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  • December 9
  • Spell working, Divination, Enchanted Items, Psychic Talents (ESP), Kitchen Witchery, Tarot, Dream Interpretation, Herb Magick, Crystal Magick
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    Luna is feeling Annoyed

    Writing is so hard. why is it so hard. why can’t it be as easy as design and art for me whyyyyyyyyy mehhhh hope everyone’s all good x

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    Luna wrote a new post

    2021 plans, and addressing my absence

    Witch life has not been easy for me, but I believe that everyone who has a spiritual road can agree with the journey being challenging at times. However, Luna’s Grimoire has been challenging me for many reasons, some of...

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  • Hey guys, I’ve just migrated the site to a new server so things should be faster and smoother around here now.

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  • Hey guys, I’m running some updates in case you find anything moved or broken. message me here if you see anything weird or out of sorts. also I’ll reply to everyone’s posts soon, just have to run some more critical updates before I get to that stuff. I’ve not been on here for a few months so the work has only piled up lol #chronicprocrastinator

  • Sending love and light to everyone in America today! Our thoughts are with you <3

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    Luna wrote a new post

    Deep Thoughts

    For years I have been pulling to and fro about my journey as a person and as a practitioner of the craft. Being solitary is difficult, as you don’t have the familial encouragement, the accountability to return or even...

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  • Hope everyone is doing okay! Love and light to everyone xx

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  • Doing better and using exercise tape, which helps. Just nursing a hurt foot due to doing the video this morning and a twisted foot. so resting till Friday when going back to work

  • Am doing good. Tring to now control my nibbling when not needing to. It’s proving tough since want you to eat every 3 hours and really cant. So makes me feel like overeating. So am now having to adjust to doing some exercise and control eating. So doing good but having the issues. So going to do the liquid meal replacement and eating smaller…Read More

  • Hey guys, hope you’re all well. I’ve gone ahead and overexerted myself again, so just a gentle reminder to everyone to don’t do as I do! LOL I’ve got a terrible habit of biting off more than I can chew and struggling with the repercussions afterwards. Especially thinking of everyone who’s in the states.. I’m watching from a distance but man it’s…Read More

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