Luna’s Grimoire tries to provide a peaceful environment for learning and enhancing our members’ experience. Please respect our members; insults, flaming, obscene language, etc will not be tolerated.

Please post questions on the FORUMS as you will benefit from the answers from our members. The CHATROOM is for small talk. 

Luna tries to be online at 9pm GMT every day. 

If you’re new, don’t be shy; please introduce yourself to our members. Tell us a little about your journey, and where you’d like to go.

Main Chat Room
Welcome to Luna's Chat Room! Be nice, or you'll get booted!
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    • The Watercooler

      General chit chat and stuff goes here. Anything goes in here. 

    • Guidance & Learning

      New to this world? Feel free to ask your questions here. There are NO stupid questions. Just ask Luna.

    • Dreams & Interpretation

      Ever had a dream and you weren’t sure what it was about? Was it a sign or just your brain processing information? Ask Luna here.

    • Crystals & Stones

      Got a question about a crystal? Or just want to show off your stash? This is where that stuff goes!

    • Divination

      Ask questions, share tips and tricks and more here.  

    • Updates, Bugs & Suggestions

      Sh*t happens. Let Luna know here. Also, if you want to see something specific, let Luna know here too. A team of highly trained monkeys will be on it!