You may want to help you to get into the right frame of mind by using A yellow candle and frankincense incense to help you with your divinatory powers. Also ground and shield and ask for positive messages to be received.

You should lay your cards out on a cloth to keep them clean and save this cloth just for your readings. I use a silk square but you could use velvet or even cotton.

Your cards should first be shuffled by you to clear any other energies they may have picked up that could affect the reading. If you are giving a reading to someone else you then pass the cards to them. Make sure you pass them the right way so that they do not become reversed. Ask the querant to think about their question whilst they shuffle, also make sure they shuffle until they feel satisfied. If you feel they haven’t, ask them to continue.

Once this is done, ask them to lay the cards down in front of them and cut into three piles using their left hand. From the centre pile to the left, then from the centre pile to the right. Ask them to choose a pile from which to do the reading then lay out the cards.

Some layouts ask you to use a querant card to represent the questioner. This can be done in two ways.

One, choose the minor arcana picture card that represents their star sign and sex. EG: An adult woman with a pisces star sign would be; the queen of Cups.Or a taurean male would be the King of Pentacles.

Two, you could choose any card from the entire deck either at random or specifically chosen if it represents the question. Example – You could choose the three of swords if someone suspected their partner of having an affair.

If you are doing a past , present, future reading the piles are:

  • Right – Past.
  • Centre – Present.
  • Left – Future.

Decide on your layout. Depending on what the querant wants to know. There are many different layouts.

These are some very basic spreads:

  • A three card past/present/future spread.
  • A seven card week spread.
  • A twelve month spread.

These really speak for themselves. On the weekly or monthly spread the current month/day is card one then the rest are dealt out in order accordingly.

These are examples of more in-depth spreads:

Zodiac Spread
A zodiac spread laid out like a zodiac wheel. This is a spread where knowledge of the zodiac houses are needed. Each card is placed in a particular house starting with the 9 o’clock position and proceeding anti-clockwise finishing with the the card in the ten o’clock spot.

The Celtic Cross Spread.
An excellent spread giving a detailed reading. It is hard to do without a diagram. this is a link which gives you a diagram of the celtic cross spread.

Before we begin to lay out the cards we have to get some idea what the cards mean. This is something that takes a while to learn however I recommend that whilst you read the definitions for each card you also take a good long look at the card it is describing. You can often see representations that show its meaning in the picture.

Read the description and look at the cards to find personal clues that will help you in your readings. Do that later though or else you could lose the thread of this class.

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