Assessing the Results

Given that the thoughts being transmitted in this exercise are purely random, the probability for any correct reception is practically zero. In the case of the university studies where one of five geometric symbols were used, there is a one in five chance for a correct answer, even by simple guessing. In this case however, where the possibilities thoughts are endless, the probability of guessing a correct answer is zero, for all practical purposes. Therefore, if you got even one answer correct, or possibly correct, you have done extremely well. Hopefully, you will have also proved to yourself that you do have a telepathic ability worth cultivating further.

In reviewing and assessing the results, try to analyze what conditions may have affected the processes of transmission and reception. Some questions you might ask yourself when reviewing the results are:

1. What types of transmissions worked best? Was it sounds, pictures, shapes, words, feelings, smells, sensations, etc. If you can determine what worked most effectively, use these types of transmissions during the second or third week.

2. Were the results exactly correct, or just possibly correct? Sometimes the receiver may get a vague or distorted impression of what was transmitted. This is encouraging and simply means that you both need more practice to get more precise results.

3. Were both you and your partner comfortable with the breathing rhythm selected? If one or both of you were not comfortable with the breathing rhythm, this could adversely affect the results. If this is the case, adjust the rhythm to be more comfortable between both of you.

4. Did either you or your partner have a prevailing thought which may have interfered with the transmission or reception? If this is the case, try using this prevailing thought as the subject of transmission. Also, use the disassociative process before beginning.

5. Can you determine who is better at receiving by reviewing the results? If so, the person weaker in this area should practice the disassociative process more regularly to improve.

6. Do either you or your partner have a problem concentrating while sending? If so, the persons weak in this area should practice strengthening the Shield of Light with “light pumping.” This exercise strengthens the ability to concentrate.

7. Were there any distractions while attempting to transmit or receive? How did these distractions affect the results?

8. Did any conditions exist which seemed to help? What were these conditions?

Some Other Experiments

As a more controlled experiment, you might consider using the set of 5 geometric symbols as subjects for transmission. Agree with your partner on doing this before proceeding. In this manner you can guage your success rate in quantitative terms. If two of five transmissions and receptions are correct, you have doubled the success rate over mere chance. If four or five symbols are correctly transmitted, you are doing extremely well and should really move on to more interesting subjects for transmission.

Some people are more receptive to “automatic writing.” You might try having the receiver open up to writing their impressions, while receiving, without conscious intervention. You may also experiment with having the receiver “reach out” mentally to try and ascertain your thoughts. For some, this approach may work better.

You may even try group telepathy experiments. Although this runs along the lines of a parlor trick, the effect is very much real. With the designated receiver not in the room, select an object, such as a specific book on a bookshelf. When the receiver enters the room, have the group think about directing the receiver to that selected object. Instruct the members of the group to “force” the receiver in the correct direction toward the object until the object is found. This type of demonstration requires that all members of the group be serious about the matter and avoid levity. The group must cooperate in the process in order for it to work properly.

If the results of your experiments are not positive, there may be a number of causes. It may be that the partner you have selected did not created a shield to protect against other thoughts. Or perhaps they did not disassociate from their own thoughts and feelings. You may want to have your partner practice the previous exercises for protection and disassociation before trying again. To assist the process, try projecting a shield of white light around your partner, protecting them against distractions, as part of the experiment.

You may want to work with another partner for two or three weeks. Some people will have better communication with certain types of people until the ability is well practiced. A more unlikely possibility is that your ability to transmit is not effective enough to penetrate through to the receiver. If you think this is possibly the case, practice the shield of light exercise regularly for two more weeks before trying again. You might also instruct the receiver to “reach out” mentally to read your thoughts while you are transmitting.

Distractions from the environment are often a cause for interrupting the flow of thought when attempting to concentrate for transmitting or receiving. This can lead to possible frustration. Instead of being distracted by the environment, use the distraction as a subject for transmission. For example, if you happen to be hungry and smell your dinner cooking, don�t be distracted by the smell. Instead, transmit the smell and hunger to your partner. If you hear a radio playing music nearby, rather than be distracted, focus on the sound and transmit it to your partner.

It may be of benefit here to present a summary of the results obtained when I performed this experiment with a friend of mine while I was in college. At the time this experiment was performed, neither my partner or myself had practiced the disassociative process before proceeding. My partner had not protected himself with a shield of light, but I had been doing this regularly for several years. My partner was located in Los Angeles, approximately 220 miles away. We transferred our documented results by mail. We practiced the experiment for two weeks only and found, to our amazement, that we had achieved a 75% success rate.

On one occasion, I transmitted a new song which had just been released by a famous rock and roll group. My partner had written down that this just wasn�t working because he couldn’t get this new song out of his head! On another occasion, while transmitting I felt that I was sending the thought into blackness. I later discovered that my partner had an unexpected dinner engagement and did not perform the experiment that evening. When my partner sent me a picture of fishing, I envisioned us on the stream by the beach near my home. As it turned out, this was exactly what he was contemplating. We had discussed a fishing trip previously, but had not set a date. He wanted very much to do this, and so he sent this desire to me in the form a picture of us fishing on the stream near the ocean. I sent him a picture of a scene in the high sierras, and he perceived being in the mountains.

Of the total 40 transmissions and receptions by both of us, 30 of these were definite positive indicators of telepathic communication. Another 2 transmissions appeared to be very close, but somewhat different than exactly what was transmitted. The remainder were complete misses, including the evening that he had the dinner engagement.

The eventual goal of these exercises and experiment is to become efficient in the use of telepathy in everyday life. As each of us improve in our telepathic ability, we will learn to apply this skill to everyday situations in a practical way. You might find yourself sending a message like “Don’t forget the milk” when your spouse has gone to the market. Or you might become more dependent on telepathy when making decisions at work. You may find yourself breathing to the same rhythm as your mate when attempting to resolve a problem in order to gain some insight into the way they feel or think. You might even learn the breathing patterns of your friends and family members so that you can “tune in” to them at any time. You might even help your children with their history assignments or mathematics problems using telepathy. The possibilities are endless. Eventually, you want to be able to convey useful information to your family, friends and associates, much the same in which you speak with them today. When this is achieved, the barriers that exist in using speech will no longer exist. The communication will convey understanding, leaving no room for misinterpretation.

As a race which has evolved much over the past few centuries, humans have lost the ability as a whole to use their innate ability to communicate using telepathy. Over the past few decades, however, individuals have had a renewed interest in telepathy. There are no textbooks on how to become telepathic, nor is it taught in schools. Scientists have studied it with limited measures of success. It is my hope that this little booklet will encourage individuals to experiment with telepathy and learn for themselves how to apply it to improve communication in their everyday life.

In practicing telepathic exercises we, as a race, are really taking charge of your own evolutionary process by conscious effort. It is certain that as we continue to evolve as a race, our ability to create and manipulate thoughts and feelings will continually improve. Telepathy is a natural outcome of this process.

The tools you will develop in practicing these exercises will also find value in other areas of your life. Telepathy is also the basis for healing and true prayer. As you learn to manipulate thought and emotional energy toward others, you will find that this energy, when properly qualified, can have positive effects on the receivers, mental, emotional and physical well being. You don’t have to be religious, spiritual, or believe in God for this to work. Simply practice manipulating the energy for constructive purposes and natural forces will do the rest. Good luck in your practice


A Theory of Telepathy

The most common assumption is that Telepathy depends upon a system similar to “radio”, in that some sort of “wave carrier” emanates from the brain of the “transmitter” person and is thus “received”by virtue of some sort of “organ” in the brain of another person. But there are several problems with this theory, and those like it.

First of all, It would be assumed that such a “radio-like” wave would be of an electromagnetic nature. The problem with this is that any EM waves detected thus far that emanate from the brain are so weak as to have a range limited to mere inches. Another problem is that Telepathy has been observed to work with at least one of the participants enclosed in a “faraday cage”, an enclosure that blocks ALL EM radiation.

Indeed, that telepathy is transmitted by ANY kind of “Carrier wave” emanating from the brain or body is doubtful, as there is no apparent loss of signal strength with distance. It has even been said that the telepathic “signal” seems to be “instantaneous”, regardless of distance–that is, it appears to travel faster than light (I do NOT know how THIS last claim was “backed up” however)

So we have a problem—We know telepathy exists, because we can demonstrate it and it has recognizable characteristics. At the same time, we cannot detect any medium or carrier of the information, Not only that, the strength of the signal does not decrease with distance, which is contrary to any characteristics of data transmitted across space.—-There is, however, ONE example of a similar situation that is supported by CONVENTIONAL Science. It might give us at least a clue as to what may be going on.

In so called “Quantum Physics” there is a peculiarity called the Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen (EPR) Paradox. Quantum mechanics predicts that once two particles have been near each other, they continue to instantaiously affect each other no matter how far apart they become separated. (sound somewhat familiar?) No explanation is offered, however, why this is happens, but it might have something to do with the nature of the “Parallel worlds” described it the article about the same.

Here is where we get speculative—It has been suggested that perhaps, the MIND itself is independent of the brain. Such a Mind would exist as a “field of energy” in space and the brain functions by simply “tuning in” to this field–not unlike a Radio tuning into the energy signal from the station. This being the case, EACH mind has its own separate field—while existing in the same space, are effectively separated from other minds, by virtue of it having a different frequency–one unique to itself.

But such “mind fields” have not been detected. No problem–for reasons to be explained below, the fields may exist in what we call a “parallel universe”. From such a parallel world ALL points in THIS world are accessible from one location in it and vice-versa. In effect, the mind field can be said to be “all pervasive” relative to this universe. The “connections” between particles as in the EPR Paradox, also probably use such a “parallel world” type link.

But what does this have to do with telepathy?—Easy, It explains how telepathy may be possible and how it may work. The reason that “transmission waves” for telepathy have not been detected, is because there ARE NONE—Telepathy could very well be a “Passive” rather than active ability–something other researchers have not thought of. To receive a telepathic message the “receiver” simply “re-tunes a PART of his brain to match the MIND frequency of that of another. Thus a person may be in “mental contact” with another, no matter their respective locations in the universe. Signal strength will be always the same and communication TRANS luminal.

Easy enough, in cases, such as tests, where both participants are knowingly passing telepathic messages to each other, but what about cases where it appears that a “distress signal” was SENT to a “receiver” who was NOT consciously “tuning in” to the sender?—-If there is NO transmitted signal, then how can this most common manifestation of telepathy take place?

It is THIS ability that suggests how the telepathic “organ” works. Apparently we have a part of the brain that is tunable to all mind frequencies. This PART also has a “memory” for “mind frequencies” of certain people who we have close interactions with. The mysterious “bond” between friends and relatives may simply be represented by the fact that we have stored their mind frequency in this Brain component. We will call this component “the Scanner”.

This “Scanner” is thus ALWAYS “tuned in” to the “scanner” of all brains that have their frequency stored in the scanner memory. No thought processes take place in the Scanner region of the brain, so the minds thus “linked” do not interfere with each other. An “alert signal” however is sent to a person’s own scanner when he is under some forms of extreme emotional duress. Any other scanners TUNED to this scanner will pick up on this and the rest of the brain will tune itself to the “activated frequency”—thus the appearance of a transmitted telepathic distress call–when really the receivers scanner had been always tuned into the “transmitter’s’ scanner all along–and only picked up the “alert” sent to the brain of the scanner it was tuned in to.

The Idea of a “frequency memory scanner” is what makes telepathy practical and possible. Sure, there could be an “open frequency tuner” set to receive the “alert signal” of ALL brains–but it would not be practical—someone, somewhere would always be having a crisis and the system always would be “triggered”–and even then there is no way to find the correct “mind frequency ” to tune into. A memory based frequency storage system, on the other hand will limit the number of “monitored minds” to a manageable number.

This system perhaps, could have evolved during a “pre-vocal” stage of evolution, where it was important for “the pack” or “heard” to know when a member of it was in distress. Being “tuned in” only to pack members would prevent “interference” from distress signals from other packs.

Thus we have an explanation why telepathy exists, why no carrier waves have been detected, why signal strength remains constant with distance and why “friends” and relatives seem to have the best “telepathic links”.


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