than a Camera

Three hundred years ago, modern science took a quantum leap forward in understanding sight, with the research and ideas of Descartes. The diagram used in part one of thisseries shows his observations, and how he believed an image was ‘caught” by the eyes, then sent from the optic nerve inside the brain. He also believed the soul, which sits inside the brain, then watches these images from little screens which are at the ends of the optic nerves.

Behind The Scenes

The research of Canada and Torsten Wiesel from Sweden, working together in Boston during the 70′s, show the eyes were indeed more than a camera. It is in the back of the eyes that the process of changing light rays into personal electronic impulses takes place. In any creature found on earth that has eyes, in the back of the eyes are where you will find the cells that relate the incoming image to the brain. Different cells in certain animals are what gives them their various “talents” with sight. For example, in cats, the back of their eyes have cells which reflect back 50% more light to the front of the eye (the iris) than in humans – which is why a cat can see so much better in the dark.

In many of the reported sight telepathic cases, the people describe part of the experience as having a ‘warm’ feeling in the back of their eyes. This would indicate that the cells in the back of the eyes are working harder, or are receiving more energy than normal. In either case, to develop your sight telepathy abilities, the back of the eyes will be a part of your body where your attention and exercises will need to focus.

Besides ‘rods’ and ‘cones’ (the cells that help us distinguish between black and white and color, respectively), we also have relay cells in the back of the eye whose work is more brain like. Known as ganglion cells, they gather in the signals from many light sensitive cells in the retina, and then fire an electronic “code” of impulses to the brain based on the patterns of light it receives. It is here that outside light is converted into one’s own personal brain signals.


In ancient times, there were many cultures that believed seeing was the result of rays being sent OUT of our eyes to the surfaces around us.. Today we know that seeing has to do with rays of energy that ENTER the eye: light rays. When you look at an object, you are seeing the light rays that have bounced OFF that object. The common active element with eyesight systems in all creatures is light. Light then, and it’s properties, give us some insight as to some of the characteristics of sight telepathy.

If sight telepathy occurs when visual contact is made, it may be that telepathy impulses (or thoughts) travel ON the light rays that enter our eyes. This would suggest then, that both forms of telepathy (sight and global), have light as a medium to travel on. (As you remember from earlier, global telepathy shares many properties with light as well, for example, the speed at which both travel).

If we receive telepathic signals on light rays, that indicates we probably send them on light rays as well. (This also may show that perhaps there was a bit of truth to the ancients idea that an energy rays flow out of the eyes as well).

Before Sending Your Thoughts

Sight telepathy is not common since we are not taught how communicate in this way. Like any other language, an early age is the best time to develop your communicate skills. Since most young children at not even introduced to the idea of telepathy, few probably even understand the telepathic abilities they have, or the telepathic communications they may have experienced naturally.

To send your thoughts requires first the belief that you are able to do so. Many accounts have been documented of subjects accidentally ‘receiving thoughts’ due to an extraordinary circumstance. However, very few reports are on file of those actually experiencing sending thoughts. Many have reported thinking about sending thoughts, but since no results were seen after a few attempts, the effort was given up.

Usually one does not learn how to swim in just one or two days, and the same can be said of mental telepathy. Besides controlling certain parts of your brain, a certain ‘feel’ must be developed with light, in the same way a swimmer develops a special ‘feel’ between the water and their body moving through it. The partner you wish to develop sight telepathy with must also have a willingness to devote some time to experimenting, besides believing telepathy is possible.

An important factor also is to remember that you will be sending your thoughts on light. Therefore the properties of light should be researched fully by you, which you can do with books at any library. Sometimes to develop a talent, it is important to understand the outside elements that talent is related to, besides your personal abilities related to the talent.

Sight Telepathy Exercises

Even before we begin to get a ‘feel’ for sight telepathy, it might be good to practice getting a ‘feel’ with some of the other processes that your eyes work with light first. For example, moving your eyes a certain way will make some objects move in and out of focus. Practice doing this several times a day, so that the feeling of doing this at will is familiar and controllable.

Then, do the same exercises with the many other ways that your eyes interact with light, for example: squinting so that all you see are light rays and not the objects themselves. After several months, you should have several feelings become very familiar, and when you have the control to bring any one of these feelings (and the desired optic effect that come with it) on using only your own will, you will then be ready to begin exercises to develop your sight telepathy.

In his book, Physical Control of the Mind (1968), a medical scientist at Yale University, Jos Delgado, describes a turning point in human evolution. Using examples of the mind influencing the development and repairs of the body, he shows that it is only a mater of time before the brain can alter it own structure and functions as well. By his studies, it was found that simply concentrating on a part of the body opens up a wide range of mental activity (and energy) directly related to that part of the body.

The focus then of one’s concentration should be on the back of the eye, and primarily the ganglion cells, which convert and process the light rays into thought impulses. Simply imagine this process in reverse. Visualize your thoughts as electronical impulses (which they are) traveling from your brain to the ganglion cells in the back of your eyes. Then, imagine the cells converting them into light rays, which bounce on top of the incoming light rays out to your subject.

Some of you may not believe that simply by just thinking you can make such a complicated process happen. If so, try this simple exercise first. Imagine a ball of light in the center of your brain, then concentrate on making this light brighter and brighter until the brightness of it covers your entire head. Then imagine the light expanding out, covering your entire body. Do this exercise now before you finish reading this article.

Did you ‘see’ in your imagination the light filling your entire body? If you did, you may notice that your head became a bit warmer from all this. Could it be that by creating a light with your imagination you were in fact creating an actual energy? One of the results of light is warmth, and the feeling of warmth should suggest to you that the light you created with your mind is very real. It should also be noted that really ANYTHING you create with your mind has a possibility to become real.

Visual Exercise

Step One
Get comfortable and relax.

Step Two
Next close your eyes and fill your physical body with prana energy.

Step Three
Then visualize the chakra in front of the mind’s eye.

Step Four
At the larger end of this chakra there is a brick wall.

Step Five
See your visual body traveling towards this brick wall. When have reached the brick wall stop.

Step Six
Have your visual body find the weakest point on the brick wall.

Step Seven
Then see your visual body pushing the brick wall down. If the brick wall does not come down try firing an energy blast from your hand at the weakest point on the wall. If the wall does not come down after the first try keep firing energy blasts until the brick wall comes down.

Step Eight
Behind the wall there is a telepathic grid. It should be a black void with little white flashes flying around in it.

Step Nine
Once you have found the telepathic grid say your name three times.

Step Ten
Then listen to one of the flashes it should sound like someone is talking inside your head. What is the flash saying to you?

Step Eleven
Then try answering the flash by sending out your own message into the telepathic grid as it leaves it will flash before your eyes.

Step Twelve
Then wait for a minute to see if anyone responds. If you get an answer well done you are connected to the telepathic grid

Step Thirteen
Question: Ask if anyone can hear you. Answer: If someone hears your message they will answer.

Step Fourteen
If someone responds talk with him or her if you like and when you have finished talking with the person say good bye. Then open your eyes.

Visual Exercise

Step One
Get comfortable and relax.

Step Two
Then charge your physical body with energy.

Step Three
Now close your eyes and focus your mind on a thought.

Step Four
Then visualize that your energy is blending with the thought.

Step Five
Then in your own time see the thought moving out into the world and traveling to the person that the thought is intender for.

Step Six
Then open your eyes.

Relax and have fun with these telepathy exercises because if you are tense there will be harder to do.

Physical Exercise

Step One
Get comfortable and relax.

Step Two
Then charge your physical body with energy.

Step Three
Now close your eyes and focus your mind on a thought.

Step Four
Then visualize that your energy is blending with the thought.

Step Five
Then in your own time see the thought moving out into the world and traveling to the person that the thought is intender for.

Step Six
Then open your eyes.


Telepathy and Mind Power

The purpose of telepathy practice with cards:

In the Esp tests one practices to receive information only. With the telepathy test and exercises one learns to receive as well as to send information toothers. It increases one’s mind power and enables a person to project their feelings and intentions to others without having to say the words. It involves the use of the three types of symbols used in the Esp tests and exercises. How it is done. Testing for mental telepathy requires 2 people. One is the sender and the other, the receiver. The sender focuses on sending a mental image or message to the receiver who must of course determine what the information is. The information used will be the three tools used with the Esp tests and exercises, symbols, colors, and combo symbols. The participants practice being both the receiver and sender of the information alternately.

Locally or at a distance:
Mental telepathy can be practiced either locally (in the same room) or distance (using the telephone). Distance does not play a part in telepathy because the information can be sent or received at any distance.

Both the sender and receiver are in the same room and can be at the same table as long as the symbol cards are out of view of the receiver. (erect a barricade of sorts). The participants can also be in different parts of the room within voice distance of one another.

Use a speaker phone if one is available. Using the telephone is an automatic barrier with which to keep the receiver from observing the cards or media being used. Using distance also depends upon how much you pay for long distance service.

How to proceed using symbol cards:
Sender:Shuffles the deck and then proceeds to turn over the cards one at a time. Each card is first recorded on the score sheet before the sender focuses on it, trying to project the image to the receiver. After this is done for a moment, the sender says, “card ready” to notify the sender to begin to focus on what it is.

Receiver: As soon as the sender says “ready”, the receiver focuses on what ever “feelings”, “notions”, “urgings” that first appear. It is important that the receiver say the very first thing that comes up as a choice for the “call”. The sender then records the receiver’s “call” on the score sheet in the column next to the card that was recorded there. Later the “hits” can be tallied at the bottom of the column. The point of course is that one does not get discouraged when not guessing the cards or getting a low score. This is a practice exercise that allows the development of mental telepathy ability. It is for training the mind in learning how to receive and interpret the symbols and perceptions.

Don’t get bored:
Using different symbols helps to keep the the person being tested from getting bored which happens when using the same symbols over and over. It is important to maintain enthusiasm and interest when testing your self because it has been found to make a difference. When a person begins to get bored, their score often times goes down. That is why we have presented here, 4 varieties of colors and symbols. Test your self with all four, switching off when you lose interest in one or the other.

After you read the instructions on how to test and keep score, you can print the symbols and paste them on cards. The instructions how to do it are on each of the symbol pages. For color symbols, you’ll naturally need a color printer.

Telepathy and Mind Control

The purpose of telepathic practice with photos:

Testing for mental telepathy with other media also requires 2 people. One is the sender and the other, the receiver. The sender tries to send a mental image or message to the receiver who must of course determine what the information is. The exercise here is to use photographs of landscape scenes, cityscapes, people in gatherings and solitary situations, etc. This exercise provides visualization training for projecting complete scenarios that one wants to become part of their physical reality. This is mind control at its peak.

Locally or at a distance:
Mental telepathy can be practiced either locally (in the same room) or distance (using the telephone). Distance does not play a part in telepathy because the information can be sent or received at any distance.

Both the sender and receiver are in the same room and can be at the same table as long as the photos or other media are out of view of the receiver. (erect a barricade of sorts). They can also be in different parts of the room within voice distance of one another.

Use a speaker phone if one is available. Using the telephone is an automatic barrier with which to keep the receiver from observing the cards or media being used. Using distance also depends upon how much you pay for long distance service.

How to proceed using photos or literature quotes:
Sender: Studies a photo, looking carefully at every detail on it. The theme (landscape, cityscape, event, etc.) making a mental note of colors, people, what is happening, etc.) and then tries to mentally project the details to the receiver. At this time the sender says, “ready”.

Receiver:As soon as the sender says “ready”, the receiver focuses on what ever “feelings”, “notions”, “urgings” that first appear. It is important that the receiver say the very first thing that comes up as a choice for the “call”. The sender then records the receiver’s “keywords” on a piece of paper. Later the “hits” can be compared to the misses for the same media being used. This is more of a subjective rating of the hits, because the receiver is trying to perceive any number of things that can be present with the media. The point of course is that one does not get discouraged when not guessing the correct content in the beginning. This is a practice exercise that allows the development of the ability to pick up the content of the media. It is training the mind in learning how to receive and interpret the symbols and perceptions.

Don’t get bored:

It’s important to maintain enthusiasm and interest for best results. To avoid boredom, at the end of each run two or three media items, the receiver and sender can switch roles. However, they must each have separate record sheets so that they don’t get a look at their own score until a predetermined number of tries have been made by both persons

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