Is telepathy a natural phenomenon? Is everyone telepathic? What can a person do to increase telepathic ability? How can telepathy help you in your everyday life? This booklet will attempt to answer these questions in simple terms for everyone to understand.

You will learn how to become conscious of telepathic experiences and how you can develop your telepathic ability for practical use in everyday life. Although some may consider telepathy a form of “psychic phenomenon,” this is not the truth. You do not have to be psychic to be telepathic. Telepathy is as common as speech, whether we realize it or not. It is our lack of understanding and awareness of telepathy that makes it seem like an uncommon experience.

Telepathy may be defined as the transfer of physical, emotional or mental energy, or a combination of these, from one living being to another without physical contact.

Telepathy may be differentiated into three types: physical, emotional and mental telepathy. True mental telepathy is the rarest form and physical telepathy is the most common. Although for the sake of discussion, I have differentiated telepathy into these three distinct types, there is really an overlap or blending of these. Usually, among the higher animals, one or more of these types will occur simultaneously during any transference of “telepathic” energy.

All of us are telepathic. Each of us have this ability developed to a greater or lesser degree. Some are more conscious of this ability than others. All of us have telepathic experiences nearly every day, usually without even realizing it.

Have you ever had the occasion to say “I was just thinking that” when someone was speaking? Or, has anyone ever said to you “You must be psychic. I was just thinking that”? Have you ever had the foreboding feeling that something was wrong, to discover later that someone in your family or a dear friend was in need of help? Have you ever been close to someone who was very nervous and found that you also become nervous? These types of experiences are usually telepathic in nature. For most of us, these experiences occur with someone who is close to us like a good friend, mate, lover, brother or sister, and especially one’s child. Let’s analyze what this marvel is.

The most common form of telepathy, physical telepathy, can be observed in nature where flocks of birds or schools of fish all act in unison. Although these animals respond to an external stimuli in like fashion, they also act under a common “will.” Each individual in the group act in harmony with the others. A guard dog who senses that an intruder is up to no good also exhibits a form of telepathy. We account for this by saying that the dog “smells” fear. This may or may not have a basis in truth. Consider the possibility that the sense of smell is in some way related to this form of telepathy. After all, smell is the most sensitive of our physical senses, and as we shall see, breathing is strongly linked to conscious telepathic ability.

These examples are a manifestation of “physical telepathy.” All forms of telepathy can be explained by analogy. Each living creature is like a living radio broadcast and receiving station. In cases of physical telepathy, when these living creatures are “tuned to the same channel,” they behave in like fashion. This also holds true for emotional telepathy, but in this instance, groups adhere and react to a common feeling. With mental telepathy, individuals within groups attach and react to thoughts which are common.

Just as we live in a sea of physical substance, simultaneously we also live in a sea of emotional and mental substance. When we pick up vibrations or �disturbances� in the physical medium through our five normal senses, we respond or react physically to these disturbances. Similarly, when a disturbance of an emotional or mental nature occurs, we react emotionally or mentally.

An experiment conducted by a group of Russian scientists on the transfer of telepathic energy proved that the nature of this energy is not within the boundaries of common science. In this experiment, a mother rabbit was separated from her babies and connected to an electronic instrument (EEG) to monitor her brain wave activity. The babies were taken aboard a submarine in the North Atlantic thousands of miles away from their mother and executed one at a time in deep water. Precisely at the time each baby was executed, the mother’s brainwave activity registered extreme agitation. Because normal radio waves are unable to travel through water from the deep ocean, the conclusion from this experiment was that this telepathic transfer of energy was not by means of electromagnetic radiation or “typical” radio waves. What is more important, this experiment also proved that telepathy is very real, even among species that are less evolved than humans.

Many experiments have been conducted at universities and private institutions throughout the world on human telepathic abilities. Many of these experiments were marginally successful, except among those few individuals who showed some exceptional natural ability for receiving another person’s thoughts. These experiments were typically conducted by placing the “receiver” in one room and the “transmitter” in another room. The transmitter looked at a picture of one of five geometric symbols (circle, square, triangle, rectangle and star) while the receiver wrote down their impressions of what was being transmitted. When five geometric figures are used, there is a one out of five chance that the receiver will get the answer correct, even by guessing. If the receiver gets a significantly higher percentage correct, this is an indication that the receiver has an above normal telepathic ability, or possibly that the sender is an extremely strong transmitter. Later, you will learn how this type of experiment can be enhanced to produce above normal results for most people.

Our use of telepathy begins soon after we are born, and it is our parents who begin teaching us how to use this natural ability. If we could remember our infancy, we would likely recall mommy or daddy looking over us in our crib, talking to us and smiling, trying to get a smile or some similar response. Parents of young children unconsciously achieve the initial telepathic contact with the child by mimicking the child’s noises (ga-ga, goo-goo, etc.) to elicit a physical response from the child. This interaction gets the child’s attention, and the child’s attention is on observing the thoughts and feelings being projected by the parents. It is during this early telepathic interaction that we first utilize our telepathic ability to receive thoughts and feelings.

Most of the words that mommy or daddy said were meaningless at first. As we became more adjusted to observing the sights and sounds around us, we also became more aware of the pictures and feelings that flowed through our inner vision when mommy or daddy spoke. As our awareness of the world about us improved, we then began to relate the words our parents were saying to the pictures and feelings we perceived in our minds eye. Many of these pictures and feelings were telepathic projections from our parents. We as children learned very quickly from our parents because the understanding was received telepathically.

The reciprocal flow of thoughts and feelings occurred when we wanted something, like to be fed, changed, or simply held. During infancy, we could not speak what we wanted, but rather expressed our desires without restraint in the form of vocal sounds, sometimes leading to uncontrollable physical reactions that our parents were compelled to respond to (crying, for example). Without being conscious of any telepathic communications, our parents felt our distress and usually reacted quite readily to our expressions of emotion or desire. Our parents could feel our feelings by way of telepathic communication. “Mother’s intuition” is a term commonly applied to this type of emotional telepathy.

As we began to relate the flow of pictures and feelings to the words mommy and daddy spoke, we began to develop a working knowledge of language. Words were learned easily because the understanding came before the pronunciation. We found that we could get what we wanted by simply saying a word or two, and it was quickly learned that the words would get a more favorable response from mommy and daddy than crying. When we became more dependent upon words to get what we wanted, our proficiency in using only emotion (or telepathy) began to wane. The important point here is that each of us as children understood the thought or emotion being projected by our parents before relating this to the word. The understanding was achieved by telepathy.

As we grew older and became “weaned” emotionally and mentally from mom and dad, and as painful experiences influenced us, we built defenses against mental and emotional projections from others. By the time we entered our teens, our defensive mechanisms often led to ignoring, arguing with or rejecting what others had to say. We also became more assertive as transmitters of telepathic energy and less receptive to the thoughts and feelings being projected “at” us by our parents. Simultaneously however, we also tended to open ourselves to the thoughts and emotions being “offered” to us by our peers and social environment.

Our conscious ability to communicate telepathically diminished as our ability to “listen” to thoughts and feelings was blocked or filtered by our natural defenses. In some respects, it is good to block or filter thoughts or feelings being projected at us. This is a natural protective mechanism. If, for some reason, we were unable to defend ourselves from the thoughts and feelings of others, we would be inundated and overwhelmed by thoughts and feelings from all directions. Needless to say, this would produce a very confusing and incapacitating state of mind.

If you will reflect on a recent argument you had with someone, you will realize that when you were speaking to them, you were most likely projecting thoughts and feelings at them. People will react defensively to this type of projection and put up a wall of mental and emotional defense. This reaction is a telepathic response to what is being projected. Understand, that to effectively communicate, one should realize that it is the telepathic transfer of energy that gets the idea across. This means that to effectively communicate, you must tune in to the listener’s wavelength (this will get their focussed attention), project the thought or feeling to them (not at them), then detach yourself from the action of projecting. Following this, turn on the receptive mode for a response.

Thoughts are like baseballs. Throwing a ball to someone will likely get them to throw the ball back, but throwing a ball at someone will probably lead to a fight and someone getting hurt! The key then, is to project thoughts and feelings to someone, not at them.

If you will reflect on your past learning experiences, you will find that the most significant things you learned was from a person, not a book. When a person is teaching, the understanding is conveyed by telepathy. An effective teacher, or speaker, is actually an efficient transmitter of clear thought and feeling. He or she understands, consciously or unconsciously, that they must capture your attention, project the thought or feeling, and then be receptive to your reactions. This three-step process is essential in all types of personal communication.

Many of us are unwitting victims of emotional or mental telepathy much of the time, being swayed by the news media, television, friends, or other transmitters of emotional or mental “waves.” How we are affected by these “waves” is dependent upon which emotional or mental “channel” we are attuned to. When a group of people get together for some purpose and begin transmitting the same emotions or thoughts, the effects are amplified. This results in a more powerful broadcast transmitter. Group prayer, when properly directed, is a wonderful example of the positive use of telepathic energy. On the other extreme, a group of people influenced by projections of negative thought or emotion can result in mass hysteria.

Projections of news through the printed and electronic media affects millions of people simultaneously. Depending upon the affinities of the individuals hearing this news, people become polarized, taking one side or the other on a particular issue. Each individual then gives strength to the thought or emotion that they have an affinity with, and in turn, this thought is more likely to strongly influence other people. This tendency of the media to polarize people leads to much conflict and wrong thinking in the world.

Unlike physical telepathy, emotional and mental telepathy is less subject to distance from the transmitter. Emotional and mental transmitters can affect receivers at great distances, even across the globe. This fact is of great value when one attempts to use telepathy in everyday life.

Everyone can improve their telepathic abilities. It just takes some practice and some awareness of how to effectively transmit and receive thoughts. There are several things one can do to make themselves better receptors and transmitters for thought. Maintaining good physical health is of great benefit, but sometimes telepathy also works well in times of stress when our emotions are being amplified. When practicing telepathy on a controlled basis, some degree of mental, emotional and physical discipline is absolutely necessary.

It is very important to control breathing when attempting to transmit or receive. Controlled breathing is a tool that gives power to thought by enabling one to control and direct thought and emotion. In the practice of practical telepathy, rhythmic breathing can be used to develop a “resonance” between body, mind and emotion. When the body, mind and emotions are all working in unison, the power of thought is amplified. Further, when a “resonance” is built between two people, the ability to transfer thought and emotion by telepathy is also amplified.

Presented below are a few exercises to perform that will improve telepathic ability. The first exercise is for protecting yourself from negative thoughts and emotions. This is extremely important. Once you become more sensitive to thoughts and feelings, you want to be selective. I call this exercise, Building the Shield of Light.”

The second exercise I call the “Disassociative Process.” This exercise is for modifying the mental and emotional defenses that you have built up through the years that obscure your natural telepathic ability. This exercise also works well to reduce stress, and may be used in meditation for those who are so inclined. The disassociative process will enable you to become more receptive to the thoughts being projected to you from another.

The third and final exercise is called “Synchronized Breathing.” As stated, controlled breathing gives power to thought. This exercise will enable you to “tune into” the person you wish to receive thoughts from and will make you a more powerful transmitter of thought.

First, a few words about why you want to do this before attempting the other exercises: The Shield of Light is a mental and emotional shield, or forcefield, that you can build around yourself with mental and emotional energy. The process of building this shield may be thought of as “light pumping.” The shield is qualified and given strength by the amount of thought and emotion or “feeling” you put into it. Its, purpose is to protect you from undesirable influences that might otherwise affect you when performing the following exercises. It will also serve to protect you during your daily business.

To become more telepathic, it is necessary for you to become more sensitive to the thoughts of others. You do not want to do this indiscriminately. Instead, you want to be selective to whose thoughts you will be receiving, and more generally, what kind of thoughts you will be receiving. You do not want to be subjected to negative thoughts or emotions that will cause you to build more defenses. The exception, of course, is if you are intending to gain an accurate insight into someone’s negative intentions. Then, you can then act appropriately to avert an undesirable situation. Your personal Shield of Light is designed by you to allow only truthful thoughts and emotions to enter. You will gain confidence in its effectiveness through practice and in observing how it works.

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