Have you ever gone to a psychic? Many people go, either for a specific reason or just for fun. Some believe what they’re told, while others are too skeptical to believe anything. They allow their skepticism to block them from being open to the messages in the reading. It’s possible that you’ve never visited a psychic but that you have called a psychic phone line. If so, what was the experience like?

People have many questions about the future, particularly in regard to their finances, career, and relationships. Many visit psychics in order to get good advice and some insights — in terms of the past and present as well as the future. There is also a great deal of interest in visiting a psychic medium to contact loved ones who have died. Some want to know whether their loved ones are all right and whether they are still out there someplace. Others want to finish some unresolved communication from when their loved ones were still alive. It is also possible for the deceased to pass on some insight pertaining to the future of the living.

What is the difference between a psychic and a medium?
A medium is a person who has the ability to communicate with the dead, and not all psychics have this ability. In other words, mediums are psychic, but not all psychics are mediums.

If you are planning to visit a psychic for a specific reason, you may want to do some homework before you make an appointment. Many psychics have a specialty and are much more accurate within their particular area of expertise, like past lives, health issues, or relationship situations.

If you decide to visit a psychic on a whim — for no apparent reason at all, and with no specific agenda — you may be more open to the messages that you are given during the session. It’s also possible that your own psychic intuition will guide you to a particular psychic for a specific reason that you are not consciously aware of.

Being Skeptical

It’s okay to be skeptical about visiting a psychic. If you are a pessimist, you will probably wonder if psychics can be relied on to tell the truth — after all, you may think, they are just giving the clients what they want to hear. If you feel uncomfortable about visiting a psychic, you are certainly under no obligation to do it. However, you can avoid quacks and charlatans and find a psychic who is right for you, as long as you keep your eyes open. Be wary of psychics who are concerned about money and suggest various services they insist you need. It’s okay to look for ulterior motives when visiting a psychic you don’t know.

You also need to be aware of the fact that every psychic will vary in accuracy. In fact, if you went to a single psychic over a period of time, you might get a difference in the quality and accuracy of your readings. On certain days your psychic may be out of balance and unable to give a true reading. Or, it may be that you aren’t as open at one time as you are at another.

You won’t always know where the interferences are coming from. For example, when the psychic Edgar Cayce went to Texas in search of oil, it seemed as though every step of the way something went wrong, and he failed to locate the “mother lode.” Even though Cayce believed that he was doing it for the good of his work, it turned out that other partners in the company had other intentions for the profits. Because their intentions were not in keeping with Cayce’s work, his energy was blocked and he was unable to gain the psychic balance and discover the oil.

Your First Psychic Visit

When you visit a psychic, it is good to remember that you have purchased a service. It is your right to receive your money’s worth. It is always easy to become emotionally wrapped up. Your emotions, however, can distort your impartial view of the reading procedure. The following are some questions to ask yourself that may help you judge what is happening.

  • Is the psychic trying to intimidate or confuse you with her appearance or the surroundings for the reading?
  • Is there an opportunity or an attempt to gain information about you that could be used in your reading? Is there anything that the psychic does during the reading that indicates that she is looking for information to feed back to you?
  • Does the psychic seek to get confidential information from or about you, such as your financial situation or home address?
  • Will the psychic allow you to make a tape recording or video of your reading?
  • Does the psychic try to sell you other services or get you to come back for more appointments?
  • Is the psychic positive, and does she provide a potential for improvement in your life? Or is she negative, quick with warnings of doom and gloom?

Before your appointment to get a psychic reading, prepare by centering yourself. It is necessary for you to have positive intentions. If you go with a closed mind, it could prove to be frustrating for both you and the psychic.

A Cold Reading

The first time you visit a psychic, you will get what is known as a cold reading — a reading made for someone the psychic has never met. This type of reading is different from one in which there may have been previous contact or in which the psychic was privy to a certain amount of information about you. It is not uncommon for someone who has a favorite psychic to visit him periodically over a span of time. In such a case, the psychic becomes familiar with many aspects of that client’s life.

A cold reading is a good way to see if the psychic knows his stuff. For you to have confidence in the reading, he will need to give you some information that proves to you that he is “right on.” This material may not have anything to do with why you went for a reading, but at the same time it does validate certain information that you know that the psychic could not have known before you met.

Don’t Give Any Clues

Be aware that some psychics are very skilled at eliciting information from you without your awareness. They are experts in observation. Every movement of your body, eyes, and facial muscles provides clues. The sound of your voice can verify whether the information they just gave you created an emotional reaction. Even the slightest hesitation can provide instant information.

When you visit a psychic for the first time, be aware of the clothes and jewelry you are wearing. If you bring someone with you and you have to wait for your reading, make sure you do not discuss the reason you are there.

To get information, a psychic may start off with general statements/ questions. As you agree or disagree, the psychic develops a general profile of you in her mind. For example, she may say something like, “I see that you have had some sadness in your life, wouldn’t you agree?” When you answer that question, you are bound to give the psychic some information about yourself that will lead her to another question.

This technique is no different than what a good salesman would use when convincing you to buy his product. He’ll first find out what you are looking for and then will describe his product with those same words. In this case, the psychic is looking for clues about you and your problem. Be sure you recognize this approach — this is not how psychic work should be done.

Psychic Validations

What the psychic may start out with is psychic validation — stepping into your energy information flow to retrieve information about you or others in your life, either current or past. This process serves two purposes. The psychic is validating to you that she is receiving accurate information that is already known to you but could not be known to the psychic. Additionally, this information acts as sort of a “pump primer” for the psychic.

During the validation process, the psychic is getting deeper into the “zone.” Just as you practiced deepening exercises in earlier chapters, the psychic focuses on the source of knowledge that currently relates to you. It is impossible to hold that focus for a long period of time, so the psychic may drift in and out of the zone throughout the reading. You will get the best information when the psychic is in the zone.

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