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  • Well am getting prepared for my gastric sleeve surgery coming up whenever this virus thing goes away. I have to lose some weight before the surgery. Am doing some reading on the diet and have started the diet . Am trying to eat smaller meals which isn’t bad. But do miss my carbs like pasta. But will be ok since its an adjustment to way will be…Read More

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    • Smaller meals is part of the trick, the other part is minimising the “bad” foods like sweets and cakes. Moderation is your friend, drink lots of fluid and fill up on salads when you’re feeling hungry. I’m always eating but it’s not unhealthy stuff all the time. I love yoghurt so I’ve replaced chips and dip for veggies and yoghurt (with…

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  • Any yogis here?

  • Well, am still struggling with my weight since my move. But am trying even though don’t want to, to at least walk a little bit. Am thinking about maybe purchasing an exercise bike so can do exercise inside. Also taking care of my health since haven’t had insurance in almost a year. So slowly gaining some ground.

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    • You’ll get there. Being healthy isn’t an overnight thing and it’s a long journey that we’re always on. Just believe in yourself and you’ll be on the route to your health goals!
    • I have at least 50 lbs to lose. I love to exercise so that has never been a problem just my eating so I’ve started a clean eating program called 21 day fix by beach body and I’ve lost 4.6 lbs my first week. I am running the rugged maniac race on May 6th so I’m training for that now. Just completed my second 1/2 marathon in November and I want to…Read More

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      • Congrats, Marcy.

        This is a great start.

        You may want to also look into the Ketogenic diet which i am currently on.

        However if you do decide to pursue it, consult your doc first.

        Keep up the good work, the whole world changes when you’re fit. ❤️

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      • While Physical health is important, so is Mental Health which is often overlooked by the majority of people.
        We should all take conscious control and responsibility over our minds since it dictates all of our actions.

    • Just trying to get my eating under control. Just not eating as should. And having to watch my diabetes puts spin. Do walk for exercise(good thing) but just rethink stuff. Any suggestions for non pounding exercise? Also easy for ppl with osteoarthritis? Need to take care of this body….only one I have.

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      • I used to stretch and use exercise cords. Yoga is a good option. But you need to start with your diet, as that is the hardest part for most people. Knowing what’s good for your body is step one.

    • Thanks @badwolf for creating this group. Looking forward to all the awesome shares here.

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