The angels want you to enjoy life and live it to its fullest. Every day is precious, and you have the opportunity to see it for its best or its worst. Are you ready to have some fun? Expect to smile when the angels give you the perfect parking spot and choose to celebrate when a cloudy forecast on vacation turns into the perfect sunny day. Invite the joy of the angels into your life and feel a childlike wonder as you experience the magic of heaven on earth.

Lighten Up with the Angels

Are you feeling overworked, underpaid, or unfulfilled? Are you taking life too seriously and feeling overwhelmed with responsibilities? If this is the case, then you need to invite the angels into your life and ask them to play with you. Ask them to help you lighten up so you can enjoy life, even if it’s for a small amount of time, in the midst of all your responsibilities.

Life is too short, and most people only discover this when they go through a serious illness or they’ve lost a loved one. Don’t wait for this to happen to you. Give yourself permission to enjoy life and ask your angels to show you the opportunities to do this. Then pay attention.

When you’re invited to parties, to the theater, or any other fun activity, say yes and give yourself permission to have some fun. If you need the funds to support the things you love to do, then ask the angels for the extra money you need and trust that it will come.

Guilt can hold you back from joy. When you struggle with this emotion, ask your angels to free you from this burden. Ask them to replace it with freedom so you can take care of yourself and enjoy life.

Here are some different ways the angels might nudge you to play:

  • Take a vacation. Ask the angels to help you find the time to go and the finances to support it. Make your plans and trust that you deserve a vacation.
  • Forget the diet and enjoy your favorite ice cream or dessert.
  • Take a spontaneous day and give yourself permission to do all the things you love.
  • Start a hobby or take a class that you are interested in.
  • Get on the floor and play with your children or grandchildren.
  • Go to the movies with friends or by yourself.
  • Take a walk on the beach, build a sandcastle, or read your favorite book.
  • Do nothing. Stop thinking you have to do something.

Prayer to lighten up: “Dearest angels, help me and remind me to accept joy, play, and fun into my life. Show me the opportunities and encourage me to take the time so I can enjoy life and live it to its fullest.”

Believe that God and the angels want you to be happy and they will support you with everything you need to enjoy life. Your job is to feel worthy and deserving of receiving joy and taking the time to experience it. The next time you get an idea to have some fun or an opportunity comes your way, see it as a gift from your angels. Say yes and have some fun.

Parking Angels

Yes, there really are parking angels and you might not believe it until you try it out for yourself. The next time you’re looking for a parking spot, call on the parking angels and ask them for the perfect spot closest to the entrance. Don’t be surprised if it’s either waiting for you or someone pulls out right when you get there. Invoking the angels at Christmas time is very helpful, especially if you’re off to the mall and living in colder climates. Just remember, it’s always a kind gesture to thank your angels after receiving your perfect spot.

Calling on the parking angels is also a great way to get kids involved in asking for help from the angels. They think it’s magical when the perfect spot reveals itself and it helps them believe that the angels are really listening. Sometimes with children you need to start with the small prayers so they feel more comfortable when it’s time to ask for the bigger things in life. Once they witness the miracles of asking and receiving, they are more open to the possibilities or working with the angels.

Weather Angels

Reflect on this for a moment: You’ve worked really hard and it’s time for a vacation and it’s important for you to have nice weather to experience it to its fullest. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could call on the help of the weather angels so you could really enjoy your vacation? It might be hard to believe that the angels can help you with the weather, but why wouldn’t they want to help you experience a fun and enjoyable vacation?

So the next time you go on vacation or when you’re having an important event like a party, graduation, or barbecue, pray to the weather angels beforehand and ask them for a beautiful, clear, and sunny day (if that’s important) so everyone can fully enjoy the event. You can also call on the weather angels when you desire clear weather for traveling of any kind. Simply ask, “Please, weather angels, clear the way for smooth traveling and clear weather so we can reach our destination safely with ease and timeliness.”

You can also call on the weather angels if you need help during unexpected weather conditions like snowstorms, heavy downpours, hurricanes, or thunderstorms. For example, “Archangel Uriel, please provide protection for myself and my loved ones and help us to feel safe as the effects of Mother Nature move peacefully through our surroundings.”

One of the specific angels to call on for weather is Archangel Uriel. He was the archangel who warned Noah that the floods were coming and he is the one who helps with all those affected by weather conditions and natural disasters. He will immediately come when you call him.

Traveling Angels

Traveling can be very joyful, adventurous, and exciting, and other times it can be a journey into the unknown, where you experience fear, anxiety, and stress. Inviting the angels to travel with you can give you a sense of peace that you are not alone and you are being watched over, no matter what the situation might be.

There are many ways in which the angels can assist you while traveling:

  • When flying, request that the angels watch over the plane and the pilot and ask that your flight be safe, smooth, and on time. You can also imagine angels resting on the wings of the plane.
  • When traveling by car, ask the angels to watch over and protect your vehicle and all passengers with you. Ask for a clear path ahead so your travels are smooth and timely.
  • When traveling with luggage, ask your angels to watch over it and request that it arrive at your destination when you do.
  • When visiting unfamiliar places, ask for protection so you can feel safe and ask the angels to send the perfect people to help and guide you to the best places to visit, stay, and eat.
  • If you are traveling on business, ask the angels for everything you need to make it a pleasurable and successful trip.
  • Remember to ask for the weather you need to get to your destination and to enjoy it while you are there.
  • If loved ones are traveling without you, ask for the angels to protect them and watch over them until they return safely home.
  • Ask the angels to watch over your home, your job or business, or any loved ones left behind while you are traveling.
  • If an issue or glitch in your travel plans emerges, ask the angels to resolve it quickly and to provide everything you need to work through it with ease and grace.

It is a gift to travel so you can connect with loved ones, experience new places, create success in business, or to just rest and relax. The angels want you to experience these opportunities with ease and joy. So call on them and discover how they can lighten the load for you when it comes to travel.

Specific Traveling Angels

The following are specific angels to invoke while traveling. Simply call them by name and ask them for what you need. Know that it is an honor for them to serve you and assist you in any way they can.

Archangel Raphael is the patron of travelers. He watches over all those who ask for safe and smooth travel.

Archangel Michael is the protector, and can keep you from harm in all situations. You can also call on Michael if you get lost and need directions or if you need any assistance in solving mechanical difficulties.

Suriel is the angel named in the Kabbalah who rules over earth and is considered the angel of protection. Ask Suriel to watch over your home and possessions while traveling.

Archangels Uriel and Zapiel work on regulating weather conditions.

You can call on these angels and archangels individually or you can call on them as a team. When you assign them to their tasks, notice how you feel. You can travel worry free and feel reassured that you have a team working behind the scenes taking care of all your needs.

Traveling prayer
Archangel Raphael, Archangel Michael, Suriel, Archangel Uriel, and Zapiel, please watch over and protect all of us as we travel to our destination. Please watch over and make sure our method of transportation is working efficiently and that it’s safe and wrapped in the protective light of God. Assist Mother Nature and ensure that the weather is perfect for our travels and we arrive at our destination in a timely manner. Our travels are smooth, safe, and easy because of your loving attention and assistance. Thank you for watching over our home, pets, and children while we are away.

Mechanical Angels

Take a moment and reflect on the last time you experienced mechanical difficulties. Maybe it involved a problem with your computer, a household appliance, or even your car. When this happens you usually experience unexpected financial expenses, worry, and the excess stress of being inconvenienced. This is a perfect time to call on the angels for help, and you can specifically call upon the mechanical angels to assist you.

Archangel Michael is one of these divine helpers, and he can miraculously fix mechanical and electrical devices of all kinds. Call on him to assist you in any situation: with your car, computer, or any household appliance. Simply assign him to the task that needs fixing and trust that he will rush to the job with the intention of resolving the problem. Pathiel is another angel you can call upon specifically to help you with resolving computer problems. Allow him to assist you and watch how you receive everything you need with ease and peace.

What prayer can I say to the mechanical angels?
“Mechanical angels, Archangels Michael and Pathiel, please repair or restore my to perfect working condition. If I need someone to fix it or I need financial payment to replace it, then show me the answer now so I may have peace. Thank you, angels, for taking care of this in a timely manner.”

Trust that Archangel Michael and the angels will direct you to the perfect person or resource that you need to resolve your issue or they will provide you with the funds you need to pay for a replacement or a repair. The angels want to ease your pain in these times of difficulty, so please don’t forget to ask them for the support that you need.

Finding Lost Objects

It can be very frustrating when you lose or misplace something, especially if it’s of value. Remember the last time you misplaced your keys and how it set you in a tailspin or reflect back to a time when you lost something of importance like a piece of jewelry. Next time you misplace something, call out for help and ask the angels to help you find what you’ve lost.

Then your job is to believe in the saying that nothing can be lost in the mind of God. God is everywhere; therefore, the angels know exactly where it is. Don’t be surprised if your item miraculously appears out of nowhere or trust that the angels will direct you to it.

Many know Saint Anthony, the Catholic patron saint of lost items, but there are also two specific angels you can call upon to help you recover lost items. The first is Archangel Chamuel, and his name means “he who sees God.” The other is Zerachiel, who is one of the seven archangels named in the Book of Enoch.

Pray to these angels and then listen and pay attention to your inner guidance. The angels may communicate through your thoughts to look in certain places or you may be physically pulled to a specific location. They could ask you to retrace your steps or you might have a dream in which you are shown the specific location of your lost item.

If for some reason you do not find your lost item, trust and know that it was either time for you to let it go or it will be replaced by something better or more meaningful.

Prayer for Finding Lost Items

The next time you lose your keys, misplace your jewelry or your credit card, or even when your pet has run away, call on angels of lost items and say the following prayer:

Dearest Archangel Chamuel or Zerachiel, I lost my (state the object). Please help me find it now or direct me to its location, for I believe that nothing is lost in the mind of God and you know exactly where it is. Thank you for the miracle of it being found.

Be open to witnessing a miracle when you say this prayer. Just remember to step back and express your gratitude to the angel when it’s fulfilled.

Shopping Angels

Those of you who love to shop might have a smile on your face right now, imagining all these angels surrounding you with shopping bags. If you really dislike shopping and you always have a hard time picking out the perfect gift for your loved one, then keep reading; There is heavenly help on its way. The shopping angels can save you money and ease your life. For example:

  • Before you go shopping, sit in quiet and ask the angels to tell you the store where you can find exactly what you need at the best price.
  • When shopping for someone else, ask their guardian angels to direct you to the perfect gift at the perfect price.
  • When you’re overwhelmed with a big store or too much merchandise, ask the angels to guide you in the direction and show you exactly where you need to go.
  • Share with the angels how much money you have to spend. Ask them to help you spend it wisely and to guide you toward the perfect purchase.
  • Check in with the angels before you make a purchase (especially if it’s a major one or if you are a compulsive shopper) and notice how it feels. If you feel peaceful or warm, then it’s right. If it doesn’t feel right and you feel anxious or uncomfortable, then they are asking you to wait or they’re trying to tell you that something better is coming.

Calling on your shopping angels can be very helpful. It can save you time and money. You don’t need to go to a fancy department store to get a personal shopper because you have them all around you. Just call out and be specific about what you need and how you want them to help you. Then enjoy and have fun playing with your shopping angels.

Dropped Coins from Heaven

The angels love to play, so they might be trying to get your attention when you see a penny or a dime on the ground. Dropped coins from heaven could also be a gift from your loved ones in spirit. So the next time you see a coin on the ground, someone might be sending you one of the following messages:

  • You are never alone.
  • I am here and I love you very much.
  • We miss you.
  • Cheer up and smile.
  • Everything is going to be okay.
  • I am watching over you.

Notice how you feel from this moment forward when you find a penny or a series of dimes in the parking lot, in your home, or even in the most obscure places. Pay attention to that warm fuzzy feeling you have inside and the smile that appears on your face knowing that someone from heaven is saying, “I am right here and I love you.”

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