The fourth of the seven chakras is called the heart chakra, and in Sanskrit, it’s called “Anahata”. It’s located in the centre of the chest, near your heart. This chakra is the centre of compassion and love.

Many people have this chakra blocked. Perhaps you feel unworthy of love, terrified of rejection or even feel sorry for yourself. Leading into paranoia, feelings of hate, despair and jealousy, the downward spiral continues, into possessiveness, extreme criticism or indecisiveness. Withholding your love, or using love or sex to control someone else is most definitely a symptom of this chakra being imbalanced.

Balancing this chakra is as simple as playing with a kitten or puppy. Spending time with animals and in nature clears this chakra and keeps it balanced and harmonious. Bonding with an animal creates a spiritual connection between you and this other being who is their purest self. Spending time walking in nature will also help to cleanse your aura and rejuvenate your chakras. Green is the colour for the heart chakra so wearing more green clothing or working with green crystals like malachite, emerald and green tourmaline will raise the vibrational level of this chakra. Eating more spinach, kale, broccoli, cilantro and parsley will also help to keep this chakra balanced.

Have you ever met someone who literally radiated compassion and love? Someone who is self confident, inspirational, generous, full of hope for humanity, and who loves and respects the earth and all living beings. They have a genuine desire to see others succeed and are able to wait for the right partner. This is someone who has a balanced heart chakra.

Long term imbalance of this chakra could possibly lead to heart disease, insomnia, high blood pressure, difficulty breathing, tension and cancer. Too low of a vibration in this chakra manifests as paranoia, indecisiveness, feeling sorry for yourself, afraid of letting go to be free, feeling unworthy of love, terrified of rejection and a constant need of reassurance. Too high of a vibration in this chakra manifests as possessiveness, melodramatics, manic-depressive behaviour, demanding and overly critical, and using money, sex or withholding love to control other people. Organs affected by this chakra are the heart, lungs, immune system, lymph and thymus glands.

Live your life happily and freely. Save all the puppies and kittens, plant all the flowers and trees you can. Spend time tending to a garden and enjoy the process of watching it grow, knowing that you planted it. Life knowing that your existence is a benefit to the world around you. Show compassion, humility and generosity. Breathe deeply and know that you’re a blessing, and you’re at peace.


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