Boji stone – to inspire symmetry, peacefulness, and a sense of foundation

Brass – a fire-oriented metal that exhibits energy similar to gold but on a gentler scale; popular in healing and prosperity magic

Copper – linked with Venus, copper is used in love spells; the preferred metal for making witching wands, it conducts energy and inspires health, balance, and good foundations

Feldspar – made of aluminium silicate and other minerals, it’s associated with love, fertility, and working with the fey

Flint – durability, strength, protection from mischievous faeries

Gold – related to the sun and the God aspect, gold confers strength, leadership, power, authority, and victory to the bearer

Hematite – for grounding and stability

Iron – strength, safety, protection from harmful spirits; some consider iron an anti-magic metal, which is why witches prefer not to cut magical herbs with an iron knife

Lead – for reconnecting to the earth and to encourage practicality; it blocks psychic energies, so don’t choose it for a pendulum or wand

Lodestone – the magnetic quality of this stone makes it ideal for attracting good fortune, particularly in love and relationships

Meteorites – because they come from celestial realms, meteorites are good for meditation and spiritual pursuits, astral projection, dreams, and journeying

Pyrite – to protect yourself from being fooled or deceived

Salt – for purification, banishing, and protection

Serpentine – a protective stone, used mostly for health-related purposes

Silver – the metal of the moon and the Goddess, silver inspires insight, dreams, psychic awareness, and creativity

Steel – for protection, especially when made into a ring

Tin – for expansion and travelling; said to be lucky if you put it in your shoe

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