Celebrated on August 1st.

The great corn ritual of Wiccan belief (in Celtic realms this is the celebration of the wheat god, corn is an Americanization and it is possible there is an American Indian traditional holiday near this date that was borrowed by the American Neopagans). This is the big celebration of the harvest (Sort of a Pagan Thanksgiving, but the time clock is different as is that of the Celtics).

Much feasting and dancing occur, though it is a bit more somber than many of the other holidays.  Some Pagans celebrate this day as mearly the day to bake their bread and cakes for the coming winter and do no actual rituals save that of blessing the foods prepared.

Pagans see this as a time when the God loses his strength as the Sun rises farther south each day and the nights grow longer. The Goddess watches in sorrow and joy as she realizes the the God is dying yet lives on inside her as her child. As summer passes, Wiccans remember its warmth and bounty in the food we eat.

This sabbat is also called Lammas, August Eve, Feast of Bread.

Lammas Herbs

Now we begin the cycle of the harvest. The fields have been planted, the fruits have come forth, this is the first of the harvest festivals. It is also the time when the Sun-God slowly begins his downward spiral into Death. The nights are growing longer and although we still toil in the gardens the night are cool and the work is not mindful. Now we harvest and work to gather the crops of material and spiritual natures until the frosts of autumn set in.

FENUGREEK--is used at this time to invoke the waning Sun God. It is sacred to Apollo and will bring His wisdom to one’s heart.

FRANKINCENSE--is used to cense the gardens or fields at this time to celebrate the beginning of the harvest.

HEATHER–is used to decorate the Circle or altar, if this is not available you may use other grains such as wheat, rye, and the like.

HOLLYHOCK–one long stalk should be carried into the Sacred Circle by the children of the group at the beginning of the ritual procession to the fields. In this respect it will bring the ability to flourish again to the fields when laid upon them.

MISTLETOE–two berries…and no more than that!.. should be added to the ritual cup. This will bring fertility to all who drink from the cup, fertility of the body as well as the mind and the spirit. It will bring creativity through the coming winter.

OAK–adorn the altar and circle with oak leaves. Grind the bark for use in the incense. Oak is sacred to the Romans and the Druids. It sacred to Jupiter, Zeus, Blodeuwedd and Odin. The acorn is a symbol of all. Never gather from an Oak which is a host for mistletoe, these trees should be reserved for holding your rituals beneath and left to their own devices. However, if you may gather the mistletoe, it is considered the most magickal of all mistletoe.

PRODUCE–bring some of the produce you have grown in your own garden to the altar as an offering to the deities.

SUNFLOWER–use this in decoration or any other manner which you would like to. It is wonderful to add sunflower petals to the ritual bath prior to rite, it brings increased happiness into your life and attracts joy and fills the spaces which re empty or sorrowful. It is an herb of Immortality and carries the virtues of adoration and worship. It is used to honor all Sun Gods, particularly Apollo and is said to be a patron herb for Leos and Virgos.

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