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  • Just started working with the archangels and I am absolutely loving it! <3

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  • Hey guys, I was wondering if any of you could help me with something. For some reason whenever I am in a stressful situation with school or my relationships my mind wanders to a dark place and I feel as if I need to claw my way out every time. Although I know, generally, how to keep the thoughts at bay I was wondering if you guys had any tips or…Read More

    • Hey Danielle, I’m only now seeing this; and I dreamt that I replied to it already. whoops! I face the same issue as you every single day. I actually just stop, identify it, tell it to go away/leave, and ground myself. It doesn’t take too long but you have to keep doing it. there is no easy fix.

  • I was wondering if anyone would like to share their knowledge on Christian witchery or Christian Wicca? I think it would be interesting to see what everyone knows about the path and for all of us to share our beliefs and wisdom on the subject. 🙂

  • Here’s my super weird path that I am currently on and am super happy with. When I was younger I had always had an sort of drawing to magick. Crystals, spells, using herbs to remedy certain afflictions, even walking around in the woods for hours on end listening to the trees and sometimes talking to what I used to call “forest spirits” came so…Read More

    • Thank you for sharing! I love this 🙂 There are quite a few members here who follow Christian Wicca. I’d love to hear how your practice differs from other’s. And welcome to our family!

      • Thank you! I would love to chat with them! I’ve never actually found another Christian witch before that I can just chat to whenever I need assistance lol

        • I’ll put together some resources this year for Christian Wicca. It wasn’t on this year’s development schedule, but I’ll make some room for you. We have some stuff in the background but it’s not enough honestly. Keep an eye out for that. I’ll also start up a group for Christian Wicca too.

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