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  1. GabrielJarrett 5 months ago

    This is my Birth Stone and I am a man. Therefor, I do not see how relieving me of menstruel pain and getting into contact with my inner femanine will help much. How does this stone effect males? Is there any devine conseqence for a male to carry this stone on his person? I was born on june 4th 1992 and my element is air so we seem nearly meant for eachother. My other birthstone(yes i have more than one) is cat’s eye, and tigers eye seems to be related to the element of fire. I guess what I’m really asking is, Why is being born at the apex of the Gemini cycle at midnight so nurotically confusing? I feel like this description was intended to be read by a woman. To be honest most of this website looks that way. For me, searching for these things is particularly important as I often find myself in tight circumstances with other worldly forces on nearly a daily basis. So, I would appreciate some help concerning these protective stones you portray on what is so called “the Number One Pagan Resource”. It all seems very basic. Almost devoid of any personal knowledge or wisdom about such things. This resource is textbook at best. Kudos on the crystallomancy quick guide though. I was recently gifted a crystal ball of my own. I don’t know what to do with the dang thing though. I’m afraid that if I take it out of the box it will get damaged or smudged.


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