This ritual can be used to get back in touch with the elements. Have a representation of each element around you

Go outside if possible, face North and Say:

Good morning Spirits of North.
I am successful
The cornucopia showers blessings into my life.

Stand for a moment and let the energy of the Earth pour into your body and soul. Turn to the east and say:

Good morning spirits of the East
I am creative
I am the spirit of the wind
My mind soars to other realms and back again.

Repeat the energy exchange and turn to the south and say:

Good morning spirits of the South.
I am passionate.
I am the glow of the flame and lava
I magnetize and inflame the senses as I heal and burn

repeat energy exchange. Turn to the West and say:

Good morning Spirits of the West.
I am beautiful.
My blood contains the teras of the Mother
I am joy and hidden depths transcend from the moon.

Repeat the energy exchange. Look to the sky and say:

Good morning Spirits of Spirit I am balance.
My body, mind and spirit are in harmony
I stand in the center of my web, weaving.
Good morning Lord and Lady
I am your son/daughter/child
Guide me and guard me throughout this and every day.
Blessed be!

Stand for a moment and feel yourself coming to a place of balance. When you are ready salute and begin your day. You dont need to cast a circle and this takes about 10 minutes.

–from Embracing the Moon by Yasmine Galenorn

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