Create Desire Declarations That Align with Your Truth

The Law of Attraction responds to your feeling. When you say an affirmation that resonates with you, your affirmation becomes positive. But when you make a desire declaration or say an affirmation that is not true for you, your feeling is conflicted because you have doubts that it can really be true. Doubt cancels out your desire and blocks manifestation.

Clarity of desire and the absence of any doubt are of paramount importance in getting what you want from the universe. If necessary, write a list of what you don’t want so that when you write of what you do desire, you can write it without obfuscation or words that evoke a negative vibration.

You’ll know by how you feel if what you’ve declared is true for you. You will feel relieved, possibly joyful, hopeful, and excited.

Remedy Blockages and Eliminate Subconscious Doubt

When the law takes too long or doesn’t seem to work as you had hoped, you can assume that there may be blockages or obstacles that need clearing. Check your thought patterns. Are you experiencing skepticism, fear, anxiety, doubt, or worry? Check your feelings. Remedy blockages by asserting control over your conscious mind. Become quiet and permit your higher self or Divine Mind to take charge in quelling your mind’s constant chatter.

You can exert control over your conscious thoughts to some degree, but your subconscious may be a wee bit more challenging. You may have the urge to declare that you can’t possibly be responsible for any negative thinking that goes on in your subconscious, but the fact is that you are the only one who could possibly be responsible. It is, after all, your mind. Don’t blame your parents, ex-wife, or others. Use frequent affirmations and creative visualizations to eliminate doubt and negative emotions that can block your alignment with the workings of the law.

How can I use my senses of sight, smell, taste, touch, and hearing to work with the Law of Attraction?
Observe how your senses respond to various stimuli. What evokes negative or positive feelings for you? Use that knowledge to reset your mood or vibration. For example, an intense color or ear-splitting music may evoke a positive vibration in some people, but you may find it repulsive.

Reinforce Your Desire Through Journaling

If you are using personal affirmations, visualizations, and emotional magnetizing of your thoughts and you still feel blocked, try journaling your visualizations. From your visualization exercise, write down everything you observed with your mind’s eye. Feel the positive emotions that come up for you when you read over your script. Record all the specific details as well as your feelings. Make your visualization and the journal entry as complete as possible.

Now take time to put everything together. Write, read, and recite a personal desire declaration and an affirmation. Make it true for you. Visualize your desire. Notice your positive emotions. Write about your visualization exercise in your journal. Allow the space in your life for the desire to manifest. When your desire comes into your life, be appreciative and bask in feelings of elation, satisfaction, fulfillment, and gratitude.

Victim Mentality

The Universe or Source has already given each person everything she needs in the form of consciousness and universal laws to be the creator of her own destiny. Creative manifestation simply requires an individual claiming that which she desires. People who complain about their misfortunes or illnesses or lack bring more of that to themselves. They are victims of their own patterns of habitual negative thinking.

Work with your mind to make it a powerful instrument on which you know you can always depend. The mind, properly trained against its tendencies to fall into the same ruts of thought, the same lazy patterns of self-criticism, can be your most powerful ally in whatever undertaking strikes your fancy.

If you want to lose or gain weight, think beyond your eating patterns, physiology, and biochemistry and instead consider how your mind and the Law of Attraction could bring you down or up to your ideal weight.

Paramahansa Yogananda included a chapter in his book, The Divine Romance, about how he used to be extremely thin until his guru Sri Yukteswar changed his thinking, enabling him to be able to gain or lose according to his desire. In his book, Yogananda outlined how to think so that the mind will do it all without overlooking dietary laws.

Make Statements Resonate True for You

If you have a pattern of attracting unhealthy relationships but you make a desire declaration that you have healthy and loving relationships in your life, you won’t attract such relationships because you know deep down that it isn’t currently true for you. Focus on feeling and nurturing statements that can be spoken as true for you and focus on your desire as being in process and occurring right now: “I love that I am attracting …” or “I feel excited that I am …” or “I love the thought of ….”

You have formulated a clear desire. You feel fantastic every time you declare it. However, if you have doubt (the uncertainty that you can truly attract your desire to you), that doubt or limiting belief evokes a negative vibration and will cancel out the positive statement of your desire. Eliminate the doubt and rework your desire declaration until it rings true and makes you feel happy and excited.

Allow Manifestation to Occur

Perhaps the most important step in deliberate manifesting is the art of allowing something to come into your life. Believe that you deserve it and are worthy and ready to receive. Let your desire come in. In the twelve-step program there is an admonishment to “let go, and let God.” It’s that simple. When you allow, you feel relief and other positive emotions.

Negative Versus Positive Emotions

If you described your thoughts now, would they be negative, neutral, or positive? Are you thinking that being able to attract into your life exactly what you want is interesting but that it’s really for others who engage in wishful thinking? Or are you thinking “Wow, I can’t wait to get started”?

How do you feel when you remember a time when your boss chastised you for some failing and did it in front of your coworkers? How do you feel when remembering a poignant moment when you were praised in front of others by a leader of a business or community organization? External events and memories of them can trigger negative or positive emotions, subsequently pulling your mood down or lifting it.

Michael Losier, a popular seminar provider who studied neurolinguistic programming, teaches students in his Law of Attraction programs that a person experiences positive or negative emotion every time he daydreams, pretends, remembers, or observes something.

Any time your attention focuses on a memory, thought, or observation, it triggers an emotional response, and that response is either positive or negative — but the response can never be both at the same time.

Some esoteric teachings stress that reincarnation is the means by which humans are able to work out all of their desires and also do all the kinds of things they desire to do, expressing themselves life after life as artisans, healers, shamans, scientists, and world leaders.

Break the Negative Thinking Cycle

Quiet observation of your thoughts will shed light on how much of your inner dialogue is negative in response to internal thoughts or external stimuli. Statements such as “I don’t have time,” “I can’t help it,” or “I can’t afford it” are self-limiting. You remember an old hurt, and the negative feelings are now there in the present. You see a coat in the department store window and want it but it costs too much. You feel bad. Such instant, reflexive responses must be subdued and eventually replaced with positive responses.

Author Robert T. Kiyosaki, author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad, What the Rich Teach Their Kids About Money — That the Poor and Middle Class Do Not, advises in his books and lectures that people replace the negative, self-limiting phrase “I can’t afford it” with the positive question “How can I afford it?”

Focus on Feeling

To create a positive statement for a desire declaration, focus on feeling. For example, “I feel excited that I have all the time I need” or “I am thrilled to know that my talents are in demand in the marketplace and I am attracting the perfect job” or “I am attracting into my life ideal friendships that are vibrant, healthy, nurturing, and stimulating” or “I love feeling abundant and knowing that money easily flows to me from myriad sources.” These kinds of declarative statements establish desire linked with positive feelings in the present moment.

Behavior Modification: Avoid Old Patterns

The first step in modifying behavior is to get rid of old patterns of belief that limit you. Law of Attraction experts assert that limiting beliefs are responsible for your inability to work effectively with the Law of Attraction to creatively and deliberately manifest. The following exercise can help you identify limiting beliefs that you can then work on releasing.

Identifying Self-Limiting Beliefs

Fill in the blanks. Then make a list of other self-limiting beliefs you have. Rework the negative statements into positive declarations that are true and make you feel good.

I’d like to start my own business but I can’t because _________.

I would run the Boston Marathon but I can’t because _________.

I would like to buy my own house but I can’t because _________.

If I were just more _________ I could attract my perfect soul mate.

I wish I could lose weight but I can’t because _________.

Because I don’t have a college degree, I am prevented from _________.

I don’t dare attempt to _________.

Years of self-limiting beliefs may be sabotaging you without your realizing it. These beliefs reveal themselves in patterns that keep coming up again and again in your life. For example, you attract the wrong kind of romantic partner: “I can’t attract a good man because I always fall for losers just like my Aunt Milly.” Limiting beliefs are often so ingrained that they may seem to be at the heart of who you are, the very core of your being.

Self-limiting beliefs hold you back from most personal and spiritual growth. You may harbor a fear of failure, a fear of never finding Mr. Right, or the fear of success. Perhaps you have engaged in self-sabotage, working hard to achieve something only to undermine your hard work with persistent, self-defeating inner criticism. Or perhaps you have always equated success with “no pain, no gain.” With the Law of Attraction, you can have success and abundance and you do not have to suffer to achieve it. You do have to recognize and release self-limiting beliefs.

If you feel stuck or trapped, set goals for various areas of your life — spiritual, health, family, work, personal. List specific reasons that keep you from reaching your goals, and include what has stopped you in the past. Know that you have the power to release even the most ingrained beliefs and turn them around into affirmations of unlimited potential.

Defy Logic

Proponents of the Law of Attraction assert that every person can create a life of wealth, abundance, and happiness that otherwise might seem improbable or impossible and defies logic and reason. If a review of your life and the goals you had established make you feel happy, it’s likely you accomplished them. On the other hand, if you feel sad or disappointed, you likely did not accomplish them.

Here’s a little quiz that might get you motivated to leverage your life with the Law of Attraction.

Assessing Your Life

  • What do you like about your life?
  • What drives your passion?
  • What gets you energized and sets your head spinning with new ideas?
  • What personal growth do you desire for your life?
  • Where do you want to be in your career/job this time next year? In five years?
  • What do you desire your life to be like?
  • What do you desire to add to your life that is currently not in it?
  • What one new thing would you like to manifest right now?

Follow your passion, even if you have little money and no formal training or degrees to qualify you. You’ll know you are on the fast track to success when you feel good doing that which fuels your passion. The Law of Attraction states that like attracts like. Feelings magnetize your desires, and magnetized desires attract more of the same and propel you forward in your passionate endeavors to success.

Kick Things Up a Notch

When you do spiritual work, you must learn surrender and listen to the voice within. Surrendering to that inner wisdom allows you to know with a kind of understanding that goes beyond logical thinking.

Likewise, when you work with the Law of Attraction, you must set aside logic and reason, curry trust and faith, and know with an inner certainty that the law works. When the law gives you even a little indication that it is working, you will feel excited and your belief will be reaffirmed. Your excitement increases your joyful vibration, which, in turn, increases your level of trust in the law.

Make a Law of Attraction Journal

It is helpful to have a place to record your desire declarations, affirmations, visualizations, statements of evidence or proof, and prayers or statements of gratitude. Include images of your desires and dreams in your journal. As your desires manifest, place a symbol that has meaning for you upon your written declaration.

In fact, make a note each time positive things flow easily into your life. Rejoice. When you rejoice and commemorate each manifestation, your vibration aligns with the law to bring you even more abundance.

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