Health and protection


The whole plant is very poisonous and it should not be used internally without the guidance of an expert.

Externally, it can be used as a parasiticide.

A tincture of the seed is applied externally to kill lice in the hair.

Larkspur was at one time used internally in the treatment of a range of diseases, but its only certain action is a violent purgative and nowadays it is only occasionally used in folk medicine.

It is of value, however, when used externally, to kill skin parasites.

The seed is anthelmintic, mildly diuretic, hypnotic, purgative and vasodilator.

It has been used internally in the treatment of spasmodic asthma and dropsy.

The flowers or the whole plant are mildly diuretic and hypotensive.

The expressed juice of the leaves has been considered an effective application to bleeding piles.

A conserve made from the flowers has been seen as a good remedy for children when subject to violent purging.

The juice of the flowers has also been used as a treatment for colic.

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