Everyone wants to feel safe and protected, especially in a world where bad things happen and life can be unpredictable. God and the angels want you to feel safe because fear can immobilize you. It can hold you back from living your life to the fullest. Open your heart and ask for protection for you and your loved ones, and learn how you can move into the unknown with more peace, trust, and adventure.

Fear Versus Faith

Fear is a strong emotion that you experience when you feel in danger or you’re anticipating that something bad might happen. In both of these circumstances it triggers a feeling of being out of control, and your greatest fear becomes the fear of the unknown.

The mind starts imagining all these different scenarios that might take place and your subconscious mind replays all the tapes from your past memories that are associated with fear. These memories could be your personal experiences, a friend or family member’s experience, or something you witnessed through the media. No matter where the source is, the fearful memory creates an emotion that causes unnecessary stress, anxiety, and worry.

Here are some examples of fear:

  • You are listening to the news and you hear a child has been abducted. You immediately go into fear about your own child. Your thoughts might be, “Should I pick him up at school today?” or “It’s not safe, so he can’t go outside and play.”
  • You’re on a plane, leaving for vacation. Your thoughts are focused on the house: “Did I leave the stove on? What if there’s a fire?” or “What if someone knows we’re not home?”
  • Your daughter is at college. Your thoughts are focused on fear and not on trusting your daughter: “What if she walks home alone in the dark?” or “What if she is influenced by others and gets involved in drugs or drinking?”

Take a moment and notice how you feel reading these scenarios and then reflect back to your own personal experiences and recognize when you’ve allowed yourself to be carried away by your fearful thoughts.

Whenever this happens it’s time to call on God and the angels for protection and ask them to help you transform your fear into faith. As you do this, you will feel yourself released from the grip of fear, and in that moment you can take your power back so you can choose more peaceful and empowering thoughts.

Read the same examples used before, but now they’re focused on faith:

  • You are listening to the news and you hear a child has been abducted. You say a prayer for the child and her family. Then you ask 10,000 angels to surround your children in divine light and protection.
  • You’re on a plane, leaving for vacation. You ask the angels to watch over your house and your valuables while you’re gone.
  • Your daughter is at college. You call on Archangel Michael and her guardian angels and you ask them to watch over her and you affirm, “Only good can come to her. She is smart and she makes good decisions.”

After you’ve read both examples, notice the difference between the two. Ask yourself which feels better and which one you would choose to practice. God and the angels want to help you transform your fear into faith. They know that it will not only help you, but it will help the lives of everyone else around you.

Exercise to Transform Fear into Faith

This is an exercise you can use when you experience fear of any kind. The first step is to recognize that you are having a physical response that’s connected to the fearful thoughts that are running through your mind. You might be thinking, “What if…” and all your thoughts are focused on the bad things that could happen or the harmful circumstances that might occur.

Next, get grounded in the present moment by taking a deep breath and just stop and acknowledge that you’re afraid. Call on God, Archangel Michael, and as many angels as you want. Ask for help. Tell them you’re afraid and you want to feel safe, protected, and calm. Then just breathe with them, imagining that they are surrounding you in a protective shield of light where no harm can come to you.

Remind yourself of where you are and affirm to yourself, “I am in the present moment and the angels are surrounding me and protecting me in their loving light. Please, angels, release me from this fear and help me feel the presence of God’s love.” Continue breathing deeply until the physical reactions in your body subside. Focus your thoughts on the angels and the word “faith.”

When you feel more peaceful, continue to imagine yourself in the protective divine light, knowing that you are encircled by heavenly helpers.

Angels of Protection

The following angels and archangels have a specific role: to watch over and protect humanity. As you read about each angel, pay attention to your feelings and notice which angels you feel connected to. Then call them by name and ask for the help you need. Trust that they will immediately assist you and they will be at your side in comfort and protection.

Archangel Michael Provides Protection

Archangel Michael is the leader of the archangels. His name means “he who is like God,” and he is the archangel of protection and the patron saint of policemen. He carries a sword that symbolizes his ability to cut through all fear and resistance. He lends his courage and his strength to anyone who calls on him. Michael has a fiery energy, and when you invoke him it’s very possible you might feel warm or even begin to sweat.

If you tap into your clairvoyance, you might see the colors purple and blue, which are associated with Archangel Michael’s presence. Call on Archangel Michael, and he will help you with protection of all kinds. He will empower you with the courage you need for any situation.

Prayer to Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael, please come to me now and surround me in your protective shield of light. Please clear my energy field and release me from all negativity. Help me feel safe and protected in your loving presence and provide me with the courage I need.

Archangel Raphael Protects Travelers

Archangel Raphael’s name means “God heals” or “God has healed.” Raphael is not only a healer, but he protects travelers of all kinds. Call on Raphael when you want to feel safe and protected while traveling. Ask that your journey from beginning to end be experienced with ease and protection.

Prayer to Archangel Raphael

Archangel Raphael, I know you are with us at all times. I ask for your assistance during our travels. Please protect me and all concerned so we feel surrounded in God’s loving presence until we reach our destination safely and with ease.

Archangel Ariel Protects the Environment and Animals

Archangel Ariel’s name means “lion or lioness of God.” She is committed to helping heal and protect Mother Nature, which includes all animals. She is the protector of the waters. She watches over all bodies of water and aquatic life. Ariel also protects those who travel upon the water, like fishermen. If you feel concerned about the environment and you want to do your part in protecting it, call on Ariel for support and help.

When your pets are sick or in trouble, ask both Archangel Ariel and Archangel Raphael to intervene. Ask them to watch over your pets and trust that they will receive the protection and healing they need.

Prayer to Archangel Ariel to Protect Mother Nature

Archangel Ariel, I see that Mother Nature needs some healing and balance. Please watch over all of her inhabitants and see that they are protected from all harm. Please bring healing to the earth and remind me how I can play my part in helping and healing Mother Nature.

Prayer to Archangel Ariel and Archangel Raphael for Your Pets

Archangel Ariel and Archangel Raphael, please watch over (say your pet’s name). Surround her in your healing and protective divine light. Comfort her and remind her she is not alone and she is loved. Help her to heal completely and feel healthy, whole, and vibrant once again. Thank you, Ariel and Raphael; with you taking care of her I trust that all is well.

Archangel Zaphiel Protects Children

Archangel Zaphiel is the leader of the choir of cherubim. He watches over children and will help them in any way he can. If they are having trouble in school, with friends, at home, or even with physical or emotional issues, ask Zaphiel to watch over and protect them. Imagine him wrapping his wings around them and protecting them in love.

Prayer to Archangel Zaphiel

Archangel Zaphiel, I know God loves my child dearly. Please help (state the situation). Please wrap him in your wings of love and protection and help him feel safe and loved in your divine presence. I trust that he will receive exactly what he needs for his highest and best, better than I could ever imagine.

Suriel Protects Your Home and Possessions

Suriel is named in the Kabbalah as the angel who rules over the earth. He will watch over your home and possessions. Whenever you recognize that you’re focused on fear, call on Suriel and ask him to keep your home and your possessions safe.

Prayer to Archangel Suriel

Archangel Suriel, please watch over our home and our possessions at all times. Surround our home with angels and keep it safe and protected. Fill it with love and light so only good can come into our home.

Laylah Protects Newborns

Laylah is an angel of the night, and his name comes from the Hebrew word meaning sleep. Laylah watches over infants and helps them move through the adjustment of being in a physical body. If you are a mother with a newborn child, call on Laylah for help. Ask him to watch over your precious child with love, compassion, and protection.

Prayer to Laylah

Please watch over my newborn (share his name). Help him adjust beautifully and easily into his new life. Let him know how dearly loved he is and that we are happy he is here and that he chose us as parents. Keep him safe and protected and help me feel calm and peaceful as I adjust to being a new mother.

These angels and archangels of protection are honored to assist you along your journey. They know how vulnerable you feel when fear takes over. Call them by name and know that their role is to protect you and shield you from all harm.

Protecting Yourself from Negativity

Negative situations or people can drain your energy. When you’re around someone who is very controlling or even needy, that person can deplete your energy supply, leaving you feeling drained and exhausted. The same feeling may occur when you have to participate in high-pressure situations or you have to visit someone who is going through a very stressful time.

It’s important to recognize these situations when they arise and call on the angels of protection for help. The following are situations where you can call on the angels of protection:

  • When visiting a hospital or someone who is ill
  • When attending a funeral
  • When you have to go to court for any reason
  • When there is a lot of negativity in your work place
  • When dealing with authoritative figures
  • When you need to do any kind of public speaking
  • When you work as a caretaker or if you’re doing any kind of healing work
  • When dealing with people who can negatively affect you in any way

At one time or another, everyone has to deal with some of these circumstances. The next time one of these situations occurs, you could have the help of the angels by your side. When you ask for help, they will surround you in a protective bubble of light and immediately you will feel strong and centered. You will know beyond any doubt that you can get through any situation.

If you practice and make a conscious effort, in time you can transmute the energy of negativity. Instead of being affected by it, you can choose to send love to others who might be suffering. By protecting yourself from negativity you stay strong in your own energy; therefore, you have the ability to empower yourself and everyone around you.

Prayer for Protection from Negativity

Use the following prayer for protection when dealing with any negativity that might affect your well-being and the well-being of others.

Archangel Michael and my guardian angels, I have this situation (state the situation) and I need your help. Please surround me in God’s divine white light of protection (imagine a bubble of light surrounding you). Fill me with love and empower me with your strength and courage. Help me be centered in love and allow no negativity to enter my bubble. If any negativity comes my way, allow it to be transmuted into love and send it back out as waves of love to everyone involved. Thank you. I now feel safe and protected in your love.

Prayer to Release Negativity

When you are affected by negativity, you may have a physical reaction such as feeling shaky, drained, or even nauseous. You could also have an emotional reaction like anger, sadness, or distress. Mentally you might feel confused or forgetful. All these reactions to negativity can be uncomfortable. The angels want to help you be at peace. Use this prayer to remove all negativity from your energy field. Notice how much better you feel after you invoke the assistance of Archangel Michael.

Archangel Michael, please release me from all negativity and heal me right now. Release me from the negativity of others. Release my energy from anyone I am in fear with. (Imagine that everyone is unplugging from you and you are unplugging from others.) Archangel Raphael, God’s healer, please restore my energy with green emerald healing light (imagine all your cells illuminating in green emerald healing light) and please send healing to all others involved. Thank you, Archangel Michael and Raphael, for your loving assistance.

Protection for Your Family

One of the most common fears people struggle with is the fear of losing someone they love. When panic sets in, the mind’s imagination takes off just like a small snowball being pushed off the top of the hill and turning into a giant snowball. For example, a family member is late coming home from work, and your mind jumps to the assumption that she is dead in a car accident. Or your child didn’t call when he got to his friend’s house, and your mind concludes that he’s been abducted.

When fear begins to consume you, stop and call upon the angels of protection to help you and your loved ones. Immediately ask Archangel Michael, Archangel Zaphiel, and everyone’s guardian angels to surround all those involved in love and protection. Choose to have faith and imagine them being embraced in the wings of the angels. See Michael and Zaphiel by their side.

Ask the angels to release your fear and replace it with peace. Remind yourself to stay present in the moment where everything is okay. Realize that your imagination has taken over and that fear is creating all the what ifs.

Remember, there is no limit to the number of angels you can call on for help. Call on 10,000 angels for protection if you feel you need them. They are waiting in multitudes ready to assist you in any way they can.

Call on the angels of protection in the following situations:

  • When your loved one is late in coming home
  • When a loved one is sick or not feeling well
  • When your children are home alone and you’re worried
  • When your loved one is going through a challenging time and you can’t be with him
  • When your loved one is going through emotional issues and you don’t know what to do
  • When your loved one is traveling alone and you’re worried for her safety

In all of these situations you can call on God and the angels to watch over your loved ones. Recognize that your thoughts wander into the what ifs and acknowledge that you’re worried and afraid. Seize the opportunity to shift your thoughts from fear into faith. Ask the angels for help and know that everyone involved will benefit when you shift your intention from fear to love.

Prayer for Protection for Your Family

Use the following prayer when you realize your thoughts are focused on fear and you need help from the angels of protection:

Guardian angels, Archangel Michael, and Archangel Zaphiel, please go to my loved ones (or say their name) right now. Surround them, protect them, and keep them safe. Help me release my fear so I can move into faith knowing that my loved ones are safe. Bless us all with peace and allow us to feel comforted and embraced in God’s loving protection. Thank you.

Protection for Your Home

Your home is your sacred dwelling place. You want your home to be filled with a positive, loving, and peaceful energy. When your home is filled with love, it feels light and happy and everyone feels comfortable and safe.

If there is negativity in the home, you might feel heaviness in the air or you may feel uncomfortable being in the house. When this happens, call on the angels of protection and ask them to clear the energy in your home. Request that they remove all negativity so it feels peaceful once again.

Prayer for Removing Negativity from Your Home

Archangel Michael is the divine helper to call on for removing negativity from your home. You can also use this prayer for any space that needs clearing: your office, the building you work in, or even your car.

Archangel Michael, please remove all negativity from this dwelling place. Please clear it from the foundation to the roof. When this is complete, please fill this space with love, light, and healing so all those who enter feel safe and peaceful. Archangel Michael, watch over my home and only send those who are good to its doors. Please ensure that harmony, love, happiness, and cooperation be the essence of our home. Thank you for your help.

Protecting Your Home

Fear can easily set in when you’re home alone and your mind wanders to that scary movie or that dreadful story from the news. Before you know it, you’re in the grip of fear. What if you could feel more peace when you’re home alone? What if you could trust that your children or pets were being watched over when you’re not at home?

Imagine how good you would feel if you knew there was someone watching over your home 24 hours a day while you were on vacation. Whenever you are faced with any of these situations, call on Archangels Michael and Suriel to watch over your home and ask them to keep it safe from harm. God sent you these divine helpers so you could have peace and enjoy life, feeling safe wherever you are.

Denise Linn, author of Sacred Space and a practitioner of feng shui, says that there are house angels who serve to protect the home. She says: “I believe that the most powerful guardian for your home is an angel. Calling upon the angels to be your house guardians for protection and spiritual rejuvenation can bring a wonderful feeling of peace, harmony, and safety to your home.”

Prayer for Protecting Your Home

Use the following prayer before leaving your home and trust that the angels will do their job to watch over and protect both your home and any loved ones left behind.

I ask that four guardian angels stand watch at each corner of my home and property. I also call on Archangels Michael and Suriel to protect my home, its possessions, and all those who stay behind. Please help everyone feel safe and at peace knowing that our home is protected in the divine white light of God and the angels. Thank you.

Protection for Your Car

Your car is a place where you spend a significant amount of time, and you want to feel safe and secure no matter where you go. Think of the last time you felt vulnerable in your car. Maybe someone near you was driving recklessly. Maybe the weather conditions were poor, you got lost, or your car was experiencing mechanical difficulties.

Whenever these situations occur, it’s time to call on the angels of protection. Imagine a beautiful radiant light surrounding your car. Ask the angels to keep your car and everyone in it safe. Ask that they stay with you until you arrive at your destination safely.

Another time you can call on the angels of protection is when you need help driving the car itself. Let’s say you’ve worked a long day or you’re traveling a long distance and you’re exhausted. Imagine the angels sitting by your side in the passenger seat and ask them to help you stay alert so you can arrive at your destination safely.

Remember, it is always your job to be a responsible driver. The angels can help you if you are afraid or unsafe, but you will always need to be responsible before and after you get behind the wheel. Always follow the rules of the road.

Another example might be when you’re driving in bad weather and you feel afraid and doubt your ability to maneuver the car. Ask the angels to help you drive the car and ask for the courage and confidence you need. Also ask them to advise you if it’s safer to pull over and wait the storm out.

Know that in any circumstance where you feel unsafe or afraid, it’s time to call on the angels of protection. You can feel reassured that you are not alone and they are watching over you. Remember, everyone benefits when you feel safe and confident while driving your car.

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