A famous, controversial oil. There are several variations in the recipe, but all are very earthy and passionate fragrances. The man who wears this should be prepared for anything!

Start with a base of musk and patchouli. Add cinnamon, carnation, and vanilla oils. Blend and add until the scent seems right to you. Blend on Tuesday.This oil should only be worn by men. It doesn’t always smell great, but it works as an aphrodisiac and the results can be quite amazing!


Recipe #2 – Satyr Oil (Lady Galadriel)
4 drops carnation
4 drops musk
8 drops patchouli
8 drops vanilla
2 drops cinnamon


3 parts Musk
3 parts Patchouli
3 parts Civet
2 parts Ambergris
2 parts Cinnamon
1 part Allspice
1/2 part Carnation


Recipe #4 – Satyr Oil (Lothlorien Village)
1/8 part Saturn Oil
1/8 part Ambergris
1/8 part French Musk
1/4 part Civet
1/4 part Valerian
1 drop Cinnamon


Recipe #5 – Satyr Oil (M. Alchemis)
Very powerful aphrodesiac oil to be worn by men only. Blend on a Tuesday.
3 parts Musk Oil
3 parts Vanilla fragrance oil
3 parts Patchouli Oil
2 parts Amber Oil
1 part Cinnamon Oil
1 part Pine Oil

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