What is a Poppet?
A poppet is a voodoo doll. It’s commonly used in magic practice, using the method of “like creates like”. In other words, if you create a poppet of a person and you want to bind them, you can simply bind their hands. Therefore, anything done to the poppet, will affect the person it represents. Given this information, it means that they can be dangerous, but only if used with ill intent (and remember these things do come back to you times three!). They can be used for healing, love, etc.. The only limit to what a poppet can do is the limit of your imagination.

How is a poppet made?
Poppets are usually made out of cloth, but they can be made out of clay, wood or other materials. You fill it with herbs and other items corresponding to the purpose of the poppet and then charge it with your intent.

Firstly, you need to decide its purpose – what do you want the poppet to do. When you’ve settled on that, then you need to find the items which correspond to that purpose. You can start with the fabric. There is no particular type of fabric to use (cotton or felt is sufficient and inexpensive), but the colour must correspond to the purpose. Then you decide what you want to put in it (cotton, herbs, crystals, photograph of the person, snippings of hair, etc. Collecting personal items makes the link stronger) Again, choose what corresponds to the purpose of your poppet.

Cut out the fabric in the shape of who it is representing. (if it represents a cat, then cut out the shape of a cat, if it represents a human then cut out the shape of a human or gingerbread man). Sew it, with the outside of the poppet facing each other, and leave a part open to add in your items. When you’re done sewing, turn it right-side out. Then, stuff the items you have collected. First you can stuff in some cotton into the arms and legs and then add in your herbs, a piece of paper with the person’s name on it, and any other items you have collected. Now its time to sew him up. While doing that, visualise your goal. Concentrate on that for a while and see your goal happen in your mind.

You can paint on a face and add on yarn as hair. The more personalised it is, the stronger it is. When you are done decorating your poppet, hold it up and visualise the person it represents in your mind while chanting:

I have made you, and you are (name of person)

Repeat this as often as you think necessary.

What you do with your poppet after, or how long you keep it for is up to you. For example, if the poppet is for healing, leave it in the open until the illness has passed, then burn or bury it. If the poppet is being used for banishing, you may want to throw it in a flowing river after you make it, symbolising the person being carried far away from you.

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