Moon- Goddess mysteries, women’s health, the home, children, prophetic dreams, reincarnation, sleep, emotional healing.

Sun- God mysteries, physical health, employment, leadership, prosperity, money, the performing arts and celebrity, self confidence, and new ventures.

Mercury- The intellect, communications written or spoken, teaching and learning, travel, diplomacy, influencing others.

Venus- Inner and outer beauty, love, romance, family, the creative arts, friendship, gardening, peace, happiness, fertility and sexuality.

Mars- Passion, force, power, lust, courage, strength of will, the military, physical exertion, machinery, and competition.

Jupiter- Money, prosperity, success, legal judgements, luck, friendship, investments, social gatherings, ambition, the seeking and granting of favors.

Saturn- Land and real estate, past lives, overcoming self-sabotage, lies, and losses, learning life’s lessons and protection from psychic attack.

Uranus- Unexpected changes, higher consciousness, metaphysics, new inventions, regathering scattered energies, clairvoyance, freedom, and independence.

Neptune– Inner vision and perception, intuition, dreams, divination, chaos, confusion and revolution.

Pluto- Death, transformations, astral travel, the otherworld, materializations, transfigurations, and metamorphosis.


Planetary Hours


12am: Mercury
1am: Jupiter
2am: Mars
3am: Sun
4am: Venus
5am: Mercury
6am: Moon
7am: Mars
8am: Sun
9am: Venus
10am: Mercury
11am: Moon

12pm: Saturn
1pm: Sun
2pm: Venus
3pm: Mercury
4pm: Moon
5pm: Saturn
6pm: Jupiter
7pm: Saturn
8pm: Jupiter
9pm: Mars
10pm: Sun
11pm: Venus


12am: Jupiter
1am: Venus
2am: Mercury
3am: Moon
4am: Saturn
5am: Jupiter
6am: Mars
7am: Mercury
8am: Moon
9am: Saturn
10am: Jupiter

12pm: Sun
1pm: Moon
2pm: Saturn
3pm: Jupiter
4pm: Mars
5pm: Sun
6pm: Venus
7pm: Sun
8pm: Venus
9pm: Mercury
10pm: Moon


12am: Venus
1am: Saturn
2am: Jupiter
3am: Mars
4am: Sun
5am: Venus
6am: Mercury
7am: Jupiter
8am: Mars
9am: Sun
10am: Venus

12pm: Moon
1pm: Mars
2pm: Sun
3pm: Venus
4pm: Mercury
5pm: Moon
6pm: Saturn
7pm: Moon
8pm: Saturn
9pm: Jupiter
10pm: Mars


12am: Saturn
1am: Sun
2am: Venus
3am: Mercury
4am: Moon
5am: Saturn
6am: Jupiter
7am: Venus
8am: Mercury
9am: Moon
10am: Saturn

1pm: Mercury
2pm: Moon
3pm: Saturn
4pm: Jupiter
5pm: Mars
6pm: Sun
7pm: Mars
8pm: Sun
9pm: Venus
10pm: Mercury


12am: Sun
1am: Moon
2am: Saturn
3am: Jupiter
4am: Mars
5am: Sun
6am: Venus
7am: Saturn
8am: Jupiter
9am: Mars
10am: Sun

12pm: Mercury
1pm: Jupiter
2pm: Mars
3pm: Sun
4pm: Venus
5pm: Mercury
6pm: Moon
7pm: Mercury
8pm: Moon
9pm: Saturn
10pm: Jupiter


12am: Moon
1am: Mars
2am: Sun
3am: Venus
4am: Mercury
5am: Moon
6am: Saturn
7am: Sun
8am: Venus
9am: Mercury
10am: Moon

12pm: Jupiter
1pm: Venus
2pm: Mercury
3pm: Moon
4pm: Saturn
5pm: Jupiter
6pm: Mars
7pm: Jupiter
8pm: Mars
9pm: Sun
10pm: Venus


12am: Mars
1am: Mercury
2am: Moon
3am: Saturn
4am: Jupiter
5am: Mars
6am: Sun
7am: Moon
8am: Saturn
9am: Jupiter
10am: Mars

12pm: Venus
1pm: Saturn
2pm: Jupiter
3pm: Mars
4pm: Sun
5pm: Venus
6pm: Mercury
7pm: Venus
8pm: Mercury
9pm: Moon
10pm: Saturn

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