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    Annelies posted in the group Natural Remedies & Healing

    โ€ข 2 years, 3 months ago ·

    Hi all,

    I’ll share a recipe that I have made for many clients. This is for adults and kids of all ages (even dogs and cats). They are eardrops to treat otitis media.

    This recipe works already with just the olive oil and mullein if you have the rest that is just added bonus.
    The herbs can be fresh or dried. Dried has worked very well for me since you don’t have to worry about moist coming out of the herbs that may separate later from the oil. Making it necessary to shake it every time.

    in 2-3 cups of heated (not boiling) olive oil you add :
    * great mullein(common mullein)
    * lavender
    * calendula
    * St. Johns worth
    * garlic
    * vitamin E

    Let the herbs sit in the hot(not boiling) oil for 6-8 hours (slow cooker anyone:-) )
    when the oil gets less over time you add more to keep the herbs covered. In the slow cooker that won’t be an issue usually.
    Drain the oil through a sieve with a dishcloth and press all the oil out by twisting it.
    poor into brown/blue/green glass bottles and label it. Oils made from dried herbs keep well for about 2 years. So, put a date on it as well.

    2-3 drops 3-4 times a day will help with ear infections and pain.

    Disclaimer: I have no PhD, and use of this is at own risk etc. (we don’t do disclaimers in the Netherlands for medical stuff, but you know what I mean. Once you take the recipe and use it, it is not my responsibility. See a PhD. when you have issues that last past a couple of days. That is common sens and you should use it at all times ๐Ÿ˜€

    have fun with it,

    • Please, please be careful when using fresh/dried herbs (or aromatherapy) around your furbabies as they do not have the enzymes to break them down as we do, and ingesting (garlic and onions for example) can be toxic to dogs, and so can lavender. Do your research and contact your vet just as you would your medical provider with any questions. As with humans, it is easy to confuse natural with safe! For cats, in particular, you need to be careful about what oils you use on them or expose them to because cats do not metabolize things the same way as dogs (or humans). A catโ€™s liver is different it lacks the P450 cytochrome metabolic pathway, meaning that the liver in cats cannot break down or metabolize certain drugs, medications, and even some essential oils.

      • Thank you for pointing that out, but the drops are meant to be put in the ears. DO NOT INGEST

        • Yes, I understand, though another caution is that it is still absorbed into the bloodstream when applied topically. Gotta keep our babies (human and fur) safe! 😉

          • so true ๐Ÿ™‚ The version with just the mullein in it is save. We – me and my customers have used it with drops applied to the ears for ourselves, babies, kids and furbabies ๐Ÿ™‚

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