Select a material that you would like to use for your bag. Velvet, leather and felt are good choices.

Select the colour of fabric for your charm bag. The colour you choose depends on the purpose of your bag:

  • Pink – love
  • Red – passion or sex
  • Black – banishing or revenge
  • Blue – spirituality and healing
  • Purple – protection and psychic power
  • Gold – wealth and prosperity
  • Green – financial matters
  • White – purity and cleansing, spirituality

Cut your material into two square sections. Place the two pieces together with the insides facing each other.

Slowly sew three of the sides of the pouch together. While you sew your charm bag, focus your thoughts on the purpose of the charm. Visualise your goal coming true for you and know that as you sew, your energy is being put into your charm bag and being sent into the Universe and to the Goddess.

Next, you can decorate your charm bag in any way that you wish. You may wish to draw meaningful symbols on the bag, You can write your purpose on the bag. The more effort you put into decorating and working on the charm bag, the more of your personal energy you infuse into it. While you are doing this, imagine that the charm bag is working magic for you.

Now add in the ingredients that you want to have in your charm bag. You can use anything that you feel is symbolic of the goal you wish to reach. Dried herbs, crystals, photos, written words, flower petals, trinkets. You can even spray the outside of your bag with perfume, or blob it with essential oil.

Sew the top of the bag closed. If you wish, you can sew a ribbon onto the bag to hang it with you. You may also carry the charm bag in your bag or pocket.

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