This is a ritual for healing any problem. This is usually best performed on a waning moon, when it is almost new moon.

You cannot perform this ritual on someone else without them being present. You can, however, guide the person who needs healing to do this ritual on their own. It is very effective if the person with the ailment performs it, so it is ideal to heal yourself.
Your primary ritual tool will be an element. Choose one from the list that is most appropriate for whatever area of the body you will be healing:

  • Abdomen: Fire
  • Arms: Earth
  • Blood: Air
  • Bones: Earth
  • Chest: Air
  • Ears: Water
  • Eyes: Water
  • Feet: Earth
  • Genitalia: Fire
  • Hands: Earth
  • Heart: Fire
  • Legs: Earth
  • Lungs: Air
  • Mind: Fire
  • Nose: Air
  • Skin: Earth
  • Stomach: Water
  • Teeth: Earth
  • Throat: Air
  • Uterus: Water

Both you and the person to be healed should prepare for the ritual with a ritual bath, using an appropriate bath satchet. Once you are ready, you can go to your magical place and get ready. Your working area should be equipped with whatever is needed to invite the element of choice into the magic. You can use any method you want to have the element present, but if you need ideas, here is some help:

Earth: The stones or crystals best suited for the ailment, a dish of earth, or salt.

Fire: A candle charged for the purpose or a small bonfire (be careful and keep a bucket of water handy for emergencies!).

Air: An appropriate incense

Water: A dish of water will suffice, but if you can perform the ritual near a body of water like a river or lake that would be ideal. Even better is a cup of tea brewed with healing herbs.

You only need to have the element pertinent to your ritual at hand. However, if you want to invite all the elements, that is fine too. Just keep the focus on the one vital healing element.

You should dress in all white if possible, or in a color best suited to the ritual.

Cast your circle around your entire prepared ritual area. Sit in the center with your element before you. Inhale and exhale deeply and slowly to reach a meditative state. With your eyes closed, envision a pure white light surrounding you. Now that you have entered your magical state, take the element into your hands (if it is water, hold it in a container; if it is fire, hold the candle; if it is air, hold the incense stick, etc.). Feel the energy of the element flowing through you. Hold the element over the general area that needs healing and envision the energy flowing into that area. See it being healed. Continue to allow the elemental energy to flow into the area until a feeling of peace comes over you. It is done!

Close the circle and return the element to nature. (Note: don’t even blow a candle out! Pinch it or extinguish it with a bit of water.) Have an after-ritual meal of cakes and wine (or bread and juice).

This ritual will begin doings its work immediately, but it will not cure anything instantly. Allow it a good amount of time, a week for a minor ailment, and a month for a major illness. If you are using any medications or supplements for your illness, it helps to have those present during the ritual. They will be charged with magical energy so that when you take them they will be doing twice the good!

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