Your psychic gifts have been given to you for a specific purpose. But what is that purpose? How can you figure out what it is you were meant to do in this lifetime? The answer lies in your life map. This is something each person is born with, and we each have the choice of whether to follow it or not. It is up to you to examine what you believe in and then to find the guidance you need, both in the Universe and within yourself, if you’re going to find your life map and follow it on your life’s journey.

Your Life’s Purpose

You have probably thought about your life and its purpose in the greater scheme of things. Many people have asked themselves whether there is anything more to life than being born and living until we die. Most of us wonder whether we all have souls or whether there is some other element to our existence that transcends this life and our physical bodies. To answer these questions, some people turn to religion, but they don’t always get the answers they are seeking.

The answer to your life’s purpose lies in your soul. Imagine for a moment that in the beginning of the soul’s journey, it had no physical form. Each soul had all the knowledge of the Universe but not the experience that goes with it. Each reincarnation of the soul had a specific goal in which to gain the experiences. Each lifetime also provided a chance for advancement, as the soul learned an additional lesson.

How does the soul know what lesson is to be learned in each lifetime?
It relies on its guidance system, which contains all the knowledge from lifetimes past. The knowledge of your soul can help you grow in wisdom and experience. It can also help you as you progress through your present life.

When the soul learns all the lessons of the Universe, it will progress to the rank of “old soul” and will again return to its initial form of pure energy. In that state, it will continue to exist among the souls that have not yet reached that level on their journey.

The Choice Is Yours

The lesson you have been given to learn in your lifetime can be made yours if you follow your life map. The choice of learning or not learning that lesson is up to you — that’s the power of free will. Your conscious mind may choose to work toward self-gain and the satisfaction of your ego rather than the goal of focusing on your life lesson. If you choose to disregard your life map and seek to satisfy your ego, it may be necessary to repeat your lesson in a future lifetime.

Unfortunately, many people choose to use their psychic ability for self-gain. They forget that their talents are given by the Universe to benefit the whole. Some even use their “powers” to inflict pain or to control others. If an individual abuses these gifts, then there will be plenty of opportunity for that person to make restitution in future incarnations.

You have been given the opportunity in this lifetime to let yourself get back in tune with your life map. You may be aware of karma that needs to be resolved. The more you are open to your life map, the more you will be guided to find the way.

The Power of Religion

To find your life’s purpose, you also need to examine your beliefs and what guides you through life. What do you believe? Do you practice a specific faith, or do you adhere to basic spiritual principles? If you were asked to explain to someone else exactly what your belief structure is, could you do it? Would you be comfortable explaining it, or do you feel awkward or unable to reply? It’s all right not to have the exact answer. In fact, some people think they know what they believe in, but it may turn out that it’s not the right concept for either themselves or others.

You may have had a situation in your past where you had great faith in something that never worked out. Did your faith or what you believed in fail you, or did you fail it? It could be that the failure itself was really a success. Perhaps this failure was an opportunity to get in touch again with your inner guidance system. It could be that the outcome you were looking for was not the outcome that was a part of your life map.

Rituals of Belief

Man’s belief in the power of communication with the Divine did not begin with the Christian doctrine. It has been part of human society since the earliest of times. Man has worshiped the heavens and the sea. He has created mystical figures and animals and built idols.

Mankind has celebrated the changing seasons and prayed for bountiful harvests. He has built temples over sacred earth energies and pyramids aligned with the stars. He has even created living gods on earth and endowed them with absolute and supreme power — emperors, high priests, pharaohs, and dictators.

Man has even killed his own kind in hopes of evoking great miracles through his gods. Human sacrifice is known to have taken place in many cultures in not only ancient but also recent history. It was the belief of self-sacrifice and great rewards in the afterlife that motivated the kamikaze pilots of World War II and the terrorists of today to give their own lives while hoping to kill many others at the same time. Do you think these people are following their life map? Or were they led astray, off their life paths?

Do you pray? If this is the case, to whom or what?
Many churches have prayer chains or lists. Whenever there is a concern, there are individuals waiting to pray for divine help. It is not uncommon when a prayer chain is activated for miraculous results to happen.

Authoritative and Permissive Faiths

There are two types of religion: permissive and authoritative. Although they both have the same goals, there is one major difference between them. The difference has to do with how a particular belief system’s objectives are accomplished. One kind of philosophy (the authoritative) uses the power of intimidation, while the permissive type encourages you to find your own path to the common goal.

Many people who are trying to discover their Belief System turn to instant answers. They purchase books and attend churches or other meetings in their quest to make a connection with the Divine. They spend big money to let others provide them with the right answers.

They may find exactly what they are looking for, or they may go away empty and unfulfilled. It is very easy to become confused with all the advice that is out there — to give up the search for a belief and to sink back into old ways and patterns.

Authoritative Beliefs

Authoritative beliefs are governed by the fear of failure. If you stray from the doctrine, you will surely be among the damned, sentenced to spend eternity in hell. Worse even than the fear they inspire, these types of beliefs are dominated by rules that are almost impossible to follow to the standard that is required for success.

Authoritative religion expects its members to accept the absolute doctrine they are given to follow. There is no room to challenge, and questioning isn’t tolerated. Very often the hierarchy of this form of belief becomes quite wealthy through the gifts and support of the faithful members.

Generally, authoritative religions don’t accept that individuals should have or use psychic abilities. These gifts are thought to be the work of the devil. In early colonial times, most famously in Salem, Massachusetts, young women with strong psychic powers were labeled “witches” and burned at the stake. Today, some religious cults have gone so far as to punish and even kill members that they think are “possessed by the Devil.” It’s no wonder that many people are reluctant to reveal their psychic gifts to others.

Permissive Beliefs

The premise of permissive belief is that you yourself know how to reach the common goal of connecting to the Divine and living your life in harmony with it. This type of belief gives you the opportunity to learn from your mistakes and to make corrections. Permissive beliefs are always optimistic about what you may accomplish in the future, regardless of your past.

Permissive religions don’t rule by intimidation, and they recognize the individuality and gifts of each person. The reason for their willingness to recognize and trust the good in people is they accept that your gifts were given to you for a higher purpose, one that can be used to benefit mankind as a whole. Permissive religions have room for many different types of beliefs, as long as they all work toward a positive goal.

Permissive beliefs accept the use and development of psychic talents because they see each individual as a complete person, with mind, body, and soul. Furthermore, these beliefs advocate working with and staying in tune with your inner guidance system.

Your Inner Guidance System

Your inner guidance system is your connection to the Universal Mind as well as the sum total of all the wisdom and experiences you’ve accumulated up to this point in time. Remember that your inner wisdom and experiences come from your soul and that they transcend this one lifetime. The purpose of your inner guidance system is to help you stay on course with your life map.

Think of your guidance system as your conscience. It lets you know when something you may have said or done or left undone is inappropriate. Of course, you have the power to override your inner guidance system, and chances are you do it all the time. Everyone does. Have you ever caught yourself saying, “Why didn’t I listen to myself?” It is only natural to get caught in the battle between your ego and your conscience. One is authoritative and looking for instant satisfaction, while the other wants to do the right thing.

Your inner guidance system is loaded with intuitive knowledge. It knows the answers to your deepest questions, and if you will take the time to listen, you will hear them. It is better to have doubt than to race blindly forward with a false sense of security. Remember that the drive of your free will is the stuff that resurfaces in your karma of the future.

Building Trust and Confidence

It takes time to build trust and confidence in your inner guidance system. It is the same as developing any other skill. It takes patience and the willingness to risk making mistakes as you work toward your goals. Many people are overwhelmed easily and give up because the end goal seems unobtainable.

Over the past twenty years there has been a movement to help individuals build confidence in themselves to face challenges in life that they never thought they could. Businessmen participate in fire walks just to prove to themselves they have what it takes. Outward Bound programs challenge participants on treks through the wilderness, over the ocean, or up steep rock cliffs. The common goal is to help you realize that you are capable of facing any situation in life, whether it is career-oriented or personal.

The key to developing your trust and confidence is to start with one step at a time. If you only focus on an obstacle that is too big to climb, you will never have the opportunity to get to the top. If you work toward a small and easily achievable goal, when you reach it, you will have accomplished your short-range objective. You will then have more confidence that you can make it to your next goal. And before you know it, you have accomplished your long-term goal.

These small reachable goals are usually in tune with your inner guidance system. Each step of the way provides a balance. Giving yourself permission to take a small risk, and knowing that you have a safety net created by past success, you will become better and better at reaching toward the unknown. There is a great thrill of adventure when you are traveling in sync with your life map, in tune with your inner guidance system.

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