Are a human/animal creature. They are basically human, but have the ability to shape-shift into an animal form, being that of a type of Wolfe. The werewolf can change of its own accord, ormay be forced by such things as cycles of the moon. People become werewolves through birth, being bitten by a werewolf, or being cursed. If an Alpha werewolf hurts a Beta, then the Alpha will suffer the same. The werewolf has a constant regeneration of tissue, so it does not grow old. Werewolves are however, not immortal. Destroying the brain or heart will kill a werewolf.

Loch Ness
Inhabits the area of Loch Ness, Scotland. It covers an area of around 24 miles long and about a mile wide. Reports of the Loch Ness may be traced as far back as ancient Gaelic legends. Modern sightings date back to the 1930,s. The Loch Ness creature has been both filmed and photographed. It is around 45 feet long. The head and neck is around 10 feet, the body around 20 feet and the tail around 15 feet. The skin is rough and appears a dark brown in color. It is also able to move at a speed of around 13 knots. The Lock Ness creature has been given the formal name of Nessiteras Rhombopteryx. However it is often referred to as “Nessie”. Some people believe that Nessie may in fact be a species of plesiosaurus. This was an aquatic reptile that is now believed to be extinct.

Sometimes referred to as the Abominable snowman has long been a part of the history of the Himalayan region. The name Abominable Snowman comes from the Tibetan term Metoh-Kangmi which means wild man of the snow. Throughout time there have been many stories from the Sherpas of people being taken by the Teti. In 1951 a photo was taken of a large Yeti footprint. In 1925 N. A. Tombazzi , a member of the Royal Geographical Society reported seeing a large humanoid creature at a distance of 300 yards in Sikkim. Although there have been a number of sightings there is still no tangible evidence. However the area concerned is vast and the conditions are difficult so as making investigation very difficult.

The original name for Bigfoot was Sasquatch. It comes from the Salish Indians of southwest British Colombia. The name Bigfoot was invented later by a newspaper. The creature is also referred to by other names such as Omah or Seeahtiks. The Bigfoot has been reported in Canadian and North American Territories since the early 19th centuries. Its footprints indicate the Bigfoot to weigh around 800 pounds. There was also a film taken of Bigfoot in 1967. Bigfoot, also known as Sasquatch, is a figure in North American folklore alleged to inhabit remote forests, mainly in the Pacific northwest region of the United States and the Canadian province of British Columbia. In northern Wisconsin, Lakota Indians know the creature by the name Chiye-tanka, a Lakota name for “Big Elder Brother”. Bigfoot is sometimes described as a large, hairy bipedal hominoid, and many believe that this animal, or its close relatives, may be found around the world under different regional names, such as the Yeti of Tibet and Nepal, the Yeren of mainland China, and the Yowie of Australia. Bigfoot is one of the more famous examples of cryptozoology, a subject that the scientific community classifies as pseudo science because of unreliable eyewitness accounts, lack of scientific and physical evidence, and over-reliance on confirmation rather than refutation. Scientific experts on the matter consider the Bigfoot legend to be a combination of folklore and hoaxes. Despite that status, Bigfoot is nevertheless a popular symbol, including as “Quatchi,” one of the mascots of the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, and to name both a provincial park and the annual Sasquatch Daze event in Harrison Hot Springs, British Columbia.

Kraken resembles a squid in looks but is over one mile in length and has horns. Through time there has been sightings by fisherman from Norway, England and Newfoundland. It was said in times gone past that Krakens destroyed entire ships in one fell swoop.

Were winged creatures which had bodies of vultures and the heads of women. They stole the bodies of the dead, gave off a bad smell and contaminated the food.

A creature that had the wings of an Eagle and the legs of a Lion. It was said to be the largest of all birds. The Griffin was very sacred to Apollo and was the suns guardian. When the Griffin spread its wings it blocked out the sun.

Three three winged creatures that had serpents for hair, claws, and their stare would turn people into stone. Gorgons had one tooth and their body was covered in scales. The Gorgons including Medusa were the daughters of Phorcys and Ceto. Although her sisters were immortal, Medusa was mortal. Medusa was later killed. Her head was chopped off and placed on the shield of Athena.

A Scottish demon that haunted the highest crags of the mountains near Glen Aven. His head was twice the size of his body. The Falin only appeared before daylight. If you were unfortunate to cross the path he had walked before daylight it would mean certain death.

Dweller on the Threshold
A hostile spirit that represents all the bad karma that one has built in a lifetime. The spirit appears on the astral plane as a force to be overcome.

Are hostile water spirits that prey on women. The Darci assume the form of wooden plates floating on a stream. When a woman reaches out for the plate the Draci grab her and take her to the bottom. Once there she is made to care for the Draci young.

Was made famous by writer Bram Stoker. Dracula is a vampire who seduces and drinks the blood of young attractive women. Count Dracula has his origins in 15th century Romania. The Castle Dracula is located north of Bucharest in the Carpathian mountains. There are also Dracula societies around the world today.

Counts of Hell
Demons of a superior order. They may be evoked at any time of the day, although night time is their favorite choosing. The evocation must take place in a secluded place in the wild.

A term used to describe the study of animals whose existence is borderline between fact and myth. These creatures include the Loch Ness and BigFoot. These days there is a Centre of Cryptozoology in France. There is also an official journal from the International Society of Cryptozoology in Arizona, USA. The journal includes information on expeditions, in depth studies and field reports.

A creature of enormous size. They are of a reptile shape, usually a green or red color, sometimes with multiple heads and can breath forth fire. It is believed a dragon can be charmed by music. The dragon has also been worshiped by some cultures as a God. Dragons have also provided us with tales of hero`s. Such as the legend of the dragon slain by Sir Lancelot.

The substitution of a little old manikin of the Elf race for a young child. The changeling grows up always misbehaving and crying. But at the same time gives little hints as to it`s origin. The changeling sometimes gave himself away by giving unthinking reference to his real age. Getting rid of him usually involved dropping him in the river.

A monster with six heads and twelve feet. Scylla was originally a water nymph. After being turned into a monster she spent her time finding and devouring seamen as they sailed past in their ships.

In medieval alchemy the Salamander is regarded as the Spirit of Fire. The spirit Salamander was believed to live in the flames and feed on the fire.

A mystical creature found in Africa and India. It is a creature that combines the features of a Hare, Badger and a Bear. It has Human ears and feeds on dead people. Some believe it derives from the Hyena.

A magical bird in Persian mythology whose feathers were regarded as a protection against curses and spells. The Varengan was capable of flying as swiftly as an arrow. It was the fastest of all birds.

Was a half human, half fairy, hobgoblin, who served as jester and attendant to King Oberon in Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Nights Dream”. Puck was a very mischievous character. He could change his own shape and change the appearance of objects. He would often mislead and play games with humans.

A mythical bird that resembles an Eagle. The Phoenix is traditionally associated with the Sun. In Arabian legend the Phoenix sits in a nest that is ignited by solar rays. In China the Phoenix was regarded as an envoy from the heavens. In medieval Europe it featured as a symbol of resurrection and the triumph of life over death. In Alchemy it represented the Philosophers Stone.

A legendary winged horse which emerged from the blood of the gorgon Medusa when Perseus cut off her head. It was mounted on Pegasus the the Corinthian hero Bellerophon killed the monstrous Chimera.

A fallen angel and grand Duke of Hell. In the Goetia he is described as riding on a Dragon carrying a viper in his right hand. breath is so bad that the invoking magician must protect his face with his magic ring.

In pre-Vedic Indian mythology, Apsara were a water nymph who lived in a lotus pool or a water tank. The Apsara was also associated with fertility rites. The Apsara were very beautiful and sometimes lured men to their deaths.

A huge serpent that lived in the Nile. Apophis would try and prevent the Sun God Ra from traveling across the sky in his boat. Apophis represented darkness.

Was a dwarf who guarded the magic ring of Draupnir as well as other belongings of the Gods. When Loki stole the ring, Andvari placed a curse on the ring causing terrible grief and misfortune to fall upon anyone who had anything to do with the ring.

Were female demons that were capable of shape shifting. Statues of Alrunes were clothed, served food and water, and highly feared and respected. If the statues were neglected that would cry out and bring a major catastrophe.

A three headed dog who guarded the entrance to Hades. Cerberus was the offspring of Typhon and Echidna. In Greek legends the heroes Orpheus, Aeneas and Odysseus were able to get past Cerberus and visit the underworld.

A very bizarre creature that inhabited Ethiopia. Its head was so heavy it bent down towards the ground. If the creature ever looked at you, you would be instantly dead.

A small deadly serpent. In European bestiaries and legends, a basilisk is a legendary reptile reputed to be king of serpents and said to have the power of causing death by a single glance. It was born from a cocks egg and hatched by a toad on a bed of dung. It was represented as having the head of a cock, feathered back and four pairs of legs. The Basilisk also had a deadly breath. During the middle ages it was believed that if a knight on horseback were to spear the Basilisk its poison would pass up through the spear killing both knight and horse.

Caecus was a fire breathing dragon in Greek mythology. He was half beast, half human. He killed people and kept their skulls in his cave. Caecus was killed by Heracles.

Midday Demons
In ancient times past people believed that demons became visible around midday to only those people to whom the demons had made a pact. They usually appeared in the form of a man or beast. They let themselves be enclosed in a symbolic character, such as a figure, vial or maybe a hollow ring.

Was the most famous of fairy creatures of French mythology. Condemned to turn into a Serpent from the waist down every Saturday night. As such, she made her husband Count Raymond of Lusignan promise never to come near her on a Saturday night. Finally, her husband hid himself and witnessed his wife`s transformation. As such, Melusina was forced to quite her mortal husband and destined to wander about as a specter until the day of doom. She became the Banshee of Luignan.

Were Serpents who lived beneath the Earth in magnificent palaces. The Nagas sometimes appeared as humans or monsters. The Nagas also had a very important esoteric role. Gautama imparted the Doctrine of the universal Void to the Nagas. Seven centuries later, the sage Nagarjuna was initiated by the Nagas into the esoteric truth, and thereby brought forth the doctrine which distinguishes Mahayana Buddhism from its Hinayana Counterpart.

Moss Folk
Were fairy who lived in the forest. From time to time the fairy would borrow domestic goods. From time to time they would borrow from people, but would always pay this back ten times over. Sometimes the Moss Folk would beg for breast milk to feed their young. This aroused great suspicion among some people and gave rise to certain superstitions.

A mythical creature that resembled a horse with a stags head, elephants feet and the tail of a boar. It had a short black horn in the centre of its forehead and in some ways the Monoceros resembled a Unicorn.

A famous monster with a human body that had the head of a bull. The Minotaur was kept in a labyrinth at the Palace of Minos. It was feed the victims of seven boys and seven girls each year.

Was a huge serpent. The Midgard was the offspring of Loki and Angerboda. Odin threw him into the sea where he lay in the depths encircling the world. Thor tried to catch him without success. However at Ragnarok Thor succeeded in killing Midgard with his hammer. Thor also died from the venom of Midgard.

Was the grand president of hell. Melphas appeared in the form of a crow as well as a human being. He often double crossed his devotees and he spoke with a horse voice. Malphas had forty legions of devils at his command.

Were devils of Hindu mythology. Some believed that the Paigoels were originally created devils. But others believed they were kicked out of heaven because of their sins. Some of the devils had individual names. Some devils entered into the bodies of men and possessed them. It was believed the souls of evil men went to join the Paigoels.

Angels Of Mons
In August 1914 the British Expeditionary Force faced superior German forces in southern Belgium. As the Germans attacked, the British retreated. When cornered they turned to fight the Germans in what was basically a suicide battle. The British were hopelessly outnumbered and outgunned. Suddenly, out of nowhere, a group of Angels appeared. The Germans turned and retreated in terror. After this, other similar stories started to appear of Angels fighting the German troops.

Were specters most likely of Arabian origin. Now they are of Persian and Indian mythology. The Ifrits assume various forms and visit such places as ruins, wood, and desolate places. The Ifrits prey on human beings and other living creatures.

An artificial man that was made by the alchemists. To make a Homunculus you need certain spagyric substances that should be kept in a glass phial and afterwards placed to digest in horse dung for the space of forty days. At this time there will appear something to be living in the bottle. This is a man who has no body and is transparent. He must be fed with the arcanum of human blood. This period will take forty weeks.

Was a British domestic fairy of nocturnal habits. He was a very happy and merry fairy who was one of the courtiers, probably the Jester of Oberon. He is best known in Britain as Puck. In some folklore he is malicious rather then just mischievous.

A fairy being that had protective duties. The Gruach may be male or female. The Gruagach was associated with cattle. Milk was set for the Gruagach every night, or otherwise in the morning there would be no milk. The Gruagach was very helpful, but sometimes could be a little mischievous. The Gruach had very long hair and was always well dressed.

Green Man
A very mysterious legend in British folklore that dates back to medieval times. The Green Man derives from a Pagan God of the woodlands. The Green Man is usually represented by a human face embedded in foliage. In another example of how Christianity stole the faith and beliefs of the Pagan religion, the Green Man has been depicted in carved decorations on old churches. The name of the Green Man survived in many old British Pubs. It may also be that the Legend Robin Hood derived from the Green Man.

An artificial man monster of Jewish legend. The Golem was created from clay. The word Golem was first used in Talmudic references to the creation of Adam. The Golem cannot speak but can hear and understand. Mostly the Golem was used as a house servant. On the forehead the word Aemaeth is written, meaning, truth of God.

An evil spirit that robbed graves and feed upon the corpses of humans. Some occultists believe that the Ghoul superstition comes from wild animals that disturb graves at night. Others believe that the origin is the terror of death in the lonely desert. In Hindu the counterpart to the Ghoul is the Vetala. These days the Ghoul is commonplace in movies.

Fung Hwang
Mystical bird of ancient China. The Hung Hwang had a cocks head, a snakes neck, a swallows beak, a tortoise back, was of five assorted colors and was more then six feet high. The Hung Hwang was considered a very spiritual creature. Chinese women adorned themselves with the image of this bird in Gold, Silver or Brass.

A Princess who presided over Demons known as Succubi. These demons sought to destroy new born infants. During ancient times people wrote on the four corners of a birth chamber to drive away Lilith. The name Lilith means night monster. Lilith had the looks of a very beautiful woman which she used to seduce men and kill the children they bore. Is was said that God created Lilith as the first wife of Adam, but they quarreled because Lilith wanted equality. Lilith then pronounced the name of God and fled. God sent three angels to bring her back but she refused. Meanwhile God created Eve for Adam, and Lilith roamed the world with a band of 480 Demons.

Leanan Sidhe
A Fairy sweetheart who may be male or female. Mortals were warned to keep clear of the Fairy sweetheart. As long as things went fine great, but if things soured the Fairy may kill the mortal. The Fairy sweetheart has sometimes been considered the spirit of life however. The Fairy has inspired poets, writers and singers.

An Arabian spirit that was created out of fire and occupied the Earth several thousand years before Adam. They behaved in a bad way and refused to reform. They were eventually driven from the Earth and took refuge in the far lying islands of the sea. The Jinns are not immortal and therefore are destined to die.

Was the Grand Duke of Hades. Alocer appears in the shape of a knight mounted on a Horse. His face has leonine characteristics and he has a ruddy complexion. Alocer speaks with much gravity. Thirty six legions are controlled by Alocer.

The president of hades and the prince of the infernal monarchy. In Hades he is covered in flames but on Earth he appears as a human form. He also teaches the secrets of astrology. He commands 36 infernal legions. Fallen angels obey him. At the end of 200,000 years he will return to heaven to occupy the seventh house.

One of the demons in charge of the subterranean treasures. He carries these treasures from one place to another to hide and protect them. With his companions Gaziel and Fecor, they shake the foundations of houses, raise the tempests, rings bells at midnight and inspire a thousand terrors.

A water spirit of Scotland that haunted streams and torrents. The Kelpie was of a very mischievous nature. They were often accused of stopping the water wheels of mills. Some people believed that the Kelpie devoured women. The Kelpie also tricked travelers to mount him then plunged deep into the water and drowned them.

Duke of the Infernal Region. He was also sometimes called Marthin. He has the general appearance of a man, except his body ends in a serpents tail. He sits upon a Pale-Colored Horse. He is also of a liver color. He has the power to transport people from one place to another with great speed. Thirty legions are at his command. He is well versed in the knowledge of herbs and precious stones.

A demon of monstrous guise who usually took the form of a man. The Bifrons was well versed in astrology and matters of the occult. The Bifrons was also able to transport corpses from place to place. The Bifrons lights the lights above the tombs of the dead. He commands 26 legions. Bifrons was also one the names given to the baphomet allegedly worshipped by the Knights Templar, and which description was as a statue with two heads surely inspired in the Roman god Bifrons, one looking towards the left to tell the past, and the other looking towards the right to tell the future, all this by means of the power of a demon (there were other suppositions on the figure of the baphomet).

A great and terrible Demon Monarch among the infernal powers. The Balan had three heads, made up of a bull, a ram and a man. He commands 40 of the infernal legions and rules over finesse, ruses, and middle courses.

A very mischievous Goblin from England and Wales. The name Barguest may derive from the German for ‘bear ghost’. The Barguest often appears as a Dog with huge teeth and claws. The Barguest seems to have been a name used relatively widely for a shape shifting creature, which could also appear in the shape of a bear.

An underground spirit from Cornish folklore. They inhabited the tin mines as friendly spirits. These spirits help the miners by knocking to indicate the places underground where there is rich ore.

Fairies of German religion. There are two kinds of Kobold. One is a household Fairy that helps with the housework, but is sometimes a little mischievous. The second are underground spirits who haunt caves and mines. They can be very evil.

Has been the subject of many folklore. The Ladybug was believed to cause pregnancy. It forecasts the length of life by its number of spots and also death. In ancient times a maid would catch a Ladybug and let it go, the direction it flew would indicate the direction of the future husband.

A dreaded skeleton like creature giant spirit. The Windigo lived in the forest and had a craving for human flesh. The Windigo has a heart of ice and eats people. A human can also be transformed into a Windigo by the Windigo spirit helpers.

Vision Serpent
From the Maya and is a undulating Serpent with a single head and prominent snake markings. From its mouth are belched forth Humans or Gods.

One of two immortal horses of the Greek hero Achilles. Originally, Poseidon had given Xanthus as a wedding gift to King Peleus of Phtia. The other immortal horse was called Balius. Xanthus was given the ability of speech so as to forewarn Achilles of his forthcoming death. In giving Xanthus human speech it broke Divine law. Xanthus the offspring of the harpy Podarge and the West wind, Zephyros.

An Aztec fire serpent with a segmented body and snout which can turn sharply backwards. The Xiuhcoatl was associated with fire and the solar heat. Xiuhcoatl was also associated with the Central Mexican God of Fire.

Mermaids who lured sailors to their death by singing or playing music to lure the sailors into rocks. The Greek hero Odysseus escaped the Siren by plugging the ears of his crew with wax. Eventually they are bested by the music of Orpheus as he sails past with Argonauts they throw themselves into the sea and are transformed into rocks.

a boastful winged demonic spirit. It may be completely bird like or partial human with a long nose, wings and the claws of a giant eagle. They are very aggressive and threatening. The Tengu is often associated with swordsmanship in Japanese mythology.

A hundred headed winged monster. He was the son of Gaia and Tartartus. His body ends in a snake tail and his mouth blazes fire. After challenging Zeus he is subdued with a thunderbolt and imprisoned under Mount Aetna.

A Chinese Unicorn. It is a gentle creature associated with Yin and Yang. At the time of Confucius in 551 B.C. a Qilin appeared and spat out a piece of Jade. On the jade it was written that the philosopher would be an uncrowned Emperor.

Comes from Greek mythology and is part human and part goat. The Satyr is bestial in desires and behavior. The Satyr is also associated with wine, revelry and lechery. Satyr competes with Apollo in a musical contest and is flayed as strict punishment when he loses.

Large Japanese beast with the body of a Badger, head of a Monkey, Tigers feet, and a Serpents tail. Nue was killed by the warrior Minamoto no Yoimasa when its howling and scratching disturbed the sleep of the Emperor.

A Japanese Shinto Demon that was associated with disaster, disease and misfortune. They are basically human in appearance but can fly. The Oni has a wide mouth, three eyes, a horn, and very sharp talons on both hands and feet.

A female black winged creature that had huge white teeth and pointed talons. The Keres tore apart corpses and drank the blood of those wounded and dead. The Keres is the personification of death that is always present at scenes of battle.

A woman headed, child stealing snake. In mythology a beauty loved by Zeus who becomes a monster, unable to sleep after Hera kills her children as each is born. Lamia has the power to replace her eyes at will.

A Dragon of Chinese folklore. The Long was regarded as a rain bringer and lord of the water of the clouds, rivers, marshes, lakes and seas. The Long has horns, head of a Camel, eyes of a demon, neck of a snake, scales of a fish, claws of an Eagle, pads of a Tiger, ears of a Bull and the whiskers of a Cat.

Half man, half horse. He had the body of a horse from the waist down. The Centaur is best known for their lust. Chiron was a Centaur who was famous for his great wisdom and then later became the constellation Sagittarius.

A ravenous wolf that is the offspring of the Norse God Loki. Fenrir is bound with an invisible chain, but is destined to break free at the end of the world, swallowing the Sun and biting the Moon. He then joins Loki on the battlefield where he kills the God Odin and is then killed himself.

Ga Gaah
A wise Crow that is a divine bird of the Iroquois of North America. The Ga Gaah flies from the kingdom of the Sun carrying in its ear a grain of maize. This gift becomes the food for humans.

The divine thousand headed world serpent of Hindu mythology. The God Vishnu reclines in the cosmic primeval ocean on its coils. Later it takes a the temporary form of a human and spews forth venomous fire to destroy creation. It is also used by the Gods to churn the ocean for the elixir of life.

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