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January 31

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Results: Mocha caramel latte with candy cane mint nutmeg spice and soy milk topped with cool whip whip cream Frappucino with extra  whip cream

Your coffee choice is Frappucino with whip cream meaning I am friendly and outgoing, but I am not opposed to lounging around the house.

I’ve tried them all, open to all but preferred choice is a Frapp or a pumpkin spice latte. [or anything cute and fun]

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started.”

This was said by Mark Twain.

Ilvermony House: Pukwudgie

Hogwarts House:  half Slytherin and half RavenClaw

BlackwoodAcademy House: Vytalion

Circle of Magi as Aneira Surana Orlesian elf of Nevarra & Antivan descent (Half Dalish Elf & Half City Elf): Arcane warrior Mage & Rogue Ranger

Ultima IV : Quest of the Avatar (from Felicia Day’s autobiography) : Bard class

Trainer Passport

Name:  MIRI                  ID No. 173205

My fav Sailors from Sailor Moon:  Sailor Uranus & Sailor Saturn Rulez

Fav Witchy TV shows: Charmed, Chilling adventures of Sabrina, Worst Witch, MoominValley, Cardcaptors, xxHolic, Kekkaishi, SlayersNext

3 words that rhyme: “Grimoire, Boudoir, Memoir”

Fandom: A series of Unfortunate Events, Warriors, Persona, UGOT2B, Geek&Sundry+The Guild+ the Flog + Tabletop, Sailor Moon, Cardcaptors, Pokemon, Star vs The Forces of Evil

As I quote from the Bible: “Genesis”, “Exodus”, “Numbers”, “Esther”, “Revelations”, “Corinthians”, “Psalms”, “Proverbs”

Fav season: winter

From the game Death & Taxes : “Deus Fax Machina, Deus Ex Machina, Deus Nyx Machina”- translates to ” God Forbids Machine, God From the Machine, God Feel the win Machine”



Vlam! You’ve been on a nice isolated island on a white sandy beach with few people on it. You pick up a white simple, flat closed seashell and then you look up see a school full mermaids, seawitches, men and women, both sides and vice versa are friendly and calm, docile and inoffensive. You woke up from your dream and see in front of you and give a fisheye at the fishbowl and see that the goldfish is evil and has a orange tail and has a mermaid statue with a bright tale and has a purple.  You picked up your favorite drink, aside from the Holiday frappucino with a Green tea Mango Smoothie both topped with whip cream. You suddenly imagined that if dogs were to starve for about 10 days and died after the fourth day, then that means I shouldn’t be scared of a dead lion’s ghost if it hadn’t eaten for two months even though it can go without eating for a month. Since if the world is not just good or bad nor just black or white it is a mixture of both like the colour gray, like the grey classical movies like: How to kill a Mockingbird, Some Like it Hot, Casablanca, Betty Boop Movie & Cartoons and the like. That I too…Am I Detective Grimoire. I too, a beautiful & pretty & feminine lady, am Owner Boudoire. I who despite it all, can do anything, Fiction or non-Fiction, Warrior Goddess and it, all the genre

The word “genre” – noun ˈzhän-rə  , ˈzhäⁿ-; ˈzhäⁿr; ˈjän-rə Definition – 1: a category of artistic, musical, or literary composition characterized by a particular style, form, or content; 2: KIND, SORT; 3: painting that depicts scenes or events from everyday life usually realistically

The possible genre challenges:

Action and adventure


Alternate history




Chick lit

Book review



Comic book












Graphic novel


Historical fiction






Paranormal romance

Religion, spirituality, and new age

Picture book




Political thriller



Self help



Science fiction

True crime

Short story



Young adult

Leader:  Montzul Prince of Mont Solol of Maldonia! Baby born of the Nancy Drew Fad & the Betty Boop Generation, the Offspring of Alexander the G , Alexander the Great, Son of King the Macedon!!!! & Esther the G, Esther the Grand,  Daughter of the Queens of the Purgia story! Prince of the sevenly  GHosts, Monster the Gangster. Manstder the G!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

to the in-laws outlaws or the outlaws in-laws it doesn’t matter. In a world where anybody can be nice or mean or cops and robbers at the same time, we need to be both extroverted and introverted just as we have 2 eyes, 2 ears, 2 arms, 2 hands, 2 legs, 2 knees, 2 feet. the new, amidst of all, never forget the old. Which reminds me of :

“Something Old, Something New,

Something Borrowed, Something Blue”

Alas, I remember that I have to go to the wedding and protect myself from the evil eye for together we have Kids together que Jaime : Little Misfortune, Little Miss Fortune, Little Mist Fortune, Little Myst For Tune. Amidst of it all, with no amiss, we got off our boat when we heard that it doesn’t matter whether we see it as a crocodile or an alligator, or mixed crocodile alligator or half-crocodile & half-alligator hybrid. Mortal or even Immortal, I must go and use my instincts to not be one of the extincts on this land.



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Rank: Witchling
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