A useful spell during periods of study, or whenever you would like to attain knowledge of a new subject.

Perform the spell during a waxing moon, a good time to draw things to you.

You will need:

  • Yellow Candle
  • Knowledge Oil
  • Aventurine Crystal

Cleanse and charge your aventurine. Aventurine stimulates perception and intelligence as well as creativity. Can calm nerves and emotions and can maintain a healthy body and mind. Therefore very helpful for those who are studying.

Dress the candle in the usual way imagining yourself to be able to absorb knowledge and maintain concentration.

As the candle burns imagine panic, self doubt and worries burning away with the candle flame.

Keep the crystal on your desk whilst studying and take it into the room during the exam.


A word of caution… Be careful for what you wish for you may just get it. It is best to ask for what you need rather than what you want , that way the outcome can only be beneficial to you.

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