Mediumship has a Spiritual purpose to prove to man that there is life after death. Man needs evidence that we are not just physical beings in a material body, but we are also a spirit being here and now. If a medium can bring some form of evidence from the spirit world, which proves that life does continue after death. Man will be inspired to search into the facts of life. This will also bring the realization that this life is a school of learning, which equips each one of us for another life in the spirit world.

Only then can man take a good look at himself for personal responsibility for his actions deeds and thoughts. Only then can a code of values be adopted to stop war, cruelty, poverty, greed, pollution, and all the other negative things on the earth. Mankind should realize that planet earth does not belong to him, and we have no right to destroy it for future generations. Only by positive thoughts of love and peace, can harmony be restored for everyone to live the way the great soul of the universe intended us to live…

A lot of people today wish to become a medium, they want to see the spirit people, feel them, and hear them. They want to be healers, give demonstrations proving life after death, and give private consultations.

One must be careful that they are not just satisfying their ego, or have a materialistic attitude, everyone who wishes to develop their Mediumship for whatever purpose, should have an inner feeling to be used to help others.

It does not matter what religion you come from, Mediumship is superior to religion, race, and colour. All Mediumship asks is that you take part in the divine plan of good with love in your heart.

Some mediums are born and have a special gift from birth , the pathway is mapped out for them, they seem to have a natural ability to raise there consciousness onto a different level of thought and feeling. A dimension we call the spirit world. Other potential mediums can have revelations, or be sensitive to the spirit world and people around them. In all cases the gift has to be developed, so the medium has full control over their gifts, and learn to work with the spirit helpers.

Mediumship comes under two headings Mental and Physical each requires a separate development class so the gifts can be trained.

Mental Mediumship is the most common type used today. Development groups can be found in spiritual centres and home circles. These groups are run by experienced mediums. No one should join a development group if they anxious, frightened or just for a laugh.

One should have their feet on the ground. Be strong, purposeful, well balanced, and have a disciplined mind, and of course love in their hearts.

An open circle is normally run in centres which will allow anyone to join in. A closed circle is when you sit with the same people every week. Home circle groups are usually closed groups.

Some people sit to be batteries of energy to help others, and some sit to be used solely for healing and some sit to develop Mediumship skills.

If you decide to sit for development you commit yourself to attending every week as far as possible. You are making an appointment with the spirit world, not the leader of the group that you sit in. When sitting in a closed circle you also have a responsibly to consider the people with whom you sit with, as the spiritual energy is built between you all. If a commitment is not made this energy will fluctuate from week to week.

It should be stressed that beginners have a correct understanding of what Mediumship is. So many potential mediums come out of development classes and start to work too soon.

Mediumship has to develop upon a spiritual and material level, it requires patients, and many potential mediums give up when tested on a material level. These tests are to find out how strong you are, how you cope with situations, and teach us to rise above material things. This enables a trust to be built between the spirit helpers and yourself. If you are to work in front of the general public and you get a skeptic audience you have to put all your faith and trust in your spirit helpers or you would go to pieces at the first hurdle

Understanding is the key to everything, one needs to read books, ask questions and only except what you feel is correct for you. Everyone has different ideas not everything will seem correct at first, maybe ten years down the line as you change things will become more clear.

The more understanding we have the more you help those that work with you. The Spirit helpers can only work with the knowledge we have in our minds. The more knowledge we have the better the medium for the spirit world

We should remember that we are always a student, always learning, so there is no need to come out of a development group. No one can tell you how long you will take to develop the gifts. When the time is right opportunities come.

Facing the public is an ordeal in its self. Mediumship is something you cannot practice. When a medium gives a demonstration, they do not know what they are going to get until they start to give a message. The mediums own thoughts do not come into the matter. No medium can contact the spirit world. Mediums sit in development groups to raise their subconscious mind, through meditation. This enables the spirit people to draw close and make themselves known to the mediums mind.

All trainee mediums should be taught that it is the mediums spirit mind which is used, and we attract like minds to ourselves from the spirit world. Like attracts like. It is the subconscious mind which receives the thought forms from the spirit people, and it is the conscious mind that expresses these thoughts, through the awareness, of ones own personal experiences, and knowledge. This in turn enables the medium to deliver a message. Thought is a living thing and mediums should be aware that they sense and feel deeply and should try to keep a positive outlook at all times. No spirit guide or helper can make anyone do anything against their own wishes. You are in control of those spirit friends that control you at all times. It is through your own permission that you can give them control over your mind which is based on trust. In my own experience the spirit friends have always come in gentleness and love willing to serve humanity for the highest good. If your motives are good you will find that your spirit helpers will never let you down.

There are four types of mental Mediumship which come to light in a development group and this comes under perception and control.

Perception is when the spirit communicator works through the mediums mind.

Clairvoyance is received in two different ways. Objective and Intuitive

Objective clairvoyance is when the medium sees pictures or objects. It appears to be seen with the eyes, but it is really seen with the eyes of the spirit body. The image usually does not move, it lasts only a second or two and easy to recall.

Intuitive clairvoyance is the more popular kind is when a thought, a picture of a person in the spirit world, or a still object, is perceived; also a movie can be conveyed on to the conscious mind. This type of clairvoyance can be conveyed as a vision or by thought. For example a vision of an object that a spirit person has used or a picture of themselves can be conveyed as evidence. The description will depend on how the medium translates these images.

Clairaudience is when the medium hear sounds which can be names of the spirit people, places, numbers, dates of anniversaries, act. They sound just like physical sounds, but are vibrations which are transmitted from the spirit world onto the mind. Where they are interpreted into words

Clairsentience is when the medium senses, the spirit people, but does not see or hear anything. For example a spirit loved one could superimpose their last physical condition upon the medium such as a heart condition, a pain, even their personality and emotions when they were on the earth plane. The medium knows if the entity is male or female, how tall they are, and has an idea of the age group. Emotions can be really strong, so a medium has to be disciplined with this kind of Mediumship.

Spirit Control is when the medium lets the mind go into a trance like state, and be controlled by the spirit helpers. This control can be light to deep and enables the spirit control to project their thoughts on to the mediums mind to speak, to do automatic writing, write music, and draw psychic art.

How To Develop Mediumship

What Is the Spirit?

To define the spirit, in its entirety, is as impossible a task as to define God. We can say, however, that the Divine Mind of God simply cannot be; He must be something. The result of God’s being and being ness is the spirit individual.

God is ultimate Cause; we are ultimate effect. Therefore, just as God is all-knowing, there is a part of us which is all-knowing. Furthermore, just as God is immortal, so, too, are we. It would be impossible for us to consider a time when we were not, or a time when we were created; to do so would be to attempt to delve into the realms of infinity.

The highest aspect of the spirit individual was referenced by Annie Besant, the great scholar of Theosophy, as the Monad. She defined the Spirit as follows:

A fragment of the Divine Life, separated off as an individual entity by the rarest film of matter: matter so rare that, while it gives a separate form to each, it offers no obstacle to the free intercommunication of life, thus encased, with the surrounding similar lives.

From this definition, we can see four basic aspects of the spirit:

We, as spirit, are all a part of the “body” and the “soul” of God. We are not God, but we do have divine attributes of God consciousness within our spirits.

We maintain our individuality. If we have always been spirit individualized, then it seems logical to assume that we shall always be thus and never lose our individuality. It should be pointed out, here, that, as we travel along the pathway of spiritual understanding, the individuality – the “I” – continuously expands in its perception of itself. The “I” gradually encompasses more and more of the Divine Life and begins to appreciate its relationship to all the other “I’s”.

The spirit always has some form of matter, or body, in which it experiences life.

Communication is a vital element between one spirit and another.

The Spirit is, indeed, the guiding light of our lives; it, in turn, is guided by the even greater Light of God.

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