Controlled breathing properly gives power to thought energy. Through controlled breathing you will amplify the force of your Shield of Light to a level sufficient to protect you from negative thoughts and influences. It is a good idea to strengthen this field periodically throughout the day. Frequently thinking about the Shield of Light around you will increase it’s effectiveness. You will find that the Shield of Light will also help you make decisions more clearly and calmly because you will be protected from the influences of others.

1. When building the Shield of Light, find a quiet spot to sit and relax for about 20 minutes. Keep your feet flat on the ground and your hands in your lap, palms facing upward. Keep your spine straight and your head erect.

2. Exhale fully and completely through the nose. During the following steps, breathe regularly, deeply and slowly. Always inhale and exhale through the nose.

3. Next, inhale deeply through the nose and relax each portion of your body with successive breaths. Think about your feet while inhaling through your nose and visualize all tension flowing out from your feet into the earth as you exhale. Then, with the next breath, move your attention to the calves and imagine all tension flowing down and into the earth as you exhale again. With each breath, successively move your focus up to the thighs, hips, buttocks, back, stomach, chest, hands, arms, shoulders, neck, head, and finally your face, relaxing each part with a complete breath.

4. Now that you are relaxed, inhale deeply and visualize the air you are breathing as consisting of white light, like sunlight. Breathe the light into your solar plexus area for temporary storage. Then, as you exhale, imagine the white light flowing from the solar plexus upward throught your spine and out from the top of your head. Visualize the light flowing like a fountain, flowing downward around you, through you, and surrounding you in a cylindrical shape around your whole body. “Pump” the light with your breathing. Visualize the energy in the air around you supporting your effort to create the shield. Visualize and “feel” the energy flowing into your shield with each exhalation. Visualize that with each breath, the effect is being amplified. Repeat this visualization and breath about 20 times or more.

As you perform this breathing and visualization exercise, mentally affirm to yourself that this shield will protect you from all negative thought and emotion. Only that which is truth or which will be good for you can exist within this shield. All other thoughts and emotions will be reflected back to their source as if the shield were a mirror to all unwanted thoughts and emotions. You should form this thought into an affirming statement. During each exhalation, repeat the phrase: I am surrounded and protected by the white Shield of Light. Only truth, and that which is good for me can exist within this shield. All other thoughts and emotions will be reflected back to their source.

A few final words on the creation of the Shield of Light: Qualifying the shield with the above affirmation will tend to prevent you from projecting ill feelings toward others. Instead, when you begin to project negative thoughts and feelings, they will be reflected back to you (the source), making you self conscious of this act. You can then take immediate corrective action and find a better way to deal with the situation. With practice, the shield will “take shape” and positively influence your actions in everyday life.

From a psychological perspective, performing the above exercise is a method of programming the subconscious mind. In programming your subconscious mind in this fashion, you are producing a mental and emotional filter which works when projecting thoughts and feelings as well as when receiving them. In a way, it works similar to self hypnosis, and in this respect, the wording of the affirmation is very important. The subconscious mind does not reason or interpret what we say. It merely carries out the actions it is programmed to do. If you program the subconscious with improper wording, the results may not be what you expect.

This process is used to get rid of, or modify, the defensive mechanisms which have been built up through the years. This exercise will also have the effect of reducing stress. Simply stated, this exercise involves sitting and watching the thoughts and feelings that flow through your minds, eye and detaching yourself from each of these thoughts or feelings.

All too often we attach ourselves to thoughts and emotions, identifying with them, and take “ownership” of them. We tend to do this even if the thoughts or emotions are not conducive to our personal health or growth. The key to succeeding in this exercise is to claim no ownership to any thoughts or feelings. Take the position of the observer. If you are in pain, for example, look at the pain, feel the pain, and mentally say that you are the observer of the pain. Do not say “I am in pain,” but rather say “there is the pain and I am the observer of this pain”. This mental perspective will dissociate you from the pain. The pain thus becomes separated from the “I,” and the “I” is free to pursue other more productive endeavors.

In this instance of attempting to develop telepathic ability, it is important to separate your own thoughts and emotions from those of others. How do you distinguish if the thought being perceived is truly a thought being projected from someone else, or from your own imagining? The only way to do this is to have a clear perception of the thoughts and feelings attached to you. If your thoughts and feelings are likely to cloud a clear vision, you must release them and no longer give them energy. Hence, the objective here is to release all thoughts and feelings that are not good for us. Also, since you don’t always know what is good for you and what is not, in this exercise you will release ALL thoughts and feelings. Because you have qualified the Shield of Light with a specific purpose, only the thoughts and emotions that are good for you will actually return and remain attached.

Bear in mind the changes that will occur from this exercise will take time. The thoughts and feeling which are prevalent in your conscious mind will change daily. Eventually, you want to reach into the subconscious mind and remove or recondition the obstacles and defenses there. Repetition is the key to success. But as you practice this exercise, you will find yourself calmer and more in control of situations that confront you. Separating yourself from negative feelings and thoughts will eventually become a habit. Controlled breathing will be used in this exercise also. Let’s get on with the exercise . . .

1. Perform the Shield of Light exercise above.

2. While you are still relaxed and have given the Shield of Light a fresh charge, relax and observe the feelings around you. Also, observe the thoughts prevalent in your consciousness. Continue breathing rhythmically.

3. As each feeling and thought presents itself to your conscious mind, affirm that this thought or feeling is not yours. You are the one observing the thought or emotion. Even do this with good thoughts and feelings. Affirm that you are the one watching and observing the thought or feeling. Inhale slowly and deliberately. As you exhale, blow out slowly through the mouth and “blow” the thought or feeling away from you. Imagine the thought or feeling drifting away from you. Let it go and pay attention to the next thought or feeling.

Pictures or memories may form in your minds, eye. Observe these also, recognize them as present, and then “blow” them away. Words are also likely to present themselves. Acknowledge the words as present and then “blow” them away as you exhale. Affirm that these words are not yours. Instead, you are the observer or listener of the words.

4. Perform this exercise for about 10 to 20 minutes a day. Finish the exercise by recharging the Shield of Light for three breaths.

You should also do this exercise during times of stress. Always recharge the Shield of Light before doing this exercise, and recharge it for three breaths afterwards. Affirm that only positive and truthful thoughts and emotions can exist within the shield.

Do not fear if you feel a kind of identity loss when performing this exercise. This is not uncommon and the effect is temporary. If fear does occur, simply open your eyes, focus on a nearby object, and mentally visualize the shield of light, asserting that no negative thoughts and feelings can exist within it’s boundaries. If the feeling of identity loss occurs without fear, simply go with the flow and continue the exercise, affirming that you are simply the observer of this feeling. In this manner you will have complete control of the situation.

This is the secret to successful telepathy. When two or more people are breathing to the same rhythm, their bodies, emotions and thoughts become attuned to the same vibration or frequency. This synchronization helps accurate telepathic communication. In the university experiments discussed earlier, had the subjects been instructed to breath to the same rhythm in a synchronized fashion, the rate of successful telepathic communications would have increased dramatically.

Before starting with the telepathy experiment detailed below, practice the above exercises for at least a week or two on a regular basis. The success rate will be much greater if you do this. For this experiment you will need a partner. The distance between yourself and your partner is not relavent. It will also help if you have your partner do the above exercises for a week or two as well. First, you will need to determine a comfortable breathing rate. Select a rate which is close to your natural breathing rate, but modified and controlled so that you will need to concentrate on the exact timing. In order to synchronize as perfectly as possible, you and your partner will each need a clock with a second hand that is set to the exact time. In this way, each of you can synchronize your breathing to the clock and be assured that you are in synchronization with each other.

Select a breathing rate such as follows: Inhale for 6 seconds, hold the breath for 2 seconds and then exhale for 6 seconds and hold for 1 second. Each complete breath cycle would then take 15 seconds, or four cycles per minute. If this is too slow for you, select a breathing pattern which is shorter yet still follows a similar pattern. Holding the breath is not imperative, but by doing this you are assured that the rhythm is unique, and it will tend to hold your concentration. This way you are not likely to tune into thoughts being broadcast by someone else. A slower rhythm will also tend to calm you, and this can be of benefit when receiving. It is suggested that you select a rhythm which begins and ends with the second hand of the clock on the twelve. That way if you get slightly out of synchronization, it will not take long to get back into the rhythm.

The next required item is a pad of paper and a writing tool to record the impressions of what you have received and what you will transmit. Decide what you want to transmit ahead of time and write it down. Select something that will be easy for you to concentrate on in the beginning. A favorite song, a phrase that you can repeat, or favorite scene are good choices to begin with, as these types of transmissions will be easy to concentrate on. You may select a variety of subjects for transmission to see what works best for you and your partner. For some, a picture will be easiest to send or receive. For others, a sound might produce better results. A feeling might work better for some people. You want to eventually determine what types of transmissions and receptions work best for you and your partner.

Before beginning this experiment, it is a good idea to reinforce your Shield of Light for a few breaths, perhaps 5 minutes or so. Preferably, your partner will also have performed the Shield of Light and Disassociative Process exercises before beginning this experiment. If not, he or she will not be fully protected and may not receive as accurately as possible.

Select a convenient and regular time to do this experiment. Perhaps you go to bed in the evening or prior to eating dinner. It is best not to try this experiment on a full stomach. Select a quiet spot to sit where you will not be disturbed when performing this experiment.

Each partner will take turns transmitting and receiving for two intervals. Each interval will be 5 minutes in duration. Decide ahead of time who will do the transmitting first. The other person will then be the designated receiver for that first 5 minute interval. At the end of the first 5 minutes, the person who was transmitting will switch to receptive mode for 5 minutes and the person who was receiving will transmit. This process will be repeated once for a total exercise time of 20 minutes..

When receiving, be sure to write down all impressions. Later on you will sort out what impressions were nonsense and what impressions were real. When transmitting, visualize sending the thought, sound, sight, etc. along a tube of light (like a white laser light) to your partner. Visualize your partner sitting down, breathing to the designated rhythm, and receiving your transmission.

1. Transmitter: Sit in a chair in a quiet location in front of the clock with your pen and paper in hand. Date the paper upon which you have written what you will send. Use the same paper to record what you will later receive. At the pre-designated time, begin the controlled breathing rhythm synchronous with the clock and begin transmitting the first thought. Visualize your partner sitting and breathing, ready to receive your transmission. Watch the clock to make sure your rhythm stays consistent and on time.

“Pump” energy into the thought with your breathing for the first two minutes. During the third minute, observe the thought flowing away from you towards it’s destination. Feed the thought energy with your breath and then let it go. Visualize your breath giving the thought energy for propulsion, speeding it upon it’s way through a tube of light to your partner. For the fourth and fifth minutes, pump energy into the tube of light that you have visualized. Visualize the tube of light as the communication channel to your partner. If your breathing falls out of the designated rhythm, write that fact down. Also write down any distractions.

Receiver: The receiver will first date the paper upon which he or she will record the impressions. Use the same page for writing what you have decided to transmit. The receiver will also breathe while watching the clock and write down his or her impressions during this first 5 minute period. If you fall out of the breathing rhythm, write that fact down. Also write down any distracting thoughts.

The receiver should visualize an incoming tube of white light. Visualize connecting with this tube of light, knowing that it is the channel for communication with your partner. Don�t feed the tube of white light energy. As the receiver, you do not want to project, you simply want to receive.

2. After the first 5 minute interval, the receiver will switch to transmitter. The person who was initially transmitting will switch to being the receiver and record his or her impressions for the next 5 minutes. Be sure to write all impressions down for later assessment.

3. After the second 5 minute interval, the partners will once again trade positions for the next 5 minutes.

4. For the last 5 minute interval, again trade positions as transmitter and receiver.

5. At the end of one week, make a copy of your notes which contain a record of what you have transmitted each day and what your impressions were while receiving. Send or give a copy of this record to your partner and have your partner send or give you a copy of what he or she has written down. In the beginning, do not do this before one week has expired. Later on, after achieving some measure of success, you may provide feedback to your partner on a more frequent basis.

6. You should continue this experiment for two or three weeks minimum, documenting all results.

7. Assess the results and modify the transmission types to transmit the single type of thought which seems to produce the best results. Also discuss the results with your partner and decide together how to modify the experiment for a higher success rate.

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