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     Ania Kuriata 

    I am currently investigating Wicca, and I feel a real connection with it. The only problem is that I am an atheist, and I believe that not much will change that. But I am a strong believer that if you try to believe in something, in that moment it is real for you. I was considering to practice Wicca as a way of self-discovery and self-growth rather than as a general belief system. While doing spells or meditating, I would believe that what I am doing will work, but if you were to ask me I would say that I am an atheist who practices Wicca as guidance. Is that OK, or would it be disrespectful to do this?

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    Interesting question… why would a person practice or attempt to practice something they do not believe in or “try to believe in”? I think Wicca is more of a catch all term for Alt-religions/believes/practices, there are a 1000 covens, orders, societies or whatever one may want to call them. Their practices and methods can be much different, For instance my lineage is Northern European/Irish/English many of those practices I have mastered and understanding of them come easy and naturally. But in the East as much as I wish I could I will never master their practices, simply because it is their heritage and their knowledge goes back eons. So you have to explore what comes natural to you and only you can answer that.

    I would like to warn you, if you have not been around some of the accomplished who has your best interest at hand, it is probably best to not be casting spells and meditating at least until you know the origin of the spell and what it is to accomplish. You may not believe, but if you summon up a dark entity you will become a believer in a hurry and have no clue of how to get rid of it. It may sound strange, but until you have come face to face with one or worse have it move into your space or an extended time, then I do not expect you understand what I am talking about.

    I dont give lessons or seek followers… so my words are as truthful as I can make them and do wish you well on your self growth and discovery.

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    Luna Luna 

    It’s not disrespectful – in fact, it’s interesting since you’re using the teachings as a path of self discovery. My suggestion is that you not cast spells until you understand how to protect yourself and your space as things can get ugly pretty quickly. (As Erling has indicated)

    You can also take a look at Buddhism and the life teachings of Hinduism as they also have interesting life paths.

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      Hey Luna! im new here and have some questions about effective hoodoo love oil there ingredients how theses are made and what goes into making them? i love making my oils but getting the recipes can sometimes be so fickle i understand herbs curios oils holding certain vibrations and energies depending on but i just simply at this point would rather have their ingredients.Such as Forget me Not Oil,MAKE HIM MINE OIL,Talk to Me Oil,
      LICK ME ALL OVER OIL,I Want You Bad, Oil,THINK OF ME Potion Ritual Oil Anointing what goes into theses what herbs and oils used to make or manifest such emotions actions and movements in others?

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      Luna Luna 

      Hi Gem, We do not support these kinds of oils since they are used to control and influence the actions of other for selfish reasons.

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     Ania Kuriata 

    Thank you so much for your advice! This calms me down greatly, knowing I have others who support me in this. If there is any one else who would like to give me more advice, I will gladly take it. Again, thank you!

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      Luna Luna 

      If you have any questions, just ask in the forum and we’d be happy to help you the best we can.

      Love and light to you.

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