Make Attempts at Interpretation

To help you identify a dream that has symbolic content, note the apparent theme of the dream. Is it repeated in the dream? Do you have the same dream or a series of different dreams with the same recurring theme? Are there people, animals, or other beings in your symbolic dreams?

Do you have houses or rooms of a house in your dreams? How do the dreams make you feel? Can you hear voices or other sounds? Do the actions in the dreams make any sense to you at first review? What else can you note from your dreams that may be considered symbolic?

Analysis of a symbolic dream can be complicated due to the subject material and how it relates to you. Try to record as much information as soon as possible in your dream journal. Someone else, or a book on dreams, may provide a clue as to what and why you dreamed it.

Healing Dreams

Healing dreams are not as common as other types of dreams, but they can occur when they are needed. Healing dreams may originate from either the unconscious or Universal Mind. You may be too consciously involved with the medical condition of loved ones or yourself to look at the situation rationally. In other words, you may not be hearing what you are unconsciously telling yourself.

Dreams are a good way for your unconscious mind to get the message up to your conscious mind. While you are asleep, you are not analyzing the images sent up to you. Valuable clues to your medical condition, and possibly even your treatment, can come from your unconscious mind. The same may be true for information given to you about others, including friends and family, that may provide you with a different perspective.

A healing dream could also be meant for resolving old conflicts that have torn lives apart. These dream images may come to you with information that will give you a way to help say or write the right words to someone. They may include new insights that will help you resolve, either in your own mind or in communication with others, a situation that needs to be resolved and healed. A healing dream may come in the form of inspiration to compose or create a work of art or a poem that will bring about healing.

Identifying Healing Dreams

Do you have healing dreams? If so, how often? Are they dreams about yourself, members of your family, or other people? How do you receive your information — in symbols, actual pictures, voices, feelings, or in some other way? Do you wake up with a feeling of knowing that there is healing, rather than dreaming a picture image?

Do you ask for healing information to come through for you or others before you go to sleep? If so, how often do you get answers? Do you get healing messages to pass on to others? Do you receive healing poems, music, or artistic ideas in your dreams? If so, can you complete the idea into something that helps heal yourself and/or others?

Australian Aborigines, whose culture dates back as far as 65,000 years, can relate to their Creator through Dreamtime. Dreamtime is an altered state that helps them get back in touch with their ancient beginnings.

Simultaneous Dreaming

A dream experienced simultaneously between two or more people is known as a shared dream. Some shared dreams are also prophetic, and they signal a world event to come. These dreams may happen within a short time span, often only a few days before the event actually happens. Other shared dreams are simpler — they may be something that you share with a friend. Later, both of you realize that you had the same dream.

Past-life dreams may be shared as well, often by members of the same family. These dreams can go unnoted for years, unless someone brings up the subject for discussion. One couple found they both had the same recurring dream of drowning. They eventually discovered that their son had been having the same dream.

Compare Your Dreams

Have you ever discussed your dreams with other family members or friends? If so, have you found any similarities between your dreams and theirs? If you have not brought up the subject of dreams, you may want to try it. Suggest that you and a friend keep dream journals and compare them. You might like to form a dream group and meet at specific times to discuss your dreams.

The Internet is an excellent way to share your dream experiences. There are many Web sites dedicated to dream sharing. You may be surprised when you begin to talk about dreams with friends or family members to discover that you may have been dreaming the same thing for quite a while.

Inspiration and Creativity

Some of the world’s great inventions have come from the dream state. Ideas for great books, music, and poetry can come through your dreams. They can come from your unconscious mind, usually when you have been thinking about a particular topic or problem. The unconscious mind simply put together all the information it had and sent it up to you while you were in your dream state.

There is a story that the sewing machine was invented with the help of a dream. In the dream, a native was throwing a spear that had rope attached to the point. When the inventor woke up, he had an idea. Changing the thread placement in the needle made it possible for the sewing machine to work.

The Universal Mind may send you information that you can use for a specific purpose. This information is given to you in the area that you are creative. If you are a musician, you will receive music; if you are a poet, you will receive the idea or words for a poem.

There is a difference between the information that comes from the unconscious and the Universal Mind. The latter information is about something you have not been working on, but something that you can do for the good of many. Use the same methods as mentioned earlier to identify and use your creative dreams.

Reviewing Your Dreams

You can use relaxation exercises to help you review your dreams. Before you let yourself go into a trance, reread or listen to your notes on the dream sequence that you want to review. Keep these handy so that you can refer to them again when you are in a relaxed state. When you’re ready, get comfortable. Focus on your breathing and begin to relax your body.

Let your eyes close, and focus on your third eye. Feel the Universal Flow of peaceful and loving energy enter your body as you feel all your chakras opening and balancing. You may suggest to yourself that when you want to refer to your notes, you may open your eyes and still feel very relaxed and able to recall the memories of your dream. When you’re ready, let the images of a part of your dream come into focus. You may experience your images in all five senses: seeing, hearing, feeling, tasting, and smelling.

Work with Your Sensory Images

If you are visual, focus on one picture image and see if you can change your view, bringing images closer or moving them back. Try to stop the action so that you can look for things you missed before. Now try to imagine the sounds that go with the images. If you can, change the volume or move around in the image and hear sounds as you move. Next, add feeling to your images.

Can you experience emotions connected to your dream? Can you place yourself in the dream and experience textures, temperatures, tastes, and smells? Can you experience your dream in all the five different senses? Can you discover things in your dream that you had not noticed before? Can you back up the dream to a point earlier than you can remember, or can you move forward to continue the dream beyond where it had stopped?

When you first begin to work with your dreams, be patient. It may take awhile for you to develop your dream recall technique. The way you recall is different from anyone else’s, and so is the psychic information you receive in your dreams. It’s like learning any other skill; the more you practice, the more you will learn to recall and interpret what you are experiencing through your dreams. Your dreams are truly the mirror image of your soul.

Improving Your Psychic Dreaming

If you are an active dreamer, or if you feel that your dreams can be a good resource for providing you with information from either your unconscious or your Universal Mind, here is an exercise to help you tune in to your dreams even better.

One of the most important things to do before going to sleep is to make sure you are grounded in your protective universal bubble, in balance with your energy centers, and in tune with your Belief and your internal and external guidance systems. If you create an anchor to put yourself in touch with your guidance systems, you will be able to enter that state before you fall asleep.

Once you’ve done this, take a deep breath, focus on your third eye, and feel universal peace and love flowing through you. Even though you may not want to, or if you have trouble experiencing these feelings, remember that they are not related to whatever else is taking place in your life. They are just simple relaxing waves of energy provided by the Universe.

At this time, ask your Belief, your guides, angels, or other beings for help with your worries and anxieties. Ask that the information you receive from your dreams be the right information for what is needed at this particular moment.

It is not uncommon for you to have a visit from a deceased friend or relative in your dreams. They may come to you to comfort or warn you. The same thing may happen with your angels or guides. Your inner guidance system continues to work when you are asleep.

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