Pranic energy represents a kind of bridge between thoughts becoming or manifesting as things. In ancient Hindu writings, the body’s vital airs or energies were referred to as prana. Pranic energy permeates all things, including the human mind (and, thus, thought), according to the Hindu sacred scriptures known as the Upanishads. Those sacred writings associated prana, which means “breath” in Sanskrit, with vitality and expressed the idea that a person’s prana survives throughout eternity or until a being’s soul reincarnates. Prana, often mistakenly thought of as breath, is more correctly understood as a life-sustaining force. Prana underlies and sustains the universe, according to Hindu belief. Prana, therefore, is found in thoughts and also material objects. The pranic energy of one human, for example, directed toward another person or object can trigger a response, reaction, or change. Even an energized or magnetized thought can instantly or eventually become the thing that the psychic energy of the creative mind conceives, giving rise to the New Age idea that “thoughts are things.”


The Chinese use the word chi (pronounced chee) to mean the natural, supernatural, and spiritual energy of the physical universe and the human body and mind. An imbalance of chi in a person’s body or life brings disharmony and disease upon him. Practitioners of acupuncture, chi gong, and other disciplines embrace the concept of chi as a subtle force underlying and permeating all things (like prana). They say restoring the balance of the flow of the chi is what restores balance, health, and harmony. When balance is restored, the things a person desires become manifest through his thought energy.

Subtle Energies and Healing

Aura healing, chakra healing, reiki (pronounced RAY kee), quantum touch, and no-touch healing are all examples of alternative medicine/ belief systems that suggest that the vital energy of the body, whether it is called prana, chi, ki, or life force, can be manipulated. Skeptics classify such healings as faith-healing and say that if it works at all it is because of the thoughts of the patient, or the placebo effect — that is, the patient believes something is being done to help her feel better, she hopes she will feel better, and subsequently she does. Some might say that the placebo effect causes changes in the patient’s neurochemistry that might, in part, explain the healing she received.

Polarity of Thought Energy

Thought, as most Law of Attraction experts point out, is associated with two elements: content (what the thought is about) and energy (of varying intensity, from weak to strong). Your thought energy has a polarity, too. The energy flows either inward or outward. If it is stationary, then it lacks any momentum to carry your intention inward or outward. Intention, or your desire for something, requires energy and polarity to manifest that desire. If you need healing from a chronic illness or seek spiritual unfolding, you will focus your thought energy or polarity inward, whereas if you desire a new house or car, you’ll focus the polarity outward. Another way to think of it is that when the energy is polarized outward, you become engaged in some action — you create or do something. When the polarity is turned inward, you acquire or become the recipient of something.

If you have the desire and intention to launch a business, write a screenplay, build a bridge, invent a better mousetrap, or establish a women’s collective in a Third-World country, your thoughts have an outward polarity. The thing you hope to manifest is not so much for you as it is an outward expression of something you wish to do or accomplish. Other examples of outward polarity might include creating a beautiful concrete statue and covering it with mosaics for your local community park, establishing an oral history program that links children with senior citizens in your town, or starting a new nonprofit venture. Think of these manifestations as your gift to the universe.

Randolph Stone, an Austrian immigrant, combined his lifelong interest in spiritualism and medicine when he formulated the concept that polarized fields of attraction and repulsion exist in all of nature, including the human body. He subsequently developed a holistic treatment for many maladies and called it Polarity Therapy.
Some Law of Attraction teachers have explained the outward and inward polarities of thought energy as follows: Outward polarity requires an action of giving something to the universe; inward polarity requires a receptive state in which you receive something from the universe. Understanding the concept is vital to putting the Law of Attraction to work in a deliberate way in your life.

Our thoughts can lift us to joyful heights or cause us to sink in the depths of despair. When we think positively, we bring or attract positive situations and people. But when we focus on the negative aspects of our life, we attract more negativity. Our thoughts are often charged with positive or negative emotion and are rarely neutral.

Positive or Negative Attraction

Inherent in the Law of Attraction is the power to attract and repel. Just as batteries have poles that are positive and negative and function to attract and repel, your thoughts also have that power. Have you ever met people who were so self-focused that they seemed to derive pleasure from dwelling on all the things that were going wrong in their lives? They couldn’t seem to quit talking about their woes. And you would listen and agree that things seemed pretty bad for them.

Perhaps you wondered what was wrong with that person that his life had enough problems to last several lifetimes. Have you ever heard the expression “stinkin’ thinkin’”? His outer life may simply be a reflection of his interior world. Knowingly or unwittingly, that person is attracting more of what he is thinking about most. And most likely, he is dwelling on everything that could go wrong or get worse.

If you want more goodness in your life, be good and be grateful. Feel joy and peace and happiness. Spread it out into the universe as your gift to others. Keep your mind clean from clutter, worry, and fear. Don’t give mental energy to negative thinking. Just let it go. Focus on the positive to draw more of that into your life.

Conscious and Unconscious Manifesting

Like attracts like. That sums up how the Law of Attraction works. It is not possible for the law to be biased. If you are a happy, upbeat person with a smile for everyone, expect to find friends and good experiences wherever you go. Your thoughts bring those experiences into your life. On the other hand, if you have a negative attitude, a sour expression, and complaints about everything (including each ache and pain in your body), do not be surprised if people avoid you and disease, disaster, and disappointment seem to lurk around every corner.

Expecting the Worst

From time to time, you may have had a gut feeling about something you wanted to manifest but you reasoned or rationalized yourself into not having it. Ignore your inner guidance and you risk putting yourself in peril. You may discover the hard way that you didn’t really want what you thought you wanted. For example, a young man from Omaha who had very little money and badly needed a car bought one against his better judgment. At a used car lot, he spotted a hot-looking muscle car. Intuitively, the man knew the car would need a high level of maintenance and buying it didn’t make much sense when he simply needed a good commuter car, but he discounted his gut feeling and bought it anyway.

The salesman told him that since the car was a high-performance car, the man should be especially attentive whenever he was driving. He admonished the young man to listen for any strange sounds coming from the car that could signal that something might be wrong with it. The young man listened intently to the purr of the engine, the slap of the wipers, the sound of the heater, the whine of the gears. Mentally and emotionally convinced that an engine problem was going to appear, he listened expectantly for a problem whenever he drove the car.

Norman Vincent Peale counseled in The Power of Positive Thinking that the obstacles in a person’s life couldn’t be removed if she believed they couldn’t. It’s only when an individual clears her mind and redirects her thoughts onto a positive course that her life issues and obstacles can finally be resolved and removed. To not correct one’s thoughts is to invite negative life circumstances and disappointment.

Shortly after the young man had purchased the car, he heard a knocking. He discovered the problem — a damaged hose that he easily replaced. Soon, he detected a squeaking and replaced the brake shoes. Not long after that, he heard a grinding noise and worried that there was trouble in the transmission. Repair costs began to mount.

The young man complained about the car to everyone. He warned family and friends that he had been suckered into buying that car and that they should be careful not to do as he had. He remembered that the car salesman had been a smooth talker and had convinced him the car was a great deal. The young man blamed forces beyond his control, but he never considered that his own thoughts might be the culprit … or that he was giving more energy to negative thinking by constantly talking about the problem.

No Corrective Action Taken

Was the young man simply a victim of bad luck? Maybe. But a more likely explanation is that the ever-working Law of Attraction was simply responding to the man’s concern that something was going to go wrong with his car. Obsessively listening for a problem energized his concern, and the negative result he most feared finally manifested.

Beginning Basics

An understanding of the fundamentals of the Law of Attraction is the foundation upon which to build your house of dreams. To get started with the work of bringing into your life experience the various circumstances and things that you desire, read and practice the following list of steps. Each is simple and easy to do whenever you have a quiet moment during the day.

The Six Basic Steps of Manifesting

Clear the clutter, confusion, and negativity from your mind. Try deep breathing, meditation, or quiet reflection to release any doubt, conflicting ideas, or disbelief. Be calmly but intensely focused on the thing you desire to manifest.

Set forth the intention to manifest something. Make a mental declaration of your intent. No fuzzy thinking and weak, wishy-washy dreaming allowed. Be bold and let your mind wrap around the possibility that the thing you most want is already allocated to you by the abundant universe. Perhaps what is coming is even bigger, better, and more beautiful than your desire. Allow for that in your life.

Be expectant. Be ready to receive.

Believe you deserve it, and it is already yours.

Visualize yourself having it. Feel the emotion associated with getting what you desired. Resist the temptation to question or concern yourself with how the universe rearranges itself to allow your desire to manifest. In other words, don’t worry about or question the “how” aspect of manifestation. This is where you suspend disbelief.

Feel and express gratitude for the blessings you already have, the gifts of the universe that the higher power makes available to you, and the power that makes each manifestation possible.

Repeat these steps often each day.

You can ramp up the energy of your thought, turning it into a high-energy idea or concept, just as you can build muscle in your body. It just takes practice and frequent repetition. There are many other things you can do as well to intensify the energy about your intention. You can read more about those subjects in Chapters 8 and 9, but a brief discussion of the use of symbols follows.

The Indian yogi Paramahansa Yogananda once asked a holy man if it were possible to find one’s way to God. The holy man replied that just the simple act of thinking about such a high-minded notion changed a person. Moreover, if one held on to that thought and nurtured it, he would eventually attain his desire. His point seemed clear: Desire and intention to satisfy the desire through manifestation must be strong.

What happens if I skip a day or two of focused thinking about my intention to manifest my desire?
Your desire is still there. Over time the thought energy around your intention may weaken, but if the desire is still strong, the object, situation, or relationship can still come into your life experience; it simply may take longer to manifest.

Intensify Desire and Intention Through Symbolism

In Jungian psychology, symbolism has always served as an important and powerful tool, especially in the healing process. Patients are often encouraged to focus on symbols that embody special meaning for them. These symbols may appear in patients’ dreams or in their mindless scribbles and doodles. Those symbols deemed most potent may become departure points or pathways inward into the psyche. Use a specific symbol that holds cultural or spiritual meaning for you.

Use the symbol throughout the day and also at bedtime as a reminder to meditate or visualize having the thing you most desire. Place the image on a refrigerator, bathroom mirror, or bedside table where it can be easily seen.

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