The word Kinesiology comes from the Greek “kinesis” (motion). It was developed by a chiropractor Dr. George Good heart.

He found that muscles could be strengthened by massaging unrelated areas of thebody. He was able to device a theory of “energy circuits”.

The international college of Applied Kinesiology was founded in 1974. According to practitioners the body is an integral whole.

The muscles, glands and organs are thought to be connected via a complex network of energy circuits. Strengths or weakness of a muscle is thought to relate to corresponding body systems to indicate the patients structural and mental health.

This is known as the Triangle of Health. It is thought the muscles energy circuit “turns off” when an imbalance occurs.

If one muscle is weak then the opposing muscle may become tense or strained. The practitioner of Kinesiology tests muscle strengh to diagnose imbalances.

Applied kinesiology is a system that evaluates structural, chemical, and mental aspects of health using manual muscle testing alongside conventional diagnostic methods. The essential premise of applied kinesiology that is not shared by mainstream medical theory is that every organ dysfunction is accompanied by a weakness in a specific corresponding muscle, the viscerosomatic relationship. Treatment modalities relied upon by practitioners include joint manipulation and mobilization, myofascial, cranial and meridian therapies, clinical nutrition, and dietary counseling. A manual muscle test in Applied kinesiology is conducted by having the patient resist using the target muscle or muscle group while the practitioner applies a force. A smooth response is sometimes referred to as a “strong muscle” and a response that was not appropriate is sometimes called a “weak response”. This is not a raw test of strength, but rather a subjective evaluation of tension in the muscle and smoothnessof

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