A long while actually, when I think about it. The stress of the last few years impacted my focus on Luna’s Grimoire and for that, I’m sorry. I’m ever so grateful for the support this community has consistently shown me, throughout what seemed to be a tempestuous life cycle, full of promises broken and time lost, wasted even. I was unable to keep Luna’s Grimoire at the heart of my own little world, and with that, my spirituality took a hard hit. 

I grappled with keeping my light going throughout the storms, but it often felt as though I hadn’t the strength to keep up. To the few of you who kept in touch with me, thank you. I cannot describe what you guys did for me in words; it’s pure crude emotional gratitude. You kept me believing, you kept me as close to the path as possible when I strayed down a darker path when I lost hope, and you kept Luna’s Grimoire alive, ultimately. 

A website like this isn’t exactly easy to keep active when you’re facing battles in daily life. It’s also not cheap, hence the opening of the LG shop, but I managed to keep it going when I had to make tougher choices about food and heating. I fought for this, because you fought for me, and the number of lives this website has touched since is astounding. 

Quietly, I started working on a new library format in the background. Now that’s live. I’ve made things simpler, added some colourful buttons on the homepage to make finding content in the vast library easier, without it being cluttered like many content-driven websites. I’ve looked at starting the news section again, but decided against it, as I’d like to keep Luna’s Grimoire more along the lines of community and learning, rather than a noisy news outlet. In light of this, I’ve created a few more groups, like Pagan World News and The Water Cooler for news and pop culture discussions respectively. 

The library archives are finally getting a complete rebrand. It’s a massive undertaking but, it will mean we have a more concise, comprehensive library, and all the imagery will be digitally painted, rather than be stock images from random parts of the internet. It would all feel more “pagan” than “2001 web”. Most of this will be done over the next few years as all the content will need to be re-written and updated. Trust me, it will be much better in terms of quality, as when I started this website, I never thought I would have progressed into a writing career. Also, my writing from seven years ago is agonising for me to read. I’ve already started on the zodiac category, which you will note has been completely re-worked. I hope you like this style. 

I’ve decided not to go forward with card readings myself, and instead offer the service from our own members. If anyone wants to be an official tarot reader or any form of divination, please let me know. 

I do believe these are the majority of the updates for now. 

See you around!

Love, light and brightest blessings,

~Luna 💙 

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