Dice of IChing Divination:
Using coins will quickly reveal some problems: while shaking the coins in cupped hands, it’s hard to know whether they are truly being tumbled; when flipping the coins, they tend to bounce and scatter. It’s much easier to use a die as a coin-equivalent: if an odd number of pips shows, it counts as “heads”; if an even number of pips shows, as “tails.” Obviously, the 50/50 probability is preserved and rolling dice turns out to be easier and quicker than flipping coins. Thus the three-coin method will use three dice.

Dice can also be used for the two-coin method. It is best to use two pairs of dice, each pair having its own color — e.g., a pair of blue dice and a pair of white dice, such as are commonly found in backgammon sets. One pair can then be designated the “first toss” in the two-coin method, and the other the “second toss.” One roll of four dice will then determine a line, with probabilities matching the yarrow-stalk method. The number values on a single die can also be used to determine the hexagram’s lines. Designate odd numbers as yang, even numbers as yin, and roll a six-sided die once for each of the six lines. Roll the die a seventh time to determine the moving line. This method mimics Zhou court divinations in which yarrow stalks were used in a two-stage divinatory process, first casting the hexagram, then designating one line as moving. Since a single toss of three distinct coins allows for eight possible combinations of heads & tails, the three-coin method’s probabilities can be duplicated with a single eight-sided die, rolling it once to generate each line. Use an odd and an even number on the die, 1 and 8 for instance, to designate a moving line when either number is obtained. This preserves the equal 1/4 chance that a given yin or yang line will be moving. A similar distribution to yarrow stalks is possible using two dice, 1 eight-sided (1d8), and 1 twenty-sided (1d20). Roll both of them at once per line.

If the 1d20 is an even number
if the 1d8 = 1 -X- moving yin (1/16 probability)
if the 1d8 = 2 – 8 – – yin (7/16 probability)
If the 1d20 is an odd number:
if the 1d8 = 1 – 5 — yang (5/16 probability)
if the 1d8 = 6 – 8 -0- moving yang (3/16 probability)

Another duplication of the yarrow stalks’ probabilities can be done by taking the total of two eight-sided die rolls (2d8; odd totals indicating yang lines and even totals indicating yin), to produce each hexagram line. The 1:1 distribution of yin and yang is preserved, and the chances of obtaining certain totals will be used to match the yarrow stalks’ weighted distributions of moving yin and yang lines.

The 2d8 roll provide four possible instances where the total is either two or four, which equates to the yarrow stalks’ chances of a yin line being moving. This can be demonstrated by mapping all totals on an 8×8 grid, each axis representing the numbers on one die. The chance of an even (yin) total being two or four (moving) is then 4/32, equalling 1/8. Weight the distribution of moving yang lines similarly, by using totals that equate to a 3/8 (or 12/32) chance of obtaining that result among the 32 odd possibilities, such as seven and eleven (which can likewise be diagrammed on the 8×8 grid). So a total of two, four, seven or eleven, when yielded by one 2d8 roll, can indicate that the resulting yin or yang line is moving.

Marbles or beads (method of sixteen) of IChing Divination:
This method is a recent innovation, designed to be quick like the coin method, while giving the nearly same probabilities as the yarrow stalk method.

use sixteen marbles of four different colors but the same size, distributed as follows:
1 marble of a color representing old yin (such as blue)
5 marbles of a color representing young yang (such as white)
7 marbles of a color representing young yin (such as black)
3 marbles of a color representing old yang (such as red)
place all the marbles in a bag or other opaque container
for each of the six lines of the hexagram
shake all sixteen marbles together in the container to “shuffle” them
draw out one marble
the marble drawn determines the current line of the hexagram
replace the marble in the container
once six lines have been determined, the hexagram is formed
A good source of marbles is a (secondhand) Chinese checkers set: 6 colors, 10 marbles each.

Using this method, the probabilities of each type of line are the same as the distribution of the colours, as follows:

old yin: 1 in 16 (0.0625)
young yang: 5 in 16 (0.3125)
young yin: 7 in 16 (0.4375)
old yang: 3 in 16 (0.1875)

An improvement on this method uses 16 beads of four different colors but with the same size and shape (i.e., indistinguishable by touch), strung beads being much more portable than marbles. You take the string and, without looking, grab a bead a random. The comments above apply to this method as well.

Rice grains of IChing Divination:
For this method, either rice grains, or small seeds are used. One picks up a few seeds between the middle finger and thumb. Carefully and respectfully place them on a clean sheet of paper. Repeat this process six times, keeping each cluster of seeds in a separate pile — each pile represents one line. One then counts the number of seeds in each cluster, starting with the first pile, which is the base line. If there is an even number of seeds, then the line is yin, otherwise the line is yang — except if there is one seed, in which case one redoes that line. One then asks the question again, and picks up one more cluster of seeds. Count the number of seeds you have, then keep subtracting six, until you have six seeds or less. This gives you the number of the line that specifically represent your situation. It is not a moving Line. If you do not understand your answer, you may rephrase the question, and ask it a second time.

Chen Hexagram in IChing
Chen : thunder, thunder.
Keywords : awakening, breakthrough, earthquake.
This is the time of the judgement call.
This is a period of major changes.
Remain calm, for when the shock passes, you will find treasure.

Chia Jen Hexagram in IChing
Chia Jen : wind, fire.
Keywords : relations, community, mastery of skill.
Your strength comes from the friends around you.
Focus on improving the relationship with others around you.
Support others with enthusiasm.
Focus your energies on bringing out the best in people.

Chi Chi Hexagram in IChing
Chi Chi : water, fire.
Keywords : overcoming, cross a river.
Your on your way to completion now.
Resist the temptation to become complacent.
Continue to put energy into your project.

Chien Hexagram in IChing
Chien : water, lake.
Keywords : sections, economy, limits.
It`s time to reorganize and take care of unfinished business.
Manage your time more effectively.
Use the power of this hexagram to reorganize your affairs.

Ch`ien Hexagram in IChing
Heaven, creative force in action.
Keywords : dynamic, enduring, moving.
The great force of heaven is the beginning of all.
This power is now available to you.
Persistence is the key.
Remain true to your vision.
The Ch`ien brings harmony to all situations.

Chin Hexagram in IChing
Chin : fire, earth.
Keywords : rise, permeate, promotion.
Finally the Sun is coming out from behind the clouds.
Step into the light and enjoy.
Share what you have and encourage others to relax too.

Ching Hexagram in IChing
Ching : water, wind.
Keywords : nucleus, well, resources.
The source of truth lies beneath you like a deep well.
You must dig deep into your nature to find it.
Once connected, maintain your access by sometimes dipping into the well.

Chun Hexagram in IChing
Chun : Water, Thunder.
Keywords : difficult, beginning, planting, accumulating.
Dont expect things to proceed easily.
Give things space to grow.
Once things start going, the situation will prove to be abundant.

Chung Fu Hexagram in IChing
Chung Fu : wind, lake.
Keywords : reliability, sincerity, stability.
The key to your questions lies in your ability to make your actions fit your words and ideas.
Practise what you preach.
If you show you are trustworthy you will move forward faster.

Creating a Hexagram in IChing
To generate a hexagram you must form a clear question for the oracle.

Think carefully and write the question down.

Take any three identical coins and shake them in your cupped hand, then toss them onto a flat surface. Each throw creates one line of the hexagram. It starts from the bottom and works it`s way up to the top.

Keep going till you have six lines stacking one on top of the other. Some lines are so charged with positive or negative energy they can move or change into their opposite. The line positions are the fundemantal building blocks of the iching.

They are distinguished by their quality, yin or yang, as well as position. Each line has a specific significance.

The first line indicates a fundamental problem or change.

The changing second line shows instability. The third line shows changes due to unforseen timing shifts. The fourth line indicates changes due to the involvement of other`s. The fifth line may point to changes because of unforeseen circumstances.

The sixth line shows a situation that is overbalanced.

Feng Hexagram in IChing
Feng : thunder, fire.
Keywords : exuberant, luxurious.
This is your time to shine.
Your energy radiates to all those around you.
Share with others.
Put arguments behind you.

Fu Hexagram in IChing
Fu : earth, thunder.
Keywords : retrace, renew, rebirth.
You have lost contact with your original inspiration.
Go back to your origins.
Returning to your origins will will reconnect to the universal stream of energy.

Hsiao Hexagram in IChing
Hsiao : wind, heaven.
Keywords : tolerate, take in, tame, train.
You are surrounded by unrelated details.
Store information for the future.
Use this time to improve your experience.

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