The energy of the moon changes depending upon the phase that the moon is in. In Wicca, each phase of the moon is noted, because different kinds of moon energy are used for different kinds of magick, I will give a list of the moon phase and what sort of magick is done in each phase.

Note: There are 12 Full moons a year but because of the odd balance of days once every 2 years or so… a month has two full moon. The second full moon in known as the blue moon. This makes it a very powerful full moon and a very powerful month.

The New Moon: Initiation/new beginnings
New Moon magick begins on the day of the new moon to three-and-a-half days after. Use the energy of the new moon for new ventures and new beginnings. Also use the new moon for love spells, job hunting, and healing.

The energy of the new moon is great for new beginnings, initiating a new project, or the start of an adventure. Under the new moon, work with the new – the beginning of a new life, new career, new relationship, a new project and maybe a new you. Goddess in Maiden stage.

The Waxing Moon: Growth Potential
The waxing moon begins seven to fourteen days after the new moon. Use the waxing moon for constructive magick, such as love spells, magick for wealth and success, courage, friendship, luck or good health.

The waxing moon, when the moon is growing larger in the sky, is a time of growth. Under this moon you want to work with building on what you have started under the new moon. The larger the moon gets, the more powerfully you will feel the Goddesses energy. Goddess in Mother Stage.

The Full Moon: Your Heart’s Desire Seek
A powerful energy for rituals of prophecy, divination and protection. Any spellwork that requires extra energy, such as finding a new job or healing serious conditions, is best begun during the full moon. Also for love, gaining sacred knowledge, legal matters, attracting money and prophetic dreams.

This is a time to really go for what you want. When the moon is full, her energy is very powerful and you can ask her to help you to accomplish almost anything. The energy of the full moon is great for magick involving divination, dreams, love and whatever else you desire. Some say full moon energy is available three days before the actual date of the full moon and three days after that date. I personally say the day before and the day after the full moon is most potent.

We use the power of the full moon to cleanse and empower tools by leaving them to soak up lunar rays. You can do this by leaving them outside or in a windowsill that gets moonlight on it.

The Waning Moon: Taking Away
Begin waning moon magick three-and-a-half to ten-and-a-half days after the full moon. The waning moon is used for banishing negativity, for curing addictions, and illness.

When the moon is waning, or getting smaller, you want to work with banishing magick. This is the time to get rid of negative things in your life. Goddess in Crone Stage.

The Dark Moon: Take A Break
Many witches believe that you should not practice magick at all during the three days a month when the moon is dark and is not visible in the sky. This is the time of the month when the Goddess is thought to have descended into the underworld. She is in mourning, and her energy is at its lowest point. Meditation and relaxation are the best things to do during this phase of the moon.

VOC – Void of Course
As the moon travels around its orbit, it enters various signs of the zodiac. As the moon transits from one sign to the other there is a period of a few hours where the moon is void. Some traditions do not do magick in these hours.

Blue Moon
When two moons fall in one calendar month the second is called the blue Moon, and this is the month that we will use for our wishes. It falls in a different month each year but it is a very powerful moon. The blue moon is always the second of the full moons in the corresponding month. We need to write down aims and goals for the up and coming year. Place them in an envelope and don’t look at them until the next blue moon. Dress your blue moon altar in the colours that correspond to the month it falls into, and place flowers and fruits from that month, also place pictures of things you would like in your life. Stay real here, and keep it down to earth.

The Moon spends a day or two each month in each of the twelve signs of the zodiac. The sign the moon is transiting through can be used to good advantage during spellwork.

Moon in Aries
A good time to perform spells related to job ventures and all new projects related to money. Also a good time to develop strength and courage, and lust spells. This is not a good moon for performing divination.

Moon in Taurus
This moon is excellent for spellwork relatd to love, creativity, and inner peace. Spells done at this time take the longest to manifest, but the results will be very long lasting and be stable.

Moon in Gemini
The perfect time for spells dealing with communications, healing, and uncrossing spells. Be careful- the moon in Gemini can be unpredictable and unstable.

Moon in Cancer
Excellent for any spell involving the home, fertility, children, or divination.

Moon in Leo
Spells involving leadership, prosperity, fame and career are best done in Leo, but do not perform any spells involving love, or any other emotion, as Leo may actually counteract it.

Moon in Virgo
This moon ensures a spell which involves meticulous detail, especially spells involving education, healing, and stability.

Moon in Libra
Excellent for working a spell with a partner, and for magick involving marriage, couples, partnership, peace, and fairness.

Moon in Scorpio
Use this energy for mysteries, the occult, divination, and sex magick.

Moon in Sagittarius
This is an excellent time to experiment with new techniques or magick spells, but it is not a good time for psychic worrk or divination.

Moon in Capricorn
Perfect for spells to manifest life’s basiic needs and for stability.

Moon in Aquarius
The best time to work on behalf of others, but consciously stay focused on your heart to maintain a higher consciousness with others, and to avoid selfish motives.

Moon in Pisces
Perfect for divination and psychic work, past life regressions, and communication with spirits.



  • January / Wolf Moon – Plan a ritual of protection around your home and family.
  • February / Storm Moon – Plan a ritual to ask the Old Ones for help in planning your future.
  • March / Chaste Moon – Plan a ritual to plant your desires.
  • April / Seed Moon – Plan a ritual to physically plant your seeds of desire in Mother Earth.
  • May / Hare Moon – Plan a ritual to reaffirm your goals.
  • June / Dyad Moon – Plan a ritual to balance your spiritual and physical desires
  • July / Mead Moon – Plan a ritual to decide what you will do once your goals have been met.
  • August / Wort Moon – Plan a ritual to preserve what you already have.
  • September / Barley Moon – Plan a ritual of Thanksgiving for all the Old
  • October / Blood Moon – Plan another ritual of Thanksgiving.
  • November / Snow Moon – Plan for a ritual to work on ridding yourself of negative thoughts and vibrations.
  • December / Oak Moon – Plan for a ritual to help you remain steadfast in your convictions.
  • Blue Moon – variable













Wolf Moon (January)

Also known as: Quiet Moon, Snow Moon, Cold Moon, Chaste Moon, Disting Moon, Moon of Little Winter

  • Nature Spirits: gnomes, brownies
  • Herbs: marjoram, holy thistle, nuts, cones
  • Colors: brilliant white, blue-violet, black
  • Flowers: snowdrop, crocus
  • Scents: musk, mimosa
  • Stones: garnet, onyx, jet, chrysoprase
  • Trees: birch
  • Animals: fox, coyote
  • Birds: pheasant, blue jay
  • Deities: Freyja, Inanna, Sarasvati, Hera, Ch’ang-O, Sinn
  • Power Flow: sluggish, below the surface; beginning and conceiving.
  • Protection, reversing spells.
  • Conserving energy by working on personal problems that involve no one else.
  • Getting your various bodies to work smoothly together for the same goals.


Ice Moon (February)

Also known as: Storm Moon, Horning Moon, Hunger Moon, Wild Moon, Red & Cleansing Moon, Quickening Moon, Solmonath (Sun Month), Big Winter Moon

  • Nature Spirits: house faeries, both of the home itself and of house plants
  • Herbs: balm of Gilead, hyssop, myrrh, sage, spikenard
  • Colors: light blue, violet
  • Flowers: primrose
  • Scents: wisteria, heliotrope
  • Stones: amethyst, jasper, rock crystal
  • Trees: rowan, laurel, cedar
  • Animals: otter, unicorn
  • Birds: eagle, chickadee
  • Deities: Brigit, Juno, Kuan Yin, Diana, Demeter, Persephone, Aphrodite
  • Power Flow: energy working toward the surface; purification, growth, healing.
  • Loving the self.
  • Accepting responsibility for past errors, forgiving yourself, and making future plans.


Storm Moon (March)

Also known as: Seed Moon, Moon of Winds, Plow Moon, Worm Moon, Hrethmonath (Hertha’s Month), Lentzinmanoth (Renewal Month), Lenting Moon, Sap Moon, Crow Moon, Moon of the Snowblind

  • Nature Spirits: Mer-people, Air and Water beings who are connected with spring rains and storms
  • Herbs: broom, High John root, yellow dock, wood betony, Irish moss
  • Colors: pale green, red-violet
  • Flowers: jonquil, daffodil, violet
  • Scents: honeysuckle, apple blossom
  • Stones: aquamarine, bloodstone
  • Trees: alder, dogwood
  • Animals: cougar, hedgehog, boar
  • Birds: sea crow, sea eagle
  • Deities: Black Isis, the Morrigan, Hecate, Cybele, Astarte, Athene, Minerva, Artemis, Luna
  • Power Flow: energy breaks into the open; growing, prospering, exploring.
  • New beginnings; balance of Light and Dark.
  • Breaking illusions.
  • Seeing the truth in your life however much it may hurt.


Growing Moon (April)

Also known as: Hare Moon, Seed or Planting Moon, Planter’s Moon, Budding Trees Moon, Eastermonath (Eostre Month), Ostarmanoth, Pink Moon, Green Grass Moon

  • Nature Spirits: plant faeries
  • Herbs: basil, chives, dragon’s blood, geranium, thistle
  • Colors: crimson red, gold
  • Flowers: daisy, sweetpea
  • Scents: pine, bay, bergamot, patchouli
  • Stones: ruby, garnet, sard
  • Trees: pine, bay, hazel
  • Animals: bear, wolf
  • Birds: hawk, magpie
  • Deities: Kali, Hathor, Anahita, Ceres, Ishtar, Venus, Bast
  • Power Flow: energy into creating and producing; return balance to the nerves.
  • Change, self-confidence, self-reliance, take advantage of opportunities.
  • Work on temper and emotional flare-ups and selfishness.


Hare Moon (May)

Also known as: Merry or Dyad Moon, Bright Moon, Flower Moon, Frogs Return Moon, Thrimilcmonath (Thrice-Milk Month), Sproutkale, Winnemanoth (Joy Month), Planting Moon, Moon When the Ponies Shed

  • Nature Spirits: faeries, elves
  • Herbs: dittany of Crete, elder, mint, rose, mugwort, thyme, yarrow
  • Colors: green, brown, pink
  • Flowers: lily of the valley, foxglove, rose, broom
  • Scents: rose, sandalwood
  • Stones: emerald, malachite, amber, carnelian
  • Trees: hawthorn
  • Animals: cats, lynx, leopard
  • Birds: swallow, dove, swan
  • Deities: Bast, Venus, Aphrodite, Maia, Diana, Artemis, Pan, Horned God
  • Power Flow: full creating energy; propagation.
  • Intuition, contact with faeries and other supernatural beings.
  • Strengthen connection with supernatural protectors and beings around you.
  • Power flowing from the Greenwood Gods and trees.


Mead Moon (June)

Also known as: Moon of Horses, Lovers’ Moon, Strong Sun Moon, Honey Moon, Aerra Litha (Before Lithia), Brachmanoth (Break Month), Strawberry Moon, Rose Moon, Moon of Making Fat

  • Nature Spirits: sylphs, zephyrs
  • Herbs: skullcap, meadowsweet, vervain, tansy, dog grass, parsley, mosses
  • Colors: orange, golden-green
  • Flowers: lavender, orchid, yarrow
  • Scents: lily of the valley, lavender
  • Stones: topaz, agate, alexandrite, fluorite
  • Trees: oak
  • Animals: monkey, butterfly, frog, toad
  • Birds: wren, peacock
  • Deities: Aine of Knockaine, Isis, Neith, Green Man, Cerridwen, Bendis, Ishtar
  • Power Flow: full but restful energy; protect, strengthen, and prevent.
  • A time of Light; Earth tides are turning.
  • Decision-making, taking responsibility for present happenings.
  • Work on personal inconsistencies.
  • Strengthen and reward yourself for your positive traits.


Hay Moon (July)

Also known as: Wort Moon, Moon of Claiming, Moon of Blood (because of mosquitoes), BlessingMoon, Maedmonat (Meadow Month), Hewimanoth (Hay Month), Fallow Moon, Buck Moon, Thunder Moon

  • Nature Spirits: hobgoblins (small, grotesque but friendly brownie-type creatures), faeries of harvested crops
  • Herbs: honeysuckle, agrimony, lemon balm, hyssop
  • Colors: silver, blue-gray
  • Flowers: lotus, water lily, jasmine
  • Scents: orris, frankincense
  • Stones: pearl, moonstone, white agate
  • Trees: oak, acacia, ash
  • Animals: crab, turtle, dolphin, whale
  • Birds: starling, ibis, swallow
  • Deities: Khepera, Athene, Juno, Hel, Holda, Cerridwen, Nephthys, Venus
  • Power Flow: relaxed energy; preparing; succeeding.
  • Dream-work, divination, and meditation on goals and plans, especially spiritual ones.


Corn Moon (August)

Also known as: Barley Moon, Dispute Moon, Weodmonath (Vegetation Month), Harvest Moon, Moon When Cherries Turn Black

  • Nature Spirits: dryads
  • Herbs: chamomile, St. John’s wort, bay, angelica, fennel, rue, orange
  • Colors: yellow, gold
  • Flowers: sunflower, marigold
  • Scents: frankincense, heliotrope
  • Stones: cat’s eye, carnelian, jasper, fire agate
  • Trees: hazel, alder, cedar
  • Animals: lion, phoenix, sphinx, dragon
  • Birds: crane, falcon, eagle
  • Deities: Ganesha, Thoth, Hathor, Diana, Hecate, Nemesis
  • Power Flow: energy into harvesting; gathering, appreciating.
  • Vitality, health. Friendships.


Harvest Moon (September)

Also known as: Wine Moon, Singing Moon, Sturgeon Moon, Haligmonath (Holy Month), Witumanoth (Wood Month), Moon When Deer Paw the Earth

  • Nature Spirits: trooping faeries
  • Herbs: copal, fennel, rye, wheat, valerian, skullcap
  • Colors: brown, yellow-green, yellow
  • Flowers: narcissus, lily
  • Scents: storax, mastic, gardenia, bergamont
  • Stones: peridot, olivine, chrysolite, citrine
  • Trees: hazel, larch, bay
  • Animals: snake, jackal
  • Birds: ibis, sparrow
  • Deities: Demeter, Ceres, Isis, Nephthys, Freyja, Ch’ang-O, Thoth
  • Power Flow: rest after labor; balance of Light and Dark.
  • Organize. Clean and straighten up physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual clutter.


Blood Moon (October)

Also known as: Harvest Moon, Shedding Moon, Winterfelleth (Winter Coming), Windermanoth (Vintage Month), Falling Leaf Moon, Ten Colds Moon, Moon of the Changing Season

  • Nature Spirits: frost faeries, plant faeries
  • Herbs: pennyroyal, thyme, catnip, uva ursi, angelica, burdock
  • Colors: dark blue-green
  • Flowers: calendula, marigold, cosmos
  • Scents: strawberry, apple blossom, cherry
  • Stones: opal, tourmaline, beryl, turquoise
  • Trees: yew, cypress, acacia
  • Animals: stag, jackal, elephant, ram, scorpion
  • Birds: heron, crow, robin
  • Deities: Ishtar,Astarte,Demeter, Kore, Lakshmi, Horned God, Belili, Hathor
  • Power Flow: to let go; inner cleansing.
  • Karma and reincarnation.
  • Justice and balance.
  • Inner harmony.


Blue Moon (October 27-November 1)

Also known as: Moon of the Dead, Hunting Moon, Ancestor Moon, Hunter’s Moon

  • Nature Spirits: banshees and other beings who carry messages between worlds
  • Herbs: ginger, hops, wormwood, hyssop, patchouli, mugwort, nutmeg, star anise
  • Colors: black, white, purple
  • Flowers: white lily, dahlia, chrysanthemum
  • Scents: rosemary, dragon’s blood, lilac, pine, wisteria
  • Stones: obsidian, onyx, Apache tear
  • Trees: pine, cypress, yew, elder
  • Animals: bat, wolf, sow, dog, snake
  • Birds: owls, raven, falcon
  • Deities: Cybele, Circe, Hel, Nephthys, Cerridwen, Horned God, Caillech, Freyja, Holda
  • Power Flow: release, remember; communion with the dead.
  • Prophecy.
  • Releasing old negative memories and emotions.


Snow Moon (November)

Also known as: Dark Moon, Fog Moon, Beaver Moon, Mourning Moon, Blotmonath (Sacrifice Month), Herbistmanoth (Harvest Month), Mad Moon, Moon of Storms, Moon When Deer Shed Antlers

  • Nature Spirits: subterranean faeries
  • Herbs: grains of paradise, verbena, betony, borage, cinquefoil, blessed thistle
  • Colors: gray, sea-green
  • Flowers: blooming cacti, chrysanthemum
  • Scents: cedar, cherry blossoms, hyacinth, narcissus, peppermint, lemon
  • Stones: topaz, hyacinth, lapis lazuli
  • Trees: alder, cypress
  • Animals: unicorn, scorpion, crocodile, jackal
  • Birds: owl, goose, sparrow
  • Deities: Kali, Black Isis, Nicnevin, Hecate, Bast, Osiris, Sarasvati, Lakshmi, Skadi, Mawu
  • Power Flow: take root, prepare.
  • Transformation.
  • Strengthen communication with the god or goddess who seems closest to you.


Cold Moon (December)

Also known as: Oak Moon, Wolf Moon, Moon of Long Nights, Long Night’s Moon, Aerra Geola (Month Before Yule), Wintermonat (Winter Month), Heilagmanoth (Holy Month), Big Winter Moon, Moon of Popping Trees

  • Nature Spirits: snow faeries, storm faeries, winter tree faeries
  • Herbs: holly, English ivy, fir, mistletoe
  • Colors: blood red, white and black
  • Flowers: holly, poinsettia, Christmas cactus
  • Scents: violet, patchouli, rose geranium, frankincense, myrrh, lilac
  • Stones: serpentine, jacinth, peridot
  • Trees: pine, fir, holly
  • Animals: mouse, deer, horse, bear
  • Birds: rook, robin, snowy owl
  • Deities: Hathor, Hecate, Neith, Athene, Minerva, Ixchel, Osiris, Norns, Fates
  • Power Flow: to endure, die, be reborn;
  • Earth tides turning.
  • Darkness.
  • Personal alchemy.
  • Spiritual paths.
  • Reach out to friends and family, the lonely and needy.



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  1. karen 5 years ago

    I especially like the part that show the month and the moon name and property’s. I also like the month and the ritual to preform on that month. still a little confused about void moon, but i’m still studing

    • lunasgrimoire 5 years ago

      You’ll get it soon. It’s a confusing thing, moon phases

  2. karen 5 years ago

    so the moon spends a couple days in each sigh every month. does the moon role over to the next sign(void) . I think i get it. so there are 12 void every month?

    • lunasgrimoire 5 years ago

      I’m not sure about twelve, but when they do, it’s only for a day or so. But you’ve grasped the concept 🙂

  3. Teresa 4 years ago

    i thought there were 13 moons…now i am confused

    • lunasgrimoire 4 years ago

      Every month there is a full moon, and these only correspond to the moon which falls in that month. So, technically, no two years will have the same moon in the same month, because we only have 12 months, not thirteen, but the lunar calendar is different to the Gregorian calendar.

      You have to remember that there are different calendars, which carry different measurements of a unit of time. See here:

      If you don’t understand, I’ll try to explain it better to you.

      • Teresa 4 years ago

        thank that was very helpful…


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