Here is a simple meditation which can be used to help you find your animal ally.

Get into a comfortable position, either sitting up or lying down. Just relax and breath deep from your stomach, in through your nose and out your mouth. Take four deep breaths. Imagine a ball of white or gold light above you, a brilliant yet gentle ball of light, made of pure love. Allow it to send a beam of pure light into the top of your head. Feel this loving energy flowing into you, relaxing you and making you feel protected and relaxed. Let it flow down your spine, absorbing all the tension and fear within you, leaving you relaxed and at peace. When it has reached the bottom of your spine, take a few deep breaths to make sure that all the tension and resistance has been absorbed by the pure light.

Now, imagine that this pillar of light within you expands, so that it encircles you entirely in a sphere or egg of pure light. Know that you are loved and protected. If you wish, call upon Great Spirit (Jesus, Goddess, etc.) to guide and protect you. Now, imagine that you are walking along a woodland path. Feel yourself there. Feel the grass beneath your feet and the gentle breeze upon your face. Smell the flowers and trees. Hear all the sounds of the surrounding forest. (Try to imagine yourself as being “fully there”, but don’t force the images to come. Let them come naturally.) Ahead you hear the sound of a gentle steam.

Soon you are able to make it out and find yourself in a small clearing. Sit down near the stream and relax. Ask now that your animal ally come to you to help guide you in your life. At the edge of the clearing, you feel a presence. You know that this is your animal guide. You know that it cannot enter the clearing, which is your protective space, without your permission. (If you feel afraid or something just doesn’t seem right, know that you can return to waking state immediately if necessary, at any time) Allow the animal to come into the clearing. Let it come to you. When it does, you may wish to speak with it, or even play with it. Feel free to follow your heart in this matter.

When you are finished, thank the animal for coming to you and watch as it leaves the clearing. Also thank Spirit for allowing you to meet your animal ally. Now go back to the trail to retrace your path. Again, allow yourself to experience it fully. Soon you reach the point from which you started. Then you find yourself back here. Feel the sphere of light still protecting you. Take a few breaths, and when you feel ready, slowly open your eyes.


An image of your power animal may belong on your altar (or somewhere in your house), either in picture or statue form, and it’s also a nice idea to have pictures on your wall. Animal calendars, for example, are easy to find, and the photographs are often lovely and frame-able. Since one of the purposes of our power animals is to remind us of who we really are, wearing or carrying images of them can be a particularly effective form of reminder.

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