Paying Attention

As you learn to pay attention to the messages from your inner guidance system — and to be on the lookout for the external assistance you receive — you will become more accepting of the unknown. In fact, you will eventually find yourself expecting to get a communication or validation that confirms you are on course with your life map. Your confidence will come as you identify your own psychic channels when you progress through the chapters in this book.

Paying attention does not mean that you race about trying to force the validations. They will come to you at the time you need them, which is not necessarily the time you think you need them. Most people feel pressured to find the answers they think they should know. It is possible that there may be others involved in the work you are doing for the Universe, and they may be out of sync with their potential.

When you create false messages and signs for yourself, you may get confused and miss the real message. This is especially true as you develop your psychic talent. You may try to read into something that isn’t there. Many people who first discover their psychic abilities put their antenna up higher than is needed, and they get interference.

When you follow signs that aren’t signs, you may run into resistance. Pay attention — the roadblock that frustrates you so much may really be there to help you get back on the right path.

What is resistance?
It is something that holds you back from what you want to accomplish and may actually be working in your best interests. Your psychic development can work hand in hand with resistances rather than in conflict with them. Remember the hologram concept. Everything has more than one dimension. Be sure to look at both views.

Take Time to Listen

It is important to pay attention to your inner guidance system. As you have read, every moment can bring new messages to guide and protect you. The messages may come to you in one or more of the five senses. You might get a picture in your mind or hear a voice in your head. You may get a feeling that something is right or something is wrong. You may think of someone you should call, write to, or visit. You may get a feeling that you should do something, and though you act on the feeling, you don’t know why you did it until afterward.

Your messages may come to you at any time, including when you’re least expecting them. It could happen while you are asleep, or while you are walking, reading, or watching television. It is very easy not to pay attention, but the more aware you are, the more open your line of communication to your inner guidance system will be.

Developing Your Connection

To tune in to your inner guidance system, you need to practice. The more you focus on developing your intuitive gifts, the more they will respond to you. If you can find a regular time once a day when you can focus on communicating with your unconscious and your Universal Mind, you will develop a habit of connecting to your inner guidance system. You will add a posthypnotic suggestion to help you with this automatic process.

If you would like to try this exercise, find a comfortable place, either sitting or lying down, loosen your clothes, take a deep breath of air, and slowly exhale. You may now focus on your third eye. As you slowly breathe in and out, you may be aware that you have many muscles; some of them are tight, and some of them are relaxed.

The more you allow the tight muscles to relax, the more relaxed you will become. In a few moments you may count down from five to zero, feeling yourself going deeper and deeper with each number. As you go deeper and deeper, you will feel your connection to your third eye becoming stronger and stronger.

Feel the Connection

As you feel the connection getting stronger, you will be aware that you are receiving a beam of light and energy that is flowing into your third eye from the Universe. This beam is good and positive, and it flows freely into your inner guidance system, carrying the wisdom of your soul.

If you are ready, you may start with the first number:

5. You are going deeper and deeper into the Universal Flow. Breathe slowly in and out as you feel the connection through your third eye getting stronger and stronger.

4. You are feeling the Universal Flow as it is received by your inner guidance system. You feel more and more relaxed with each count.

3. You may feel the vibrations of the Universe. As you go to the next number, you are more and more in tune with the flow.

2. You are getting closer and closer. Your breathing relaxes more and more. You are going deeper and deeper.

1. You are almost at the point of a deep and powerful connection to the Universal Mind. You look forward to the last number as you take another breath and go deeper and deeper.

0. You are one with your Universal Mind and your inner guidance system.

Now that the connection is complete, take a few moments to enjoy the strength and peace of the Universe. You may think of many thoughts or concentrate on just one. If you need help or guidance or have a worry, ask the Universal Mind to provide assistance and affirmation that you are in tune with your life map.

Enjoy the Connection

You may receive visual images, hear voices, get a certain feeling, or experience a certain smell or taste. You may get many pieces of information or experience nothing at all. Whatever happens is right for you at the time. Allow yourself to feel good, as you remain connected to the Universal Mind.

If you have a specific belief, you may communicate with it. Give yourself a key word or a touch with a finger to remind you later of how you can experience this positive feeling any time. When you’re ready, count yourself back up to five, awaking relaxed and in tune with your inner guidance system. It is possible that you may have answers when you return, or they may take time. Remember — always be ready to receive.

Your own answer may come from within yourself in the form of a dream, or it may just “pop out” of your unconscious mind. It could come when you are offering advice to others, and yet the message may be for yourself. It could appear as a recurring thought that you just can’t get out of your mind until you address it.

External Messages and Synchronicity

In addition to your channel of internal communication, you have an external guidance system of old souls who have completed their life journeys and wait to assist you. As Edgar Cayce said, the external guidance system is an “invisible empire” that exists around you.

Your external guidance system comes from the outside. It is a form of external communication from another person or entity. For instance, you may see auras or energies around others that allow you to receive helpful information. Or you may get a warning from a particular person or even from a geographic location.

Remember, these communications from the Universe can materialize at any time in almost any form imaginable, from a cloud in the sky to an encounter with an animal. All you need to do is pay attention.

Experiences of Synchronicity

One kind of external guidance experience is synchronicity. Have you ever found yourself in the right place at the right time? For some reason, exactly when you most need it, the phone rings with an answer to a dilemma. Perhaps it’s an unexpected amount of money that you receive just in time to hold off a financial disaster. It could come in the mail, from a lottery ticket, from a long-forgotten debt someone owes you, or as a gift.

It could be that there’s an item you desperately need, one that has been in your mind and possibly in your prayers. Sometimes what is needed materializes in such a subtle way that it is hardly recognized. You might be wishing for a new car when what you actually needed was the secondhand car you received.

It is very easy to overlook synchronicity. It happens so naturally that it may not even be noticed. It’s like watching a magician intently so that you may learn the trick. The magic happens right under your nose while you are focused on something else.

Someone Is Watching Over You

Are forces like synchronicity and the other external forms that your messages take all just coincidence, luck, or fate? Or is there something else involved? Perhaps you already know that someone is watching out for you. Or maybe you don’t believe that there is anything at all.

Do you think that there is a being or a force that the Universe centers upon? Is there a divine purpose or a higher ideal for mankind to get in touch with? Is there a general plan for the cosmos?

It’s all right to believe your own way. After all, that belief is already inside you. It is okay for you to compare anything you read in this book to your own feelings. The important thing is that it feels right for you.

If you have something or someone looking out for you, do you know who or what it is? You may know exactly, or you may have no idea. Just the possibility that there is something creates the opportunity for hope. You may be comfortable in a specific religion and have conversations with the Divinity to whom you turn for guidance. You may go to the seashore or the mountains and communicate with nature.

Other people believe in guardian angels who are said to watch over us. You may connect these angels to someone in your family or a friend who has passed on to the Other Side. They may come to you in your dreams, or you may feel their presence, especially in times of need.

Many Catholics accept the belief in patron saints, and they rely on these saints for help. Some saints are known for bringing about specific miracles, such as healing. There are shrines for these saints filled with crutches as testimony that the cure was instantaneous.

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