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    Luna posted in the group Natural Remedies & Healing

    2 years, 3 months ago ·

    I’ve had a very weird itchy couple of weeks, and I’ve come up with hives pretty much in small patches everywhere. So last night I took a non-drowsy antihistamine and this morning when I woke up, my right nostril was completely clear and itching has been subdued. I also have a tiny bit of eczema in my scalp which is annoying me now (I’ve had it for a while and didn’t know what it was) so I’m using some coconut oil to soothe it until I get it under control. Maybe it’s all related, maybe not but I won’t know until I try something!

    • Have you done anything different recently? New foods/drinks, clothes, laundry soap, etc.?

      • Nope nothing new… I think it might be a seasonal allergy or maybe stress? I have no clue but when I migrated, I had loads of issues with milk products and bread.

        • Yes, either of those can do it as well. Be sure to support your bodily systems, especially now with all this “junk” going around. I am sorry, I giggled when I ready “migrated” as I immediately thought of a bird. I assume you relocated to your current area at some point?

          • Yes, I lived abroad for 20 years so just getting used to UK environment I guess. It’s very different in the Caribbean! 🌞

            • Interesting. I grew up here in western NY, moved to Florida, then to Maryland. From there my husband and I were over the road for 4+ years. Then we moved back here to WNY, onto my family land I inherited. This is where we have built our house and will be building our Shrine and store.

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