Here is from my Families Tradition in Gathering herbs and the Rites in doing so.

The best time in Gathering Herbs is at night under the Full Moon or in Early Morning and, or in the Evening when the sun begins to go down.

Now in Times Passed When Witches gathered their Herbs for Magaickal practises they would gather them on St. John’s Eve Which was on June 23 There was a gathering Spell that I will share With you.

But first I want to talk about attuning yourself with The herbs you are gathering and to know only take what you need. In the past Many Witches always gave a gift to the herbs and Nature Spirits that Gaurd the herb or tree And to the tree or herb for there sacrafice it may be pennies or stones or Crystal, or it could be milk and honey and in some traditions it was drops of the Witches Blood.

Now in my families tradtion we would draw a magcikal circle and attune with the herbs that we were gather- ing… And to know the planetary connections with herbs when Gathering them, But more on this later.

Here is a simple Spell My Family uses in gathering herbs for the useage of Magick and in Healing.

We would either do this during the Early hours before the Sun hits high noon. Or we would gather them in the Evening just when the Sun begins to go down. Sometimes we gathered them At night on The Full Moon.

First we would draw a circle around the herb or tree. We Would attune ourselvs to the Herb or tree and ask it if we may Take of it’s bounty to use for Magaickal purposes, and the Nature Spirits that gaurd the herb or tree

Here is the Spell

“Oh little Plant of (name the Plant) I ask that you Give of your bounty that it may aid me in my works. Grow stronger by my stroke,Stronger and more Powerful, O plant of (Name).”

Then We would say:

” Oh Fata Guardian of the Plant that guards the Spirit we give You honour to for we are of kinship with you.”

So Mote it Be!

Then of course in my traditon we would give a gift for it’s Sacrafice. My Family would leave Milk and Honey Now in everyones tradtion they may have a diffrent way of gathering.

Here is the Spell I also Promised that was used in Gathering herbs, In Ancient Times this was said over the herbs When gathering them and after…

Herbs of Magick, Herbs of Power,
Root and Bark, Leaf and Flower,
work for me when charms are Spoken,
potions brewed and curses broken.

by Aradia de Toscano

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