For those not skilled in magick and spells, you can lend strength and energy to those in need simply by lighting a green candle and doing the following: Picture a white ball of energy coming out of your chest (near the sternum or breastbone). At this point you may wish to say a few words or simply focus on the pain and suffering coming from the group you are focusing on (refugees, starving children, etc). You are offering this energy to any and all who need it, so try not to focus on anyone person or face from the papers. From deep in your chest, *push* the ball. You will feel the muscles in your chest pushing and your shoulders drawn in toward the center of your torso. This will send the energy to the place and group you were thinking of.

Remember, one person can make a difference. In addition to magick, why not call the Red Cross. Find out what groups are doing relief work in Albania, Somalia, Serbia, etc. Volunteer to collect canned goods, clothes, blankets, etc.

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