What is a Wiccan name?
Many Wiccans take on – or are given – a secret soul-name. This is the name they use only in ritual – their magickal name. This name is believed to hold great power. It encapsulates your Essential Self. It is your “true name.”

To know your true name is to know a great deal about you. For this reason, your Wiccan name is held sacred and secret, generally divulged only to those who are held in perfect love and perfect trust. In most cases, this means those you Circle with.

Plus, names have magickal power.

The Power Of Naming

There are tales and myths about the Power of naming in every culture, as far as I know. Even in the West, where we don’t put much stock in these things, this belief survives in stories like Rumplestiltskin. People spend months, even years, picking the perfect baby names. When people get a new pet, the names they bestow tell us much about the person, if not the animal.

Many traditions around the world speak of the power of names. The Bible vividly demonstrates the Power of naming. In the creation story, God named earth and light and so on, and they immediately sprang into being. When He gave Adam the ability to name the creatures, Adam gained dominion over them, which is to say, he gained knowledge of them, which grants Power over them.

In everyday life, we don’t “know” a person until we know their name. When asked about a stranger, we say, “I don’t know them.” We don’t reply “I don’t know their name ” – not unless we know other things about them. If we don’t know their name, we feel we don’t know them. Conversely, if we know their name, we feel we do know them. “Who is that?” “That’s Bonnie.” Knowing her name implies an insight into at least a little of what Bonnie is about.

Why Do Wiccan Names Convey Such Power?

Naming something is identifying it. And once you identify it, you know some things about it. “That’s mint.” Immediately you know the flavour, that it’s good for bad breath and upset tummies, that it grows like a weed, and perhaps much more. To know about yourself is a source of immense Power.

“Know Thyself” is more a Commandment than a command. When you know yourself, you know God. And to name yourself, you must know yourself. Or be open to the Divine telling you . . . . That’s Part 1 of the power in names.

The Power of Names: Magick

Part 2 is the magickal component. Remember that speech is an incredibly powerful magickal tool. Taking an intentional name is like working a spell or setting a positive affirmation. Every time you say it or hear it, you’re reminded of Who you choose to be. And every time someone else says it, the energy moves within both of you. And then the Universe shifts to help you be that person. This effect is increased when it is a Wiccan name that you take, because you’re using it between the worlds, where magick is natural.

The Power of Names: Magick

The third reason that Wiccan names are powerful is because you are very conscious when you invoke them. The more consciousness you bring to choosing your Wiccan name, the more alignment with your Divine Essence you are creating. And the more you are aligned with the Divine, the more magickal power you are accessing. So a magickal name that is aligned with your Divine Essence – your true name – of hold great magickal power.

Wicca Names

When we are Wiccan, baby names and pet names take on even more significance, because Wiccans know that a name has power. So when you choose to take a magickal name for yourself, give it at least as much thought as you might give to finding just the right baby name. Like this hypothetical baby, you will keep this name for many years. Others will know you, by your magickal name. It will be something, ideally, that you can grow into, as you age.

Choosing Your Wiccan Name

Choosing a Wiccan name is not just making one up. It must be discovered, like bones and baskets on an archeological site. The Divine gave your true name to you at the moment you chose to come to birth. It has been covered up with the years, but it is still there, waiting for you. And like the ancient bones and baskets, it holds great power and beauty within it. So all you need to do is access it. Like Michelangelo, all you need to do is take away whatever doesn’t belong to you . . .

  • Masks and labels,
  • History and wounds,
  • Desires and fears that you’ve collected over the years

When you remove the dust and debris of ages, you will find your Wiccan name shining there like a jewel within you. But this is only one way to choosing your Wiccan name. Many Witches choosing a Wiccan name that represents things that are sacred to them, that inspire them in some aspect of life, or that represents their matron Goddess.

Journey Through Sacred Space

Ritual, spell-casting, prayer, and meditation are tools that help you clear away the debris and find yourself. These are the tools that will help you uncover your Wiccan name.
The process is the same as any magick . . .

  • Set a clear and strong intention to choose your Wiccan name
  • Send that spell/prayer into the quantum realm
  • Open and allow the universe to bring this desire to fruition
  • Attend to the signs and gifts you are given.
  • Offer your thanks in return.

Pay Attention

Journal every day about what you experienced and felt and noticed during the day. This practice of reflection is very useful in finding your witch name. Pay particular attention to the unexpected, the synchronistic, the startling. What messages did you receive this day? Now is the time to notice them.

What symbols were used to convey these messages? The Divine will certainly send you hints of your Wiccan name, but if you don’t take the time to notice what you’ve seen, it’ll go right past you. In fact, She has been all along, and you just haven’t noticed yet. A person with a stuffed-up head can’t smell the flowers right in front of them. You need to clear some inner space, so the message can get through. This is where meditation is incredibly useful. Clearing the mind, you can perceive what is in front of your nose.

Where To Find Your True Name

True names may come from any source.

Commonly, as inspiration for choosing a Wiccan name, witches use things like . . .

  • Plants, such as iris, sage, rowan
  • Elements, such as wind, rain, river, mountain, moon, star, forest
  • Gems, such as topaz, ruby
  • Animals, such as wolf, raven
  • Goddesses and Gods, such as Tara, Brighid, Artemis, Mary, Pan
  • Gifts, such as singer, dancer, weaver

But anything can provide you with your Wiccan name. If you have special gifts, they may influence your true name. (Sometimes the name points to a gift you may not yet realise you have! That was certainly my experience.)

You may look for symbols of things that you resonate with. You can research the meaning of names and the names of deities. You can even get ideas from baby names books. But in the end, choosing your Wiccan name doesn’t involve your brain. That’s been kept out of the secret. A witch can name herself, but it is really a recognition of something she already has. A magickal name must come from the Divine, and be recognised in your heart.

Well, I Guess You Can Make One Up

You weren’t going to let me get away with telling you what you can and can’t do, were you? Of course you can choose any Wiccan name you want. You can call yourself Stinky McPheeblefossy if you want to. (It does have a nice ring to it.) The point I’m trying to make here, though, is that a name that rings of your truest Essence will be a name of Power for you. It will be one you can aim to live up to, for the rest of your life.

It’s worth taking your time to find the perfect Wiccan name for yourself.


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  1. wanda1224 5 years ago

    It took me a very long time to find my name. I wanted it to have the same personal number as my given name. Took almost 2 years before I figure out my name. I would get so frustrated sometimes. I am glad now I didn’t rush into it. BTW…Wanda is my given name. I was destined from birth to follow this path. I go by both names because they both work for me

    • lunasgrimoire 5 years ago

      Just remember that your wiccan name is a name between you and the Goddess. Other mean witches can do you harm if they know this name..

      • wanda1224 5 years ago

        There are very few people who know my wiccan name. I have 3 very close people who know my wiccan name. Everyone else calls me Wanda. You know…like the witch LOL

      • Witches Tea 4 years ago

        luna i want to rename myself, but it would be for all to use. I’m having trouble bc i don’t want to give others power over me. but i can’t bring myself to not use a very meaningful name…

        • lunasgrimoire 4 years ago

          Hey, what’s wrong with your name? I don’t know about you guys, but I have a real name (my legal name), a name I use in this industry (Luna) and my spiritual name, one which no one on this earth knows. That last name was a name given to me by my guides, and I believe that is what you guys are searching for. Names can get you in trouble. We see it on a daily basis in real life (esp in a sweet piece of gossip), but it’s up to you to really make that decision on whether you want a witch name.

        • Mary 4 years ago

          Have you ever took and broke your Wiccan name down using numerology it will show you just how weak or strong your True Wiccan name really is ?

  2. desdemonakitten 5 years ago

    I have had my name for 12 years, it came to me when I was 13 in a dream. I never realized what it meant to me until I read this.

    • Luna
      Luna 5 years ago

      Lovely to know that this article has helped you!

  3. Cathie 4 years ago

    where do I find ways to learn Wicca? I have thought about this for years, and have decided this is what I want

    • lunasgrimoire 4 years ago

      Hi Cathie, sorry this is so late, but this notification went to my junk! You can learn magick right here on Luna’s Grimoire… Just click the “School of Magick” link at the top of the page! And it’s FREE! Happy learning 🙂

  4. Shelly Bryant Shaw Rolle 4 years ago

    My mother is of Wicca. As a child (5 yrs old) learned I have abilities that at the time where unknown to me. As a teenager I walked my mothers dark path and used my gift and caused harm. I never used my gifts again. I was still able (and I am still able) to see, feel, smell, and read people and events. Tarot cards were the only thing few people knew I could do. In February of this year I had some life changing events and was down a path… I have opened my self and my abilities and have grown and continue to grow. But I still do not know my name. I have lived life before and continue to be shown that I am of a strong, loving, healing background and yet also fierce when needed. I am a Pagan. Is this why my name has not come? Because my bloodline is of Wiccan?

    • lunasgrimoire 3 years ago

      Perhaps you aren’t supposed to have a name. I have a name, a public one, and the private one just doesn’t feel right yet. Not everyone is “named” but I don’t mind personally, because it’s just another label on me. As far as I’m concerned, I don’t need another label 🙂

  5. Spoiled clover hair 3 years ago

    I am just beginning my journey here, and has been talking with Hecate, today a bird hit my front door and did not recover, is this a sign? Also your Wiccan name is it one or two names.

    • lunasgrimoire 3 years ago

      Blessed be Spoiled Clover. Your Wiccan name can be as short or as long as you wish. Most of us have two: one public and one private. You do not tell anyone your private name. No one.

      As far as Hecate goes, understand that she is a goddess of death and destruction, and should be revered as such. Personally, I’m not one for pantheons, since I try to just live my life in nature, astral beings and such. I don’t believe in invoking gods and goddesses to do my bidding, etc. I speak to the goddess, Gaia (the earth), when in times of great need. But I rely on my intuition for everything else really. What I’m trying to say is I’m not quite the person to pose that question to, since I don’t contact the pantheon gods for anything really. You should ask that in the forum though. It would make a good discussion.

      Merry part and brightest blessings on your path.

      • Spoiled clover hair 3 years ago

        Thank you for answering me. I have never had a bird fly directly into my door, just found it intersecting .

        • lunasgrimoire 3 years ago

          It is interesting, which is why you should ask someone in the forum 🙂

  6. Priyasha Jain 3 years ago

    Can I have a Wiccan name through numerology?

    • lunasgrimoire 3 years ago

      You most certainly can! There is no wrong or right way to doing this.. as long as you can find a name, the method is regardless 🙂

  7. Jennaveve Mckenna 3 years ago

    i am a white witch and a wicca but i think i let them in but i cant see my own spirit guide can some one help me see my spirit guide

  8. nan RU 2 years ago

    i’m a certified psychic mystic, I predicted a citys largest coal mine cavein, and various other MANY events in past 34 yrs. member of AMORC order.i don’t have inclination to be wiccan,though once a NAME was written by my HAND onto a wicca catalog, when I was about to write my OWN first NAME, instead when I looked DOWN at what was written was a DIFFERENT name, which I took to mean IS my Mystical NAME, as I was about to order a wicca book named THE MAGIKAL NAME when this experience happened, YET I do not know what to DO with the MAGIKAL name, as I didn’t order the book at the time, and when I wrote to massachuttes, to the wicca catalog, of what HAPPENED as I was writing my birth FIRSt name, AND SAW A DIFFERENT NAMEMY HAND HAD WRITTEN,the CATALOG S BOOK CALLED the magical name, WAS NO LONGER AVAILABLE. THIS OCCURED OVER 15YRS AGO. my BIRTH ASTRO WHEEL HAS NO PLANETS INTO THE WHEELS 12TH HOUSE, NO. I HAVE NEPTUNE INTO MY NATAL WHEELS 1ST hOUSE (SPACE) WITH LIBRA THEREIN. MAKING ME MYSTICAL,i refuse to be a chcannel for disembodied souls,even though my having all these abilities, I don’t wish to bother with departed souls,,Once about yr of 1981, I went to a large Stone library NEXT DOOR TO THE MASONIC ORDER ON VINE ST. OF SCRANTON PA, TO FIND THE BOOK BY AUTHOR BRAD STEIGER,NAMED –“GODS OF AQUARIUS” the clerk gal told me those books are downstairs down the spiral stairway, I walked down and stood there, and said out loud to MYSELF-“NOW I wonder where that book could be” and SUDDENLY THE VERY BOOK I had came for -FELL TO THE FLOOR for me, I picked it up and it was THE GODS Of aquarius. though I have other truly powerful experiences, like in school, age about 12, I sat up front listening to OUR new school teacher TELL US HER name, and suddenly I heard IN MY HEAD or around ME, a male commanging voice state to me; “HER BEADS WILL BURST”, I looked over at her, and they did, all 3 rows of the teachers beads burst UPWARDS, some fell, as SHE clasped HER hands to them, saying to us all, “OH!!my beads they were brand new> she looked at me also, yet I remained silent and I NEVER mentioned all thru highschool nor thru yrs later of that experience to no one. I DON”T understand though why I having such experiences, HAVE had to live a life where both OF MY HUSBANDS cheated a lot on me, and were not okay type men, except they did WORK at their jobs steady, I had to divorce the 2nd husband, ( I HAD DREAMt of him when I was agwe 15, 8AM,AND OF HIS MOTHER & BROTHER IN THE DREAM) I MET HIM YRS LATER AGE LIKE 24.HE ASKED me TO MARRY HIM AFTER ONLY 1 WK KNOWING HIM. AND I DID, I PICKED THE MARRIAGE DATE OF JULY 29. 8PM.IN SCRANTON PA, OF YR 1972. AFTER YRS OF UPSETS BY HIM CONCERNING HIS FLANDERING AROUND ,AND LACK OF INTEREST IN ME, I FILED A DIVORCE AFTER 34 YRS WED TOO,AS HE had taken up driving trucking the last 18 yrs o fthe marriage,—he resented me taking HIS mom to lunches, we lived high up a mt in rural pa, he resented me always after he started driving trucking, I was liked by his parents, and wonderful to my children, and HE resented ME around totally, he broke furniture on wk ends at times for yrs, and hit me on the head, andshoulder at times, for a few yrs, and so I filed a DIVORCE, and he used to point his fingers at me like he was sending me some type of DARK sidevibes., HE knew of my being into the order amorc. order over 30 yrs, and all that, and didn’t dislike that, I had newspaper publicity and a radio talk show interview, he didn’t care to listen to the radio with me on it, HE RESENTED ME around., HE CHose always FRIENDS at his job, who were LOWer LeVel cheating on wives types and BOOZERS, I dont’ bother with that kind, SO after 34 yrs together even though I had dreamt of HIM at age 15, he turned out to be rude totally and he also was ANGRY at his self as he was NOT well endowed, I didn’t think much of that.,but it bothered HIM.HES now inherited 259 acres of RURAL NATURAL GAS PIPELINE PROFITS IN LIFE apt bldg. AND I AM OF A HIGHER LEVEL OF SPIRITUALITY THAN SHE IS, SHE CHEATED ON my DAD WITH 5 MEN, IN LIFE. and I never cheated on my husband, SHE likes crime tv movies, and I refuse interest in such, i’m more of the comedy family tv shows ,and cartoons on pbs. (LOL) she resents all females around her all her life and SHE still at her age, 90 soon, manupliated MALES younger than her to do things for her, bring her pizza, shovel the snows, and HAS my older SON RICHARD G. a leo with libra rising, caters ALSO to her, they live near one another so EACH wk end HE drives to her and takes her to resteraunts for 2 hrs., I”M invited BUT I live 50 MILES FROM THEM. its ALL UNFAIR I FEEL, THAT I SHOULD NOT HAVE HAD TO experience a bad resentful husband, as he was okay when we wed, but WHEN HE began driving with truckers to make more funds, in life as we LIVED RURAL, he changed to a sneaky cheating resentful male. and NOW my other son, I had with JOHN the scorpio, my cancerian born child who I planned his birth, is my father Michael reincarnated is catering to my divorced husband the scorpio., for the money my x spouse hadss with the gas pipeline funds. and MY x spouse john the scorpio HAS also made up 2 trusts legally for OUR Son john, who will turn age 39 july 11th.hes also libra rising like my other son, MYSELF I have libra in natal birth 1st house on astro wheel as do both of my sons, and my daughter tina._____we all NOW presently have planet URANUS transiting our 7th HOUSE space of realtaionships, and MY SON JOHN is upset at me for not tolerating his snippy cold hearted wife amber , I used to watch their HOME and pets 3 for them over 6 days like 5 times per yr, for 3 yrs. AS SHE amber had my son driving her to ohio to her parents, BUT WHEN HER MOTHER PASSED AWAY from breast problems,__in OHIO, amber NO longer needed ME to watch their home anddogs, she turned against me, as MY SON HER johni, the cancerian libra rising, moon in Capricorn. owes me 13 thousand dollars, and I reminded him of it the past 8 yrs., HE also keeping MY OWN 2 white family albums of photos of all of us, and refuses to return them TO ME. I told him each month for over a yr. PLEASE return my albums, he told me he wants to scan them to his computer, yet he never does it., I FEEL HES of course doing this to try to punish me fo telling HIS former FRIEND TIM. a leo, OF how johni spent MY cash 14000. actually back in yrs 2006-7-8. on 4 tripse 2 to Netherlands, very COSTLY he used MY cash, I HAD LET HIM HOLD INTO HIS BANKS Safety box. AND HE ALSO TOOK 2 TRIPS TOVEGAS, AND SMOKED POT. AND I FOUND OUT, WHEN I MOVED IN WITH HIM FOR A YR BACK IN YR 2007-8. THEN HE MET AMBER AND SPENT ALOT on he ring, wedding HE paid for wit hMY cash,
    AND groceries,. he was out of control with whiskey and weed. back then.
    THEN HE quit the pot, I was told, and AMBER still drinks wine, and he has a beer, they act high class a bit, but also dislike people around them. SHE lets my 2 daughters from my first marriage visit them 3 times a yr for 2 hrs., as MY SON likes his sisters abit., I FEEL HES still sorry he spent my CASH he had, but he refuses to let me visit now over 2 yrs., as HIS WIFE AMBER DISLIKES ME ,as I told HER to NOT get any tattoos onto her legs, as SHE has a giant long BLACK CT tattoo onto one upper arm on her. and I asked him if shes into wicca., as she liked to always lite candles and has owls around, ceramin ones. shes a cancerian with water sign scorpio rising personality, meaning ,shes double water and wallows in emotional moods I read. she has a clutter of her familys elderly persons photos, in a section of one room, like a big cluster of them, she drinks wine, laughs, and has that black cat tattoo, I think she just enjoys manupiation ,___no ones able to just drop IN, unless asks first, and seldom. to them. anyway, iwould like MY 2 white photo albmus back from my son, and I would like to have some type of LAUGHTER AND JOY FROM THEM TOWARDS ME, BUT THEY ONLY FAVOR NOW MY X SPOUSE WHO IS WEALTHY WITH THE CABBOT NATURAL GAS PIPELINE CO.
    AMBERS MOTHER PASSED AWAY 3 YRS AGO IN SEPT. IN OHIO, MARRIED, from breast upset.s, I don’t like to say the c. word. about anyone, SO naturally now amber FEARS she may acquire her mothers dna dis-ease. too, so she takese Out her own fears and anxiety onto others, she gotten rid of me from visit,s. and I only saw my one grand son parker R. age aug 30.will be age 3. and I never saw new grandson NOAH. age 2 . parke ris a virgo, Capricorn hr born.and noah is a cancerian. AMBER and JOHNi my son, both listened to me 5 yrs ago to set their wedding date for LEO during first week of august. and he to wed. and they also listened to my hints on to avoid pisces born children as PISCES is always by the ill and afflicted., in life. but they are against me now, SHE is especially, as she wants NO OTHER FeMALES to get cozy nor visit.them. she has my x spouse who is ill with half HIS leg off, giving her funds, from his wealth. now., the past 4 yrs.,
    and she has MY son actingas a maintance man, doing all the work, she simply drinks wine and lays in her bed on a lap top computer going onto qvc.sales.
    shes cold hearted and jittery and I have also NOTICED many other cancerians and scorpio, pisces water signs TEND to act JITTERY in life, and greedy for power and money. I FEEL its wrong that I had to sell MY home that I put the down payment onto, it was only 58 thous. in 1997, and I only lived into it 8 yrs. of the 34 yr marriage…and I MISS having a house. I tried dating other males back yr 2005,607,8, but ONLY for lunch out, and nothing came of it, ALL THEY did was tell me their woes, like I was their psychic counselor. I FEEL I ama living poorly without having a real HOUSE and NO man in my life. I FEEL lonely, and have only my tiny female brown dachshund dog. another thing my son johni and I shard and liked before his new wife amber ruined it all. I don’ tcast spells, nor have any interest in reading any of that. is there someone you know who could make him at least GIVE ME my 2 white photo albums back? with some type of msg toward him? hes tall six ft, shaves his haira off, green eyed like myself, and glows, hes the Chinese fire dragon., I am the fire pig in Chinese. his father who ignore me ,is a metal tiger.
    so the dragon son , and father tiger, sounds odd, doesn’t it, as aren’t by Chinese zodiac, those 2 types often NOT friendly? will I ever LIVE into a real HOUSE with my son, or will AMBER always win out over everything.?she is blue eyed and has a huge protruding forheada. like the hawk.I asked MY son IF shes into wicca, but no one replied., she likes buddah. I like Egyptian artifacts. like into AMORC order.
    anyway, I feel SAD back when I filed the divorce in july of yr2003. then it was done march of yr 2006.
    so I sit in my TINY 5th floor sr. apt. with my female tiny dog. and see my one daughter tina on Saturdays., shes working into a school RURAL cafetieria, no children, lives with her guy scott, a hard worker into a stone quarry. MY son johni and his rich dad, john the scorpio virgo Capricorn rising male, who now likes men.but has likely none right now. due losing half a leg. THEY DON”T GIVE TINA A CENT of money ever. its very rude and cold. and I was told I should of taken a new lawyer NOW, after 9 yrs divorced to acquire the gas profites too, BUT I FEEL I DO NOT WANT TO bother doing it. and it would likiely not go ok. so what do I do with MY MAGIKAL NAME I acquire that time while writing MY own name, but then when I looked down at the paper, was the MAGIKAL other name, not my name.
    ****************what do I do with it? *****blessed be.


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